Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stan's quick look at the news...

Sarah Sidner who was at ch2 for some coffee a few years ago? Now at CNN as a mid east expert..has really gained weight.  Must be near 30 pounds at least.
Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick?  gained old age. 67 . Did you ever think the day would come when Cheap Trickers were pushing 70? btw,I saw Barry Gibb on SNL..most of the lion's hair is gone. I think the last few years he was wearing a piece or weave.
Lemmy of Motorhead is 68. Most overrated band in modern rock. Dave Grohl idolizes them. Dave Grohl loves everybody. He can afford too.
Kalishnikov..the Russian AK47 Gun designer died. Good riddance you bastard,I hope they threw you in the dumpster where you belong.
Utah allows same sex marriages. Good,now Lieberman,Radnich and Steve Berman can move there and be the first triple same sex marriage. They all are the same bedmates..
Speaking of Radnich,lets hope his time at Malibu getting over his happy pills is working. Isn't that why he's gone? Oh,pardon me..I was so sure.. hee -hee --hee.