Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Veronica De La Cruz- the thinking man's Anchor.

She's not the fluff of....well,why denigrate others who might be talented...but not as much as Veronica.  Some weak men are threatened by her confidence. Strong men like me see a world beater.

Radnich skips playoffs and World Series- shows up for NY's show.

Just  what you want from Leiberman's favorite Sportscaster. I think Radnich tossed Richie a whole plate of Thanksgiving bones.
The man who's tired of the best in the bay area according to two sources- 415 and Aaron Pero.. Stan sticking to his guns.  No other blog but mine can handle me or the truth.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

49ers,bay area media didnt deserve Harbaugh.

I don't see one local columnist or reporter hammering at the 49ers with  "Again?" Mariucci was the same story. Just me. Harbaugh will have lions success in Michigan. He wasn't going to take another NFL job with a bad team..that might lose to the 49ers.Smartly,Jim will let the NFL bring down the "gentleman" football team and the Yorks. He,will take a national title with his Heisman players- every year.
The bay area sports media are idiots. They hounded Mark and Hue Jackson. So winning wasn't enough? Now they needed to do song and dance? Make the media feel good about their pathetic living?..What did fans care?
The bay area media gives itself pats on the back. What a little world they exist in.

Leiberman's "High Road?"..sarcasm. Has to be.

High road? When has he ever done that. Ask the Pig Vomit family.  "Accountable" you mean when he accused Kristy of ch5 weather of sleeping with the news director to get her job?
All the anonymous hate he wrote to me on his blog? LOL..accountable.
He and Radnich look out for no.1. And only.

Kris Sanchez- best bay area anchor laugh.

She cut loose last week. It was one of those "She's got a great laugh" things. Something about what she looked like the last time she tried to hop a fence.
Not many anchors have those infectious laughs. Gary Park had one.Pat McCormack had a good one. Real laughs,not that affectation laugh.  Christina Loren has got a nice one. KNTV seems to have a ND with an ear for it.
Laughs are hard to find..when I do,I enjoy them.

The New York state of

One of the worst problems with national media is New York. I find shows from New York to be so myopic it ruins them. The Tonight Show went to hell.If  Fallon wears one more cap sideways?,I'm going to punch his fucking lights out.
 I had enough of manholes and steam is so wonderful. Yeah,real ma nature. If New York fell into the Atlantic the world would be better off. Then maybe the rest of the world might improve.
I think that covers it. Any arguments? No?..I was right again.

Hey,we need more Honolulu state of mind.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Viki Liviakis as hot schoolgirl. Harbaugh leaves. Raiders as laughingstocks.

Vikie had that Catholic plaid schoolgirl dress on . The more I looked,the more I started to hum "To Sir with Love"..with Viki as the hot girl in class smoking cigarettes in the bathroom. Some imagination huh?

The Yorks..again,water seeks its own level. They did to Harbaugh what they did to Mariucchi. A family that can't handle success without meddling and petty bickering. Ok..hire David Shaw or maybe Sonny Lesbian. He knows offense.

The Raiders are buffoons. Carr? like the barroom QB in the parking lot quality. What a disgrace as he just dropped and fumbled the ball like a guy lit up too early in the day. Man, he should have held up a bottle of Jack Daniels as he whoo-heeed and got up. It would explain such amateur play for our once great franchise.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Let the Leiberman blog just die..fade away.

I told him- no Happy Holidays to Stan and Kris Kraft? he scrambled today to use his false praise. Once again,he stole an idea from me with no credit given.  His blog his on a precipice..and Stan found out who he will turn on in desperation.
I  always knew he wrote most of the stan insults. But,I also figured if I knew that,so did most readers. Why else would he post the same anonymous garbage,while he complained about "clutter"?. But,ya know..when he then took it to not posting my comments...and then writing topics based on what he didn't want you to know came from me?.OK, it again on your own. The last time, you found yourself missing me. I dont need your blog. I don't need the fleas.

Friday, December 26, 2014

I'm going to miss the Christmas song season.

I liked KBAY's month of Christmas songs. It seems that "Night Divine" has become the new old standard to get more air time then "White Christmas". I didn't hear one play of Silent Night. What? too Christian?.  Mariah Cary's catchy 1994,that sounds a lot like Darlene Loves early 60's Christmas song. And they were both ripped off by Kelly Clarkson derivative song who's title I don't remember.
 A hidden gem is Julian Casablanca's "I wish it was Christmas today" from SNL's Horatio Sanz.  Casablanca's arrangement and style is suspiciously like Jesus and Mary Chain.
No matter how you cut it those songs were worlds better then some new rock song from the band "My New Teenage Hard-On".  They suck,if that was a real band.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Stan's Observations says,Merry Christmas to all my 60,000 readers!

Thanks to all who read my blogspot,or on Reddit or even in other languages in Asia. I know that being a beloved bay bay area icon that I am,means I stick to my principles..none of that phony "I follow nobody's politics" like 410blog or most of the bay area media claim. I'm liberal as best as I can be..
I support peace,even if I have to knock teeth out to create it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stan's advice to this countries Police forces.

Tell your spokesman to shut their goddamn mouths. Shut the fuck up. Nobody is buying their excuses and they are just pissing people off. If anything, they are confirming peoples fear of the sympathy for the family of the dead,no sorrow at all of what they did. When they have a big bad male spokesman boasting that the police do no wrong in a loud Irish New York cop cartoonish way,its just making the masses angry. If you don't have a female spokesman who has a kindly way,now is the wrong time to put "Knuckles and his type A cop attitude" on TV.
I know that the police around me here in the eastbay,do a good job. They don't fuck with you over a forgotten left signal on a turn. Unlike Pleasanton and the tri valley where the police,the Sheriffs,and the Highway patrol go nuts as little Napoleons.  Here? Not a major attitude. I drive by and give them the thumbs up.
BUT,those police spokes people are gasoline to the spark. Them vs Us comes through loud and clear. Who serves who I ask you?

Another good neighbor moves out of the hood..

With college educated daughters who grew up here,they are leaving...the stupid have driven away another good family. Most,if not all of the stupid around here are dropouts,drunks,people who place no value on education. They think its there right to dump trash. They buy things they cant really a new car goes around with huge dents since they didn't have the right insurance.
They also like to share their car music,and truly think they impress somebody with the fast starts. I only laugh when  I see them in a even junkier car since they trashed the good one. They get brave at night,they think they are so "cool" checking out for cops as they do drugs. When you see them race a Ford Fiesta you know that is rock bottom stupid- why would you want to draw attention you drive a POS like that?. Put a bag over your face,fool.
 I've seen home prices skyrocket here. But the quality of life still sucks mostly because somehow the stupid beget the stupid over generations.
If your income isn't high..why would you buy gas guzzlers? THAT'S the culture I wish I could throw vials of Ebola at.
You wouldn't miss them. None of them.

