Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More on Rich,Me and Raddy..a must read...

For a few years my posts got quite a few shots on 415. You give,you have to take some. And I did. BUT, last summer I noticed that Rich was not only posting long streams of Stan haters...he was then re editing what I wrote..sometimes into gibberish. As blog administrator only he could do that.  And I posted to him asking whats going on??  NO answer.
THEN THE RADDY TRUCE was announced a few weeks later. AHA! They had been "In talks" as Leiberman let out later.  Fast forward a bit,after he himself posted comments that his blog was boring without me..I started again. Fine..And I posted that Raddy called him a lap dog tossed a bone,and all the other rips Radnich gave Rich like he was the idiot in Radnich Village.
Well he we are on C-eve..my posts don't go up..the Stan rips have started,and Rich in his Christmas "presents" curiously omitted Gary Radnich.
All it takes to be a friend with him is money..and Radnich gave more. Also,Radnich before he went to rehab (just kidding ha-ha) did on air again call Rich his buddy. To no answer from Krueger or Scott.  They can only take so much.
Its funny how social media tears open media types who think they are too smart,too good,to be even remotely trust-able you might say.
Radnich and Leiberman and Berman...come to my party,so I can exploit you! I need to make a buck!