Friday, December 20, 2013

Who in the media should be fired on Christmas day? Hmmm..

Just for fun. First should be Radnich the neo conservative who stayed too long. Too much influence at KRON and KNBR. I actually feel embarrassed for the people who work with him that they have to smile and laugh at R Kelley Praise,Michael Jackson was innocent talk. His head game of trying to get young African American men to bash Obama. That tells you something of Radnich who insists he loves the brothers who drive fancy cars and sing and dance and do the hip and hopping...but then only praises the light skinned brothers with blue eyes that just happen to be the ones he wants to marry his daughter. His Hypocrisy is astounding. I wonder what he wants his son to marry? A white woman,or black? Probably white. Or black with a white mother. And that's almost straight out of his head.
And then Nancy Gay comes to me. The total sell out of not even mentioning the Damon Bruce national story. She's a traitor to woman and...sensitive men!
Lee Hammer...the worst GM in America. He's scary evil. ALL the stories I hear about that man are Gestapo like thinking and minister of propaganda like. Eric Byrnes is his hire. Eric Byrnes winning some contest on Yahoo was frightening and disturbing. I shivered. Hammer wears a monocle I hear...
Laura Anthony. She's the special ed teacher burnt out at the Juvenile delinquents she has to teach.  Every one of the Oakland protesters was her 18 year old student with 2 grade reading levels,in a black leather jacket.  She wanted the cameras to pan over to "Those Goddamn fucking loser agitators"...
The GAMES gm. Jason Barret..The man in a Q&A tweet said that more integration of sports talk media and radio is needed....then creates an all white lineup. Most have nothing to say. One is the creative guy- Townsend,Papa,Steinmetz...and the other guy is the puppet seems to be his formula. Bucher will even say " I wont go there"..Nah,why would you? Its only radio. Why talk? Do sign language too.
Frank Somersville...only because he has some kind of evil eye that shows up on all HDTV's as black orbs with that weird white dot. When I was looking to buy a TV,Frank's eyes could be near Vampire like on cheap brands..not much better on the best. Creepy.
Gary his ass again!..He is the representation of all that's wrong in local sports media. And take Vern and Larry with you..
On the fence is Dibley,Kate Scott, and anybody else who uses Radnich catchphrases. And most of those Radnich stole from somebody else.