More on the drecks of local media. Kawakami,Lieberman,Jenkens

Thoughts:  Kawakami must be in true love with Beane. The over the top articles over the years Even once writing he "believes in Beane's plan" Then the A's finished last two years in a row.  It must be love driving him,because Sabean has won three World Series titles in five years..I don't remember any Tim Kawakami love,or talk of Sabean's "system" in admiration-lol.  Tim wants Billy,not Brian.
Leiberman: His idea of quality is based on his own kind and who he wishes he could be. Sometimes he differs..then he writes garbage about people of color in local media is some kind of PC shtick. Maybe they have talent. Maybe not the wonderful,awesome talent of tubby Tom Sinkovitz though!
Jenkens..a face for radio I guess. That reminds me, Yahoo sports is officially an embarrassment. It reflects Ted Griggs who might as well run Cumulus KNBR,and other lightweight fare. Its panel now is a half dozen or so people who say "I have to agree"..a million times a show. And they do.

Oh yeah,and James Woods tweety that "Al Sharpton caused the shooting of two NY cops".  I think two things -proof that Hollywood is not liberal once again, and that James Woods should go back for his sex addiction treatments. Keep him from chasing 20 year old's while he convinces himself its his good looking wrinkles and charm that does it.
A bonus.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Losers can never change...

An Aryan skinhead old timer walks into a Synagogue and shoots two or three people dead. None of them it turned out,were Jewish.
A black man shoots two cops dead as a message to white cops killing black men. Neither of the cops were white.
And Sony's CEO says that they "Never backed down and have been brave " in dealing with the North Korean hackers. Sony pulled the movie and the stars went into hiding.
This list could go on forever..

Stan's Rushmore blocked by Leiberman,,,and why.

I listed Woman,Latino's like Rigo Chicon who's known more across the country-legendary- then nitwit's like the dead Pete Wilson. I wrote a better take including Cheryl Jennings- Lowell Cohn.and Glenn Dickey. I know how RL soon as he saw that? I was out of that topic. He wasn't going to let me list LC and Dickey before him.
So,when you don't see a post of mine on a topic you would know I would have a take? My take was so good it was threatening.

KRON packing in the commercials..

I'm watching the start and Viki Liviakis starts reading the news like a speed reader..4 stories or so in the first minute. She was faster then the clips could keep up with..she's talking about Russia,and snow back east is the tape. And then I saw why...a looooong stretch of commercials- infomercials too began. I know she was following orders,but c'mon KRON general's,you dropped the sports segment so why the rush?  KRON is starting to be the TV equivalent of today's newspapers..the thin three sheets to "front section".  And the camera work on the job is slipping..doesn't have to be in focus and sometimes it doesn't look even to be in HD.just old 480. At first,they at least tried to make it look like the reporters had a camera man- using a tripod. Now,all they have to use is a cellphone "selfie" style.   Its still Tele VISON  kron. Clear shots should matter.
I guess my advice to lesson the commercial lengths are falling on deaf ears. Bet on it.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Paul Deano can be replaced.

I didn't like the way he blew off Veronica De Castro like she was the resident chimp.  And I didn't like Ken Bastita mugging instead of helping her out like he should have. For Bastita,that's now two female anchors- Liz Cook being the other that he sort of did the "how shallow they are" faces. If you are an expert at body language like me- a PhD in that field ( I drew the degree's myself- also a great artist!) you know what I mean.
I know that Castro might live up to the Diva thing others are now putting on her,but how hard can it be to handle that in the news and entertainment field?  There's something to her (oh I don't know,-ethnic?) that they feel doesn't give her the right,after KPIX spent a fortune to get her,to be superior?. Huh? She's the main anchor of CBS San Francisco.
From what I saw..she's the one with her feet on the ground.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Damon Bruce slams Raddy.

"If you want to listen to a guy who has no passion and is disinterested in sports,he's on 680 and named Gary"

Whoa!  Well,Raddy and Kreuger regularly take pots shots at Bruce and his sayings "Sport dont build,etc" and "He's gone" show final. I was wondering when Bruce would get fed up.

The "Investigators" should get on my previous topic.

I always thought it's a story to look into. Not that hard to buy products in low income areas..and compare taste. Man,Cheeze Its are the barometer.  I'm sure execs would spill the beans off camera at how much reject foods are sold as normal . The food industry is near used car salesman territory.

I want to win the lotto so I can overpay for food.

When I have shopped at Whole Foods,Trader Joe's or even Safeway in wealthy burbs? Its like the Disneyland of foods. Top notch displays,adult music, and the woman along side me are thin and tall and well dressed. And they check out dark and handsome me.
When I go to my local barrio/ghetto market like Food Source? its get yer food,get the hell out-lol. And the woman are not privy to healthy eating...the thin ones are on meth. As a matter of fact Food Sources big sister,Food Maxx is usually a little better because unlike FS,Food Maxx doesn't always follow the FS axiom "If its on sale it must be stale"  Another ghetto market trick is to sell something like Cheeze I'ts at a low price..then you get home and realize they sold the rejects- the ones that taste burnt or instead of cheddar cheese taste,its stinky feet taste. I imagine those are quality control foods that should have been tossed by Cheeze it corporation,and instead were packaged and sold to low income areas. A lot of wink- wink involved.  Its the same for cookies to Moca Mix.....something off or in Moca Mix's case? it taste like regular milk. Not the creamy smooth Moca I remember.
Nope,you have to shop in Pleasanton or the Oakland hills.ect to taste what you had as a kid..fresh Chip's Ahoy's..none of that reject stuff for a dollar less.
I'm never going to pay budget prices again...when I hit the lotto.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lieberman and Radnich make friends again.

"And Gary to the side is teeeerible" says 415 media.  And the lack of truth from me being posted makes it obvious Raddy "reached out" to 415. How much he donated is anybody's guess.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Radnich tries to drag Pam Moore down..+ more

"You need a father to have happy children- you agree right?" he said to Pam Moore who of course lives in reality and the 21st century. "Don't bring me into this" she told him.  I think that somebody who's done the news as long as her and accepted rewards would at least answer back what she does think. Instead,Radnich holds her hostage and brings out her lack of backbone. What a pal he is.
I think Radnich must be the most hated personality at KRON by his co just manifests itself over and over. The floor director almost laughed at Radnich..and he got the evil eye emanating from the bloated host's fat head.
And that Radnich only stood for one sportscast and back to the desk? I think he whined and pouted to end that experiment. ONLY- now that he's on the right side?...he cant stick that left hand he's so ashamed of,out to grab the females like he could all the years before. I think that's another KRON management idea!

About that Pam- Raddy chemistry?  She's the enabler and martyr type. She didn't have children so Gary Radnich is her spoiled baby that can do no wrong. Mommy Pammy takes all his abuse with a smile. Obvious.

Stan reviews the new KRON.

Since I know half the KRON people are on my side..lets get down to the truth about what's what.   First of all,Radnich worked the 5 pm cast,the first time in years. On the 6pm cast- Radnich isnt even at the desk,he's off to the side standing and delivering the sports. I think I have to take some credit for that. If it weren't for my posts on his never ending groping of the female anchors willing or not,I doubt he would ever have been given the new format. I'm willing to bet he was told,not asked for this. The only way for management to get him to keep his hands to himself.  As you may have heard, Bill Cosby to David Letterman also thought they were affectionate men with good looking staff-lol.
What I also noticed,Jackie Bennet is dead weatherwoman walking. I didn't see a word exchanged between her and the others at 5 or 6 pm. I doubt she's going to miss KRON. Especially with Little Gary,aka Grant Lodis, working the mangement kissing up- to, now.
The new set is ok..far too much lower front lighting..the idea is too wash out wrinkles I suppose on the older anchors,but you get some weird fun house lighting look. The red and blue wavy background is something that might wear out its welcome.
I bet the new KRON is trying to get out of its old more just show up for your sports anchor check,but now you have to do whats expected....or give way. Same for the rest. It couldn't hurt.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Radnich works!..does Monday 5pm KRON sports.

