Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rich Leiberman not to be trusted.. I know I dont.

Something wrong in the head with that guy. He's loyal to nobody.  "I think your hilarious Stan"..then publishes shit replies. Do I answer the idiots? Yes. And with point by point you might say facts. Rich does not publish those. And for years,I defended him,drove that blog when his boredom and " " I need to rest my bi  polar body" posts would drag it down.
Its good that he and Randich are secretly in love. They truly deserve each other..same characters. And why a Mike Savage or BASG also are part of the crowd.
The more KNBR,Radnich donates,the more Rich see's the errors of his ways..and yours too.

And as Rich pleads for donations ..he doesn't see the irony of the KSCO advert saying "I can make media people money" YEAH- Rich is one satisfied customer..hee.

And watch me views just leap on ripping him. He likes it.