Thursday, December 19, 2013

Not a blog to be popular....just be correct.

You all read the fake "anonypussys" on 415 pretending not to be middle aged white guys who vote Republican or have no affiliation with KNBR or KRON.
Sure,fake as Tiger Woods crowning Miss Black America with lust in his eyes.

I can tell you if ANY local sportswriter could crow about his insightful writings like me,he would be in the HOF's level 2. A higher HOF.  I was the first one in the country to catch ESPN with Jeremy Lin slurs. I WAS THE ONLY one to say Tim Lincecum was losing dangerous amounts of weight. I WAS THE ONLY one to say Huff's alcohol problems were a factor. It was just me to write that JaMarcus Russell seemed depressed and troubled,and open for self medication type of life. Did I get that right.
I advocated Harbaugh for the 49ers pre Singeltary. The list is getting longer and longer,I'm sure I forgot many calls that nobody else was making but me. And they were proven accurate.
HOw do I do it? Genius and plenty of real life. Not one of these namby pamby types who live on candy cane lane and "love everybody"..while driving a Bentley. I've gotten my hands dirty and had calluses. I've dug holes,cleaned sewers of shit. Hell,that's not past tense.I do it all now too if I have to.
A PHd from the School of Hard Knocks and Socks to the nose.