After he somehow got out of covering the World Series involving the local team-lol,oh man- for yet another year, the KRON "Sports director" skipped any and all live reports at ATT, might now be expected to stop stealing from KRON.  I imagine he and Aaron Pero,Radnich BFF, might have gotten flack from company HQ about letting Radnich save his energy at home,'cause he needs to be fresh  for KNBR-lol.  Is that what KRON pays him for?
And really, how can you say "I love what I do" when you don't even care about the World Series? I think he only loves cashing KRON checks!

Radnich to skip the Super Bowl too. The 49er saga. Raiders.

"Its better to watch on the couch" says KRON's bloated sports director who doesn't go to games anymore.

The 49ers are out...and injuries,and overpaid players like Vernon Davis who quit on the team sank it. And like with Huff,J.Russell,and many more,Kaepernick spent the off season partying instead of concentrating on football. To me,all that news he made,all the commercials he made,had convinced him that he could just walk on the field "He had arrived". The sorry part was..if he could pump himself up like that,having a few bad games could just as easily ruin his confidence.  I think that's what we saw in those press conferences. He had so much could it end? he thought. After the press ripped him..its like watching  a guy going through the stages of death.Denial,anger,acceptance,etc.
Kap,could pass it off as just a bad year,and make a comeback. But it wont be with a coach who traded up to get him.
NOW,its on to the RAIDERS for Harbaugh!..If MD knows that a football is an elipptoid,he will hire Jim. Enough with Reggie Mc Stinky. You cant do any worse then him. Didn't Mark notice in the interview Reg isn't the sharpest tool in the Raider shed?..Take him back to Home Depot for a refund.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fitz and the Tantrums cheats Stan!

 I like that song you hear on the Mazda commercial called " Dear Mr. President". So,I see on the guide they are going to do a 2014 concert on Palladium channel. Great I thought. I DVR it.
The next day I start listening...FF past songs I don't know- which is all their other songs-lol-and,I'm not hearing it. I did hear a couple of songs that kind of sounded like the commercial...then became something else. Next thing I know,an hours worth of songs goes by and its over!. In the credits is the song list..No sign of their biggest hit! The one song everybody knows..isn't done. If I had paid money,I would demand my money back!
Its not like they are the Beatles or the Stones..or even Neil Diamond with too many hits to fit in an hour. Man,how self indulgent is that by fitz & the tantrums??

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Who needs to be tied to a rope and dropped in the bay from a Helicopter part IX

In the beginning....I had Aaron Rowan,Zito,Russell,and Billy Beane on the drop list.  Beane wouldn't sink.The others are now flotsam and silt. Now,who needs to be tied to Beane?  Reggie? how about Joe Lacob who we know is a megalomaniac. That sort of takes away from a great start does it not?.  And Grubby Grubbers "Ghetto" voice joke. When you own a team of mostly African Americans,you better be Abe Saperstein to get away with that. Petey,isn't.

Jed-  He's circling the rope like the Moon and gravity circle the Earth. Losing Harbaugh after leaving the Stick for Santa Clara..the mistakes are piling up. I hate when I put a lot of thought into something and it still goes wrong.. Jed seems to be walking down that road.

And sits Sabean like a Norse god looking down from his throne (reading a newspaper? Plenty of air freshener?) at the mere mortals.

Higgs Boson proves gravity waves exist and that proves we live in a multiuniverse

I dont know why there isn't front page headlines of this knew proof of what is all around us to infinity. If you have Higgs Boson- proven two years ago,that then led to proven evidence of gravity waves last year by the big bang. It all can only happen in a Universe with parallel universes AND in Universes that interact with ours all the time.
The only drawback is-  you get stuck in all manner of lives in them. Some, maybe most,you dont exist in at all.  So,if you've ever dreamed or felt what its like to be famous or some guy serving a life sentence in might be tapping into those other planes. I myself have doubts- like a I said before- If all versions of me exist that I can imagine..then why isn't the God version of me who makes ALL other versions of me a God not happen'en?  Then there's the not you as a human. Boggles the mind.  And yes,science says that that all applies to every single thing in the Universe- bacteria are you someplace many googles squared in distance. Its all science and science fact. What used to be fiction is now a truth.
One more..the split photon slit experiment we all were taught in HS? the explanation is- EVERYTIME you make a decision?,the Universe splits into all possible outcomes. That's what they say. It doesn't matter what door you pick in life--the decision was already made long ago and the outcome unchangeable. So,poets to philosophers over ancient times were on to something with fate.
I get a kick out of all this because its real and yet fantasy to think about.
Hey,one last question I have: If there is a infinite small,and a infinitely large Universe...where are we on that scale? Closer to one or the other?. I need to find a scientist reader...

Fast N Louds undersides...

A show I like,but am old enough to know Rawlings is full of crap. Just like the Orange County Choppers mantra's was "That looks cool". FNL's is "That will sell for double!".  There's one reason he like OCC has  gone major league . The TV show,or the lot of them is are still in their original hole in the wall, shops.
Gas Monkey has built some of the ugliest rods on the planet. Remember the Lincoln with flared fenders?..UGLY.  ALL the green hot rods?..or Rawling's own green Mustang with a tire mounted on the trunk. Hideous. I would take the Batmobile over that.
I remember when OCC gave Leno a bike..and Leno couldn't wait to point out the crappy workmanship - a leaky fuel line run through the bike frame for one. Its a wonder Leno wasn't incinerated.
The other FNL gripe I have? EVERYTHING from the past is cool to them. I remember those days,and some weren't cool then or now. So- if you think you can flip cars just like that and make huge money? You better get a TV show,talk like Burt Reynolds, and fudge the truth.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Harbaugh all but quotes Stan at press conference..

Go ahead- read what I wrote yesterday...and then listen to Harbaugh talk about Keapernich today " religious,good person" .I mean c'mon,it was almost straight from my blog.  I know what I'm talking about.

Buster "pure and good"...Pablo and Kap "evil". You're racist SF Sports media.

When Posey's BA dived,when he really did something shockingly embarrassing like allow runners to score with no effort to tag them..I thought the media would have a subject to talk about for days. They said nothing.  Then Posey did it again a few days later..whats less then nothing?  No discouraging words about Buster. Kuiper still wanted him for a son.  And then Pablo makes an error..The Giant announcer can hardly wait to make sure Sandoval was given the blame of a bad throw and not Brandon Belt's,weak pickup.
Ok,How about Cain extorting his big contract with the Giant's where he actually insinuated he might not pitch so good if he's not happy going into the season?..Was he ripped about that? No. Was he scorched when a year later we found out he KNEW he had a bad elbow and hid that to get the fat contract?.no, Nobody said Cain was a dishonest schemer.
I didn't hear that if Cain didn't want to pitch for what he's really worth "Then get his ass out of here".
Its obvious the pecking order of who's color and ethnicity is obeyed by local media. White is over black,and black is over Latino,and you can figure out the rest. On the Giants and other teams its funny- hilarious- that black AND latino ? Its like Black minus compared to Black plus African Americans.
Ya know- If Amy Gutierrez last name was Smith,her life in the spotlight would be non controversial. As it is,Giant media sticks to the "g" instead of her married name.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The idiot sports media and why Kap is why he is...

A usual the local sports media see's things like Neanderthals in sweaters.   Look,the adult view is..Colin Kaepernick is a sensitive guy. Adopted,very religious,he probably was never criticized since he did everything he was supposed to. Good grades,sports.  What a change since his rookie camp right? He used to smile and laugh with the media. That's the way it always has been he figured.  You just know that somebody wrote something he took to heart. I don't know what. BUT...
I sort of see a pattern with ethnic QBs.  The media is always attacking their intelligence. Its a facet that sportswriter who of course are instrumental in that, have a hard time dealing with them. Hasn't it been "Alex Smith was the smart one,Kap,the genetic athlete"?..being good at sports in this case is a back handed compliment. Yeah,its his position...Writers don't pull that on running backs.
Kap wants his old world back. Summer in Turlock and playing on dry dirt. It would be great if he could see above it all..but at 27?
I see more clash as the 49ers dive. And think about it..there isnt a single local writer who defends him.
He's made enough money to last the rest of his life. Too bad Harbaugh is his coach..he's undermining his QB's pro career with terrible advice.
Being sensitive when billions are at stake is heavy man..

Stan explains white cop,black man executions.

Why are prosecutors even going to a grand jury? Because they are using the system that lets cops suffer no consequences. And why so often?.ok,my theory: Its the status quo legal system trying to embarrass the Obama administration.  Its "You lie"
Let me tell you something. If these blatant cop killings had occurred during the Nixon years? DA's trying to prove how fair Republicans are, would go after some. Not all,but some.  To see in 2014,12 and 13 years old murdered- no justice .To see a black man choked hold to death clearly on video,and still that's not good enough?.that's 8 years of pent up hate of the Obama White house, and the Republicans are now over compensating in hate. Its a show of unity across the country by DA's and Police officers. You can bet every one of those officers is a registered Republican, NRA member.
This is their time

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

David Shaw the next 49er head coach.

I have to be first to say it. Besides his snooty personality fits the wealthy, snooty, Yorks. They can snoot happily together.

Fuck Billy Beane Boy up his ass. He's the worst A's player.

When will he go away? Go to Boston or NY where he can buy a championship. Billy Beane is a mental case..just a weirdly demented human being. Vain, with a superiority complex that is insufferable for the team and fans. He's vindictive..from Art Howe to Donaldson..and plenty in between. He continues to say he cant afford stars..but turned down the Red Sox job. That says worlds about Beane. He stank as a player..and he stinks as GM since you ALWAYS know his teams will fail when it matters.
It cant help that Sabean guffaws at Beane "I don't pay much attention to sabermetrics" says Sabean. Yeah,he gets and keeps his good players. Who needs a spreadsheet to understand that? Although Sabean's handling of his Latin players is subpar..another story later.
Beans and Wolff are boys playing with their toys...not sportsmen. Not winners. And they know what kind of admiration they get from the public if they point at their bank accounts proudly. Beane,when all is said and done, is just another dummy.

KRON newsroom loves me,they REALLY love me.

Wow,most of the Kron newsroom seemed to have decided to friend me. Not a mutual friend thing either- they found me as I said. Darya and Pam exempted. I wonder why? lol.
If that isn't a statement to Radnich- what is?

Ken Wayne and Mark Tamayo have a special moment..

"Its a gorgeous day" said Ken Wayne last week. "And now a gorgeous man,Mark Tamayo"   Tamayo then started doing the weather..then stopped. "You have me flustered" said Mark to Ken.  "Oh look, your blushing" said Heather Holmes to Tamayo.
 I guess if they get marooned on an island for months..we know who will eventually be on top.


The Talk chews up Nancy Stan called weeks ago.

"She's a selfish ,cold,bitch" said Sharon Osbourne. The others got in kicks too. And of course you read all that from me weeks ago on 410media from ME first.
btw- Rich isn't posting my posts reminding people of my calls. That tell you of how jealousy of  me can mean even more then money.
Leiberman is stuck between a rock and a hard

Monday, December 1, 2014

KRON people find me. Or, are hunting me down...

I got a whole mess of KRONers who want to friend me. How did they find me? Their crack journalists- that's their job,man. I think one of the woman of KRON saw that I am a devastatingly brutal handsome guy. Possible.  Even Kathy wants me in her see through blouse pic with lots of cleavage. I hope she sends me more. Why should she settle for tub of lard Radnich when she can have ethnic heat like me? The men of KRON want to be me so settle for freinding.
I will always be there for the Annies,Erica's,Vikis and even Kathy.
And Stanley.

DISH: 26 Shopping CSN?

26 Of that junk. 10 religious channels 10 all Spanish channels.  But not ch 5 or CSN?  What good is Dish then?
DISH better stay at the table..they will lose customers who are male. I would think that's a large demographic .

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fecal matter called the Oakland Raiders. 30 years of greatness long forgotten.

They wear Raider uniforms but play like clowns at the circus..honk honk!,the Raiders get out of the tiny car- Laugh at them. HaHa. Oh,now they are throwing Monkey poop at the other team.

What happened to the Oakland Raiders?  Its like football is new to the organization with hiring losers and firing winners like Jackson and Palmer. Super Models could run the team better "Oh,he LOOKS so fast" says Heidi..and they would probably win more games then Reggie McKenzie.

I told you- They need Harbaugh. THEN Mark Davis can be hands off. Right now?,he needs all hands and fingers to plug the dyke. And I dont mean the Petaluma D.A.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stan- the only honest person in bay area media.

I get tired of hearing local media give you a bunch of lies. The game playing and alliances are just bullshit played on you. The fact that they do everything to keep me from advancing proves that. You've read me be far ahead of local "experts" on their own blogs..Did they ever give me any credit? Not even a bone..hell,not even a molecule of credit.  When I caught espn with the Lin slur- did Steve Berman give me any credit- no ,not that slimeball...he's all Dudy Kravitz trying to get ahead by sucking up to local big media.
RL415?  Ha...c'mon.  He's playing some game to make himself feel better I guess. Bi-Polar is right. Also- have you read Leiberman also dish out any credit to me? No. Not even after the Nancy Snyderman call. Could Rich be happy for a contributor? Hell no..he was jealous that not in a million years would he see what I saw and can see.
Social media- where you are not paid and yet are just as qualified to speak as anybody who is,is where the truth is today.
Or do you think those writers getting free meals from local teams are going to tell you all?..ha,yeah.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

If DISH drops CSN,I drop DISH.

DISH for some reason doesn't want to pay its bills,while I pay mine to them. Can you believe they want to drop KPIX AND CSN?..while offering - not one- but TWO Texas Longhorn channels?. That's bullshit. They also have garbage channels like "glenn beck" and other right wingers.
DISH better get its act together. I will drop DISH and have my bank stop any payments to DISH. As far as I'm concerned they broke our contract- especially since their salesman assured me I could get CSN sports.

Direct TV is looking mighty good right now.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

BURN it down. Talk didn't do a thing.

And make sure Erick Gelhous is visiting downtown.  Our police- our murderers. They take on all the 12 year olds and mentally ill people,bravely. Two groups of people not known to follow orders of strangers yelling at them. So shoot them dead and say the tin cup looked "weaponish"
You know its gotten so out of hand- when an imbecile cop kills another? and investigations shows he didn't have the proper training and he knew that? charges as in Pleasanton or San Ramon.
Fear the police as they tell the public not the other way around.
When even prison guards union make Jerry Brown put on a dress and dance? he cuts education?..Worry. Worry hugely.
Our police state is well underway.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Not only did they not show the first hour of Stanford and Cal,when the Oklahoma-Kansas game ended,FOX sports stuck with that games postgame show!.  Like everything Rupert Murdoch touches, FOX sports is shit. "Watch Stanford -Cal on FOX2" they said...only that's another sports package- not free. They never mentioned that.
Without a  doubt FOX SPORTS is the most idiotic,incompetent, sports network in the world.

Friday, November 21, 2014


When my deeply religious friends tell me God is always with them and has a "plan"? I want to say " I think I got the god who doesn't know what he's doing". "Plan?" God sez to me "Just wing it, man"."Make your own plan, Stan"
Seems like it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stan on Bill Cosby.

This reminds me so much of a similar expose of Jimmy Seville a British celebrity knighted and celebrated for work with children.He made his name being a host of Top of the Charts in the UK. An American Bandstand for the English. He was a Bill Cosby like spokesperson for social causes.  When he died? It wasnt a week later the BBC released a program where Seville was proven a child predator.  It was so bad,Seville's family had the mans headstone removed and destroyed.
Bill Cosby is about from Seville's era. Those were the days when men could actually pinch a woman's rear like it was a compliment. Playboy ran cartoons in every issue of middle aged men in bed with children..and a "funny" punchline.Pedophilia was not Hue Hefner's best idea.
I think Cosby knows what he did was over the line and into criminal behavior..but that's how his generation thought. Why do you think I hate the status quo? Its ideas are not worth a damn.
Bill Cosby wont go to jail..but his headstone tribute engravings just went to a simple "Bill Cosby".

KRON "touching" has ended.

Its pretty obvious high execs at KRONs parent company read my posts..talked to employee's and they confirmed all the harassment Radnich used under the pretense of " Daddy Raddy loves you".  I'm getting the feeling based on Radnich veiled knocks of the new female exec in charge she was not happy over that or that her "Sports Director" never did a single report from the Giants locker room,stadium...normal news business. Instead he bragged he would rather watch it on TV at home.  I'm sure for her money that woman exec knew that the company was cheated by Radnich. He pushed it.
Look,Radnich a few times has emphasized her being a woman- meaning he knows more then her,so doing as he see's fit was par for him. She must have set him straight. He now keeps his hands to himself.

Unlike the rest of the media- who wouldn't have written about it in a million years- I know game playing to take advantage of somebody- woman- when I see it.

Barry Thompkins and Radnich..two peas in a pod.

I was thinking about..why would Thomkins who did Stanford TV football in the Toby Gerhart era,vote against  a Stanford Heisman?  It had to be a grudge by Thompkins. He was angry at Stanford for something- probably money,and so got even. Barry didn't think it through- the vote was made public. His pick was an insult,Colt McCoy was injured that year and never played a full season. It would be nice if the Stanford school paper looked into it. Or local journalist. Set history straight. I mean,if Thompkins had even picked the eventual winner,there might not be any question. He picked a no chance player. Grudge/Revenge.

Radnich who is nutty,feels hate for all the Giant latin players who are even near the Caribbean.The man has professed his love for Larry "Crabgrass" Kreuger who always looks like he wishes Radnich could be normal,and just shut the hell up with the weird stuff. And you all know Krueger's history.
Today,Radnich said Sandoval is worth the money- and he isn't worth the money and should get his "fat ass,out of town"  Radnich is a bigot who hides it poorly. His usual play both sides today was business as usual for him. He means it ,unless he doesn't it. His key to survival open like a book.

The sports media are chumps and dummies,and just asking to be taken apart.

Greg Papa and Lund like to have sex with animals. They said it.

"I would shave the sheep first".said Lund,as Greg Papa hugely embarrassed himself with keeping the bit going.
And yes,John Lund did say how he would prepare his animal sex toy. I was driving,and couldn't change the channel fast enough.
They make Radnich and Krueger seem classy.

The Rich Leiberman manipulation..

If you wonder why I let those put downs he posts go unanswered?  'because I dont. Leiberman takes my comeback answers that are pretty good..and wont post them.
Its called "Not letting Stan be popular on my blog"  He's insecure- He wants my posts that people love to read,and yet he only posts rips because of his bias. I mean,he loves Michael Savage. Leiberman is no liberal. He also wont post anything critical of police,fireman,usually. Once in a while-- but not often. And media buddys? Never see Dan Ashley get criticism. Hell,I sent in a funny blooper Ashley said on air- never got posted.
And I'm sure their is some racism involved..he always "recommends" Jewish people for all media jobs. Not even subtle.
Sinkovits would be Kitchen sinkovitz if his last name was Hernandez..
One last -keep in mind He writes many of those put downs- and why they use his type of cuss words. He cant hide sounding like himself.
Yeah,weird..but as I fight on,I know I'm right.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sandoval and Cepedes on the SAME team?

DO NOT,I repeat do not tell Boston that's the Clutch brothers. Hits when they count,mean something,pick up a team. Those two proved themselves in the bay area. Lets hope that east coast bias helps the Giants. Pray Boston has a chip on its shoulder about west coast players. PRAY !

Drive that Carr off a cliff... AND you read about Harbaugh here first.

I'm going to bust a gut if Damon Bruce still calls Carr "The future",yeah,of Armageddon or the rapture.
Its time to fire Reggie..he cut our best HC in decades,and he let go the best QB we had-Palmer - in a decade plus now.
He kept McFadden.
How much more damage could he have done? The Raiders haven't won a game in a year. Nothings worse then that. The worst decisions you can imagine,Reggie made. And i predicted it.  Mark Davis should have vomited at what he hired,when what he hired fired a coach who won.

Harbaugh? knbr and Kawakami stole my idea,and claimed it for their own. Amazing.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Barry Thompkins veiled racist?..and jerk asshole?

I know somethings up with him. He's not that genial friendly persona..I think he's more of Maury Povich conservative. I've heard him- like Radnich- praise Posey as St Posey and marry my daughter Posey type salutations. Same for Bumgarner,Pence- no complaints about what Pence makes from Barry. But Pablo Sandoval is a burden on the team!..Thompkins - like Radnich- can hardly wait until the Latino ballplayer is sent away. Pablo Sandoval will get hugs from Larry Kreuger before Barry says something worthwhile about the Panda
Thompkins is a weird guy..a Stanford announcer who cost the school MILLIONS when he voted Colt McCoy of Texas- who didn't even play a full season- as Heisman Trophy winner over Stanford's Toby Gerhart. Bizarre from a Bizarre man. Thomkins vote was the decider. wow. And Stanford still lets him on campus? Why?
Barry Thompkins also blasted Giant icon Juan Marichal as "lazy"..he "could have been better said" Thompkins- LOL..the most idiotic opinion of Juan Marichal's career ever stated.
Barry Thomkins opinions are embarrassing. I take it though he says the right words to Ted Griggs,show up for golf with Griggs..and of course is a  card carrying conservative. The Asshole Barry Thompkins.

Sabean 3,Popvich 5,..................................................................Beane 0.

Billy doesnt get it. You keep your best players and get rid of non productive players. Bean,when he does  get a good or even great player by scouts or trade? He trades them for other good players not quite as good. And hence,you have the hamster wheel career of Billy Beane. Beane's eye is on his bank account.
"We wont pay for a Championship"  says Wolf and Beane and Fisher in confoundingly and confusingly dumb quotes over and over.
And that's why the A's are Sunny Select ketchup to Heinz's ketchup. Forever will be profitable but never the best.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Enough of the Zombie crap.

I like Horror,SchFi,Monsters.but this Zombie thing that has spread like..a cold...Is boring. Dawn of the Dead was great i n 1969- my brother loved it- told me all about it.  But now? Christ's sake,its the same premise over and over. Virus,Zombies,No cure.  Even big name stars are making these repeats. Bill Murray,Brad Pitt,Mila Jojovich. I've seen Canadian made Zombie movies.same thing- Virus,Zombie,no cure.
I'm sick of them..its beaten like a dead horse. Virus,Zombie Horse,no cure...

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tim Kawakami dead wrong on 49er "Moral Compass"

Can't he get anything right?  He was dead wrong on Ray McDonald. And if you read my post on 410media back when, you know that I said arrested doesn't mean a thing. A woman gets angry at get arrested. After that,the reality kicks in. And thus McDonald is free and clear..but with hefty lawyer bills. The legal system is legal extortion.
And what does Kawakami know about woman anyhow?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Carr,too short,too slow. And why is McFadden watching?

I haven't written on Carr, I did hear some give him wild praise- Damon Bruce is out of his mind if "Carr is the future" Yeah? that future looks awful bleak. Just looking at him with stubby legs not able to out run anybody in the NFL means he should get the ball away quickly. Well,he's not..he cant see down field worth a damn. The Raiders are lost under Reggie Mckenzie..he fired our best head coach since Gruden- without even meeting the man. He just plain gave away Carson Palmer.The list of former Raiders thriving on other teams speaks to Reggie McKenzie doesn't know what he's doing. He might cut the football next.

And its laughable the Raiders pulled McFadden in the fourth quarter. If anything, he should carry every down. Get their moneys worth.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Holloween and Drag queens..

Post that time of year when the news interviews "sisters" and "lady" this and that. One thing I notice? Why do so many TALL men want to be Draggers? It never fails that they tower over the reporters. By a whole former basketball players. It seems disproportional how tall they are when you consider the ideal woman is imitate. Man,those DQ pumps are huge....

Stan's multi million dollar

Are you ready for this?.you poor slobs stuck in  cubicles all day...when I have your life's problems solved. Ready? get this... listen close now, a TEN HOUR ENERGY DRINK!.  Genius!..a drink pumped up with caffiene,ephedra and high fructose corn syrup. You take it for breakfast..and you have hyperactive ADD the rest of the 10 hour day!  It will make your eye balls scan left to right all night long, your blood pressure will pump you up like a balloon. Give a presentation that should be an hour, in 10 minutes!
Place ads on Golfers hats..everybody knows how much energy it takes to Golf.
And you have a plan "b" always...sales slow?...12 hour energy drink!..oh yeah. Millions.

Taylor Swift and the View and woman...

The young living barbie doll was on the view,and three of the four woman looked at her like they wanted to violate her right there.straight,gay,they all wanted her-lol.  Woman can do that..they can be all over other woman and nobody cares really. Oprah,was another who looked at young hot blonds like they were pink frosted cake. Fat woman? No hugs from "O"..models? "O" couldn't wait to help them fit their bra's!..remember those shows?
I saw Diane Sawyers nips stiffen when she interviewed Kate Hudson a few years back. That's common. When you see a female interviewer cross her arms over her chest as she talks to young beauty?.there ya go..hard nips. Meredith did that the other day talking to J-lo who wore a plunging blouse with skirt hiked up to her ass. Being just two feet away might have been too hot for MV. Right before the arm cross? MV showed. I saw it.
One last.." BIG hugs" of pressed boobs? easy socially accepted woman to woman feel up they can get away with. You wont see Fallon press his dick up against Seth Rogen's greeting him. Good buds that they are.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Klay,great or just on a streak?

I have to laugh at Marcus Thompson's fawning column of Klay Thompson. MT,has "I'm keeping this job a LONG time. Monte's mistake,is my break!"  I don't see any mention of Klay always having hot streaks...then followed by 1 for 60 shooting,no rebounds. Kevin Love is good for 30 points AND 30 rebounds. He's HOF,Klay? hasn't even made the all star team as a RESERVE-lol.
Jerry West is pulling the Billy interviews when times are good,he cant be reached when times are bad "In LA. on business- for the month!"
Lets see if Klay plays his best for a season.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Raj Matai,Billy Beane,Dan Dibley,Monty Poole.

Raj Matia commenting on Madison Bumgarners "gift" to Jimmy Fallon of madbum shorts :" A man giving another man shorts,how funny".  A bit of homophobe from Raj?  Jessica Aguirre said nothing to that. She's not dumb.
Any Billy Beane sightings?  what a massive ego. He only comes out of his hole under the bridge when the team is winning.
Dan Dibley- as predicted here- has not been on yahoo talkfest since cracking jokes about local sports particular Guy Haberman being only 5'5". Since Haberman is a near regular,and Dan isnt...You see it all the time in local media..blacklists.
Monty? Fell of the face of the Earth. Man,leaving the Trib was a huge mistake..espcially when he reads his replacement writing how brilliant Lester for Cespedes will be.

I told you.When my blog un clogs - I write. Somebody at Google might not like me..or flunkster kron/knbr hackers.

Monday, November 3, 2014

CHP Cop resigns due to nudie pics,Eric Gelhaus murderer still has his job.

That's just laughable from the insane world of Jill Ravich racist DA in Santa Rosa.  Eric Gelhaus psychotic cop is on the job to "protect and murder". May the both rot from cancer asap.

btw,Why were the CHP cops who received the stolen property pics,KNOWING they were stolen, not charged?
Why do I expect DA's to work for justice?..they are more cop and judge. A huge flaw in our legal system.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog problems.

Only one site on the net freezes badly for me. My blog. Thats why you see few posts lately. Also,i do manage to get it going.....then it corrupts again. Never happens on ANY other website.  So,read this..and when you see days go by?..Something is up again.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Radnich is a great dad because he DIDNT take his son to the World Series?

Sometimes,I run across his show on Comcast..its on all day seems like.  And when he bragged that he played catch with his kid instead of watching the Giants game, was so obvious a ploy to make himself  look good in a fake way. SO fake,Larry Krueger couldn't even muster a compliment.  Its funny but Giant fans were paying $1,500 or more to see the team in San Francisco. Radnich who could have seen them with his family for free? NEVER WENT TO EITHER GAME.  His son might not ever get a chance for decades to see another Giant team in the World Series or be WS champs at least. Because his "great" dad wouldn't take him across town.
I feel kind of sorry for the kid.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Posey killing the Giants...

Thrown out at home 3 times!, Once, he never even tried to slide! twice more trying to take an extra base. He's also hit into several rally killing double plays. And to top it power. His hits are dinks.  And you won't read any writer say that. Never speak illith of St. Buster.  Rip Sandoval? SURE! The media does it all the time- I heard the wacky Pecon do it again even as Lurie was trying to do a tribute to Panda man.-lol Pablo gets no respect from war eagle man.
 If your a Giant fan you know the double standard. And why.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Jack in the Box drug fueled commercials..

Where's the moral majority when you need them? I'm kind of disgusted seeing young drugged out people slurring to sell me hamburgers that clog my arteries. Tired of them running  24/7 like propaganda.  Bring back happy young people wide awake dancing that "I'm a Peppa".

Friday, October 24, 2014

George Lucas calls S.W. series, his "Tar Baby"....whaaa?

On Charlie Rose,I was stunned to hear Lucas use the racist saying talking about his whole line of Star Wars movies. He's not much older then me..he has to know "tar baby' is a slur of African Americans. Hell,Archie Bunker said it all the time.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Musings on time and people and ...

I thought it was bad enough that the hair of the 70's..John Travolta went I see that the hair of the 80's,James Spader, kissed his comb goodbye too. He made a fortune with that hair perfectly coiffed as a evil Yuppie or preppie or hipster in the 80's. More feathers in his hair then on a pigeon. If you were to bet back then?,HE would be the one to keep all his hair. Didn't happen.
THEN,,I put on the sirius radio and Alanis Morissette is screeching in that total affectation nasal voice one of her many hit songs that all came out of one hit album in 1995. Man,that long? Windows 95 and post grunge in one year. At least Alanis has the money to back up all that incredibly high opinion of herself she has. Not sure who would pay her for anything but singing that 1995 album.
And on sirius- cable tv version- I'm looking at Alice in Chains "Dirt" album cover. A young her college years prime,to maybe 22 or so years old. She would now be around 45 years old. That's a brief window of perfection to close by 1999. You can think young until the day you die. But you wont look it..
I guess it is all one shot,and if you missed?.No more.

Krueger calls Raddy "Creepy"

How funny. Just as I did in my post on KRON and Radnich rubbing Heenans back- like the Rob Lowe commerical of "creepy Rob Lowe"..Kreuger did the same thing today about Radnich.  One for Larry.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Alicia gives Jackie dirty looks. A KRON divided.

Unlike Pam Moore or Cathy Heenan who fawn over Alicia with praise,I don't think I have ever heard Jackie do that. In fact, I think  Jackie like Van Aikans are the two most conspicuous KRONers to not buy into the Radnich world.
Friday,Raddy and wife was going on about something,then he turned and asked Jackie a question.  The camera stayed on Radnich and she gave Jackie the evil eye. So obvious even Radnich said - whoa!. 
Familiarity breeds contempt. Jackie's familiar with Radnich,and Alicia is familiar with Jackie.

Kaps slow delivery VS Brees and Luck..

Interesting on the commercial? All three QB's toss simultaneously,and you can clearly see the differences. Luck had the quickest delivery and with the best form- right over the top. Brees had the most compact delivery - about what you would expect from a shorter guy trying to make up for size with power. And Kap? worst delivery..slowest of the three. Yet,its all in what you do..and Kap has outdone Luck in the NFL.Bested Brees if you go by each's first three years.
So what does it mean? About as much as Kap being the ugly buzzard in the bunch. Nothing!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Stan ponders time,DVD and the Universe

I was wondering....I have a Dish box with the ability to freeze live shows. A nice feature. What I'm wondering is..when I hit pause? that freezing the present or the past? And what is that period of milliseconds between frozen..and live?..What is the processor in the box thinking? Sure its not real life I'm freezing..but it might still apply to the TRON/Matrix world.

Raddy negative when Giants win,Positive when Giants lose. As phony as can be.

That asshole when he looks in the mirror doesn't even know what he see's. He plays both sides so often he's lost touch with whats real or shtick.
 Radnich's only answer is he knows real money and food. His answer to everything. His excuse.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


UNBELIEVABLE!..they are showing the Giants game in small letterbox!..WHY???

KRON 4's hostile work environment.

I know Raddy thinks its cute to fist pump..and Cathy thinks its cute to give pecks on the cheek. and Raddy is aroused no doubt to rub Heenan's back live on TV. Why else do that? Its just what the law says is illegal. It tells woman at KRON they better be quiet if touched and even act like you want it baby.
Aron Pero seems to foster a whole lot of touchy feely that is usually instigated- about 99% of the Radnich on air..I wonder how much grab ass he does with morning host Darya? Young woman at KRON must wonder what they have to do to keep their jobs. A travesty.
KRON 4 is an illegal.hostile work place.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Vieira show takes Stans advice..the power of blogging.

No doubt they look for what people are saying on the net. And after my review..Meredith got back to being legs are back. And her sense of naughty humor was there too "I like to be tied up ..a little"..yes!. Its a good thing because her show was going down the Katie Couric road,too much self improvement preaching and small home projects are real snoozer topics..unless done funny. And Katies weren't.
I watched Meredith that day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

KRON woman,toys for the newsroom Boys..

Aaron Pero loves to see Caligula the movie..its like his style,man. He's sleeping with the morning Darya..and thus approves her advancement 100%. Then the Grant and Justine show,where their coupleness is gone over and over. And then you have the married Radnich pawing Cathy Heenan on TV in maybe the most unprofessional news cast in the country. I thinking rubbing her back in circles is pretty much a right wing conservative thing. Cathy Heenan sets woman back a century. That thing she does? where she looks at Radnich like a Border Collie trying to follow her masters lead? Pathetic. No sooner does Radnich say the sky is green,then Cathy comes back "Did I say blue? I meant green".
Yes I know nobody takes Radnich as a journalist...they don't even think he's as good as a third rate comic..but why KRON just embarrasses itself in the 5th largest market in going for the dollar like whores is what happens when you dont have a HR or a strong union.
Whats Radnich wife think when her husband uses Cathy as living porn?..and for all of us to watch. Man,she must love his money too the heavens....

Buster Posey...slowest man on Earth. Bad catcher..

Its great the Giants are winning. Now,why the lunacy of Posey thrown out TWICE at home plate, thrown out trying to take extra bases,and not able to beat out anything for a base hit?. He turns doubles into singles.  His skills as a catcher? Laughable.  Then you open the sports page or KNBR and find no mention of his base running gaffes!
I would say listen to Duane Kuiper get on Sandoval for LOB and compare the lack of even a mention of Posey- with Flannerys terrible coaching. None.  Posey thrown out at home plate is "the old college try".Pablo is "grrrr,he's left so many on base today".Fuck you Kuiper.
Posey's obvious fear of baserunners sliding home is going to really bite the Giants one day. Put him on first,stop the pretense he's a quality catcher.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Radnich and Jackie go at it again.

From what I could surmise by Raddys innuendo, was, she told him not to touch her. So,Radnich spent more time on sports talking about people you can't touch "Like Jackie"..and then launched into some weird back and forth while-- get this- He RUBBED CATHY HEENAN'S BACK...It was just like the "Creepy Rob Lowe" commercial!.. Even Heenan was flustered by the back and forth. I mean,the fondling she allows on air is pretty weird too. Totally unprofessional and the news director must be an idiot Republican to allow that kind of harassment. Even if she LIKES it,its WORKPLACE HARASSMENT.  And KRON condones it.

Hey- I wouldn't doubt by the glazed look in his eyes Radnich was on his Vicodon.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beane and Beane apologists still lie. Plus more!

Beane made the gaffe of el stupendo stupidness,and now says like George Bush jr, "I made no mistakes". Beane even declared the trade "put us in the playoffs"..LOL. Beane is the King of excuses and denial. Why can't Beane just man up and say "It was a bad trade,my mistake"..because Beane is the type who yells at waiters "Do you know who I am!??".."I had a movie about me..because we had a winning streak that year!"

Now,the A's don't have Cespedes OR Lester. We have nothing...not Lester's stats or Cespede's 100 rbi's year after year. Beane defends the Alamo,the Titanic,and says the Giants should have traded Willy Mays in '64!
Even Reddick couldn't hold in the anger telling the media the chemistry was ruined and that Beane will do what he does- break up good teams.

Do a movie about me..the guy who knew sabermetrics can't replace a young clutch hitting and feared slugger.

Just read my post a few weeks ago of why Beane will never win it all. I had him pegged.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Harbaugh to the Silver and Black.

How? how do you afford him?...You make him GM and coach. Out goes Reggie and time wasting,and in goes Jim.
The Yorks are wealthy idiots. They don't appreciate what they have and never have. They were the dopes who fired Marriuci after the team had a fine year. Harbaugh see's that.  I think if Jim wanted some Walsh Karma...he would LOVE Al Davis Karma and his Mojo..technically speaking.
 If Mark Davis had my brainpower he would even offer Jim a Billy Beane type contract...part owner or at least big stock in the team.
He just win's, baby.

A's sink,adios to Allen. You read it here first.

The Cespedes trade resulted in Jon Lester tailing with a 4.30 ERA,then he tanked with 6 runs in the very game we gave up Yoenis Cespedes for. And "give" is the operative word. Hey,last I looked Cespedes had 94 rbi's for Boston. Boston should be a contender with him and Lester next year.
Beane's signing of Jim Johnson was a disaster,who we also could count on coughing up the big games- like opening night.  Sherzerisiz or what ever his name is,was Beanes best deal. Too bad Jeff didn't get to pitch with the teams key offensive player,Cespedes. Beane taking Millone out of the rotation with his 6 game win streak going for the dead weight Hammels didn't help either.
Beane paid no attention to common sense or sabermetrical baseball. Cespedes created 2 wins for every loss in the lineup.
How the paid sportswriters could say Beane tradid Yoenis because he only had a year left on his A's contract is nuts. Why even field a team with that as a priority? Crazy.

Allen? Like Singletary it was just a matter of how many months - or years until he was fired was my first impression.  Look,Mark Davis chose Reggie as GM because John Madden at 80 wanted him. Just as the Warriors lost Love because West wanted a tribute to himself instead of a powerful team. You knew Allen was all nerd and in the box. He never plans or himself.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stan considering adding a blog that pays per views..

I wrote it down after seeing the story on my friend KRON.  Unlike blogspot that sort of comes across as the 1930's "seal of approval" to let you make money. I use adult language..and reality. So,Google. just enjoys making the money on  50,000 views and then says something about my being turned down. Steinbeck and whoever you can name would be turned down too.
If I do,I will tell you and try my hand at that. I have that sites dot com written down someplace. If you know of it, do me a favor and post it.

The Meredith Vieira Show review.

She's not wearing the short skirts,she's not doing that sometimes bawdy humor. She's not even flirting. In other words everything she did to get where she's at, has been dropped for some Oprah lifeclass like show. Yeah,you want to learn from Meredith.
I know- she's 60. But those legs need to be seen. She still has the shape. She even has that gap between the thighs. That is something other woman go to a plastic surgeon to get. It is sexy.
I'm not sure a St. Meredith show can last.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Radnich loves Puig,hates Sandoval..why?

Last I looked..both Puig and Sandoval were around .280 batting,16 homers,and the RBI's were close.  Radnich makes Puig sound like all universe,and has always-ALWAYS- ripped Sandoval. Radnich has wanted the Giants to threaten him, trade him,not sign him..Raddy talks like Sandoval has been worthless except for the sale of merchandise..and of course that's a bad and insulting thing the way Radnich puts it. Radnich just cant stand the idea of those brain dead Giant players being a local hero..that's what it is. Its ok for them to star on other teams..but not local. I think Radnich also has insecure issues when he talks of anybody being a local star- or San Francisco. He can't hold it in.
Puig has only 16 homers. Not Willy Mays in September numbers.

Dan Noyes gets Campbelled! a REAL post too hot for RL415!

The ch7 newsguy is reading a story of abandoned horses being rescued and Dan is following his copy as film is showing the horse being led to trailers . Dan then says "The horses were bought by a Supermarket". Might as well have said bought by the glue factory(!!!)....then pauses and catches himself  " That is,by the horse rescue society".
Oh yeah- and there was no story forthcoming about a Supermarket. Dan Noyes got Campbelled.

You will only read this TRUE post here. RL is a hands off of  St. Dan policy. I don't have that,just truth my friends,truth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Bay Area's short brief flash with sports winners..

It can never be the 70-80's again,but for a few years the locals were whipping pretty good. The Giants won the World Serious. The 9ers made the Stuper Bowl. The A's the west,the Warriors actually had a winning season or two and beat good teams doing it.   And now...
Beane did an Aztec sacrifice of his teams heart to the Gods. Didn't work for Beane and it didn't work for the Aztecs either come to think of it.
The Giants arms wore out the valves and pistons..blew a gasket- Romo and a co worker rumble.

The Warriors had excellence on a platter,and some old man living in 1960's memory lane has doomed the franchise. He has roots to  LOS omen right there.  

Yeah,this is a bit if a rehash of my early post..but the trend by local teams is really stuck in my ju-ju. I want to be positive,but when the local yokels do the opposite of my great advice,they deserve the karma.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Former Raiders thrive on other teams,and say we should have kept Hue.

Of course we should have kept him. Reggie was just full of himself firing the guy for no reason..and then bringing in - Allan?? wasn't like Reggie had this other star coach to take Hue Jackson's job. Allen???
From the start Allen gave off nerd vibes,over matched vibes..and his offense it has turned out, is offensive to everybody. The man is near incompetent. Or he is incompetent.
Reggie was giddy..he fired left and right because it would be years before the public would find out he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. I KNEW..I said back then "If an 80 year old like John Madden endorses Reggie?, that's a sure sign Reggie is conservative and dull". Sure was. I'm old enough to know that when you get THAT old? look for yourself. Like West and his infatuation with Klay Thompson that has just killed the Warriors as a serious contender..but I digress.  Its all over the net on Reggie's cuts now stars on other teams. If that isn't a sign your a not a judge of talent,what is? WHAT?

50,340 views. Thanks!

I was a little late.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wow,all 12 NFL players charged with abuse are black.

KRON ran photos of every player charged all across this country. Not a white,Latin or Asian in the bunch. Not even a woman who attacked her male.  Whats that all about??  And Kapernick came close himself to being charged.
Something in that subculture of young wealthy black men is getting out of hand?. Is it the teachings of hard core hip hop?.."Have Money,take and do whatever you want" ?..or is it also..being black,nothing is swept under the rug? Authorities who cut Brett Favre slack for sexual harassment...never arrested him. Never charged him.
12 out of 12.

WARRIORS believe their own propaganda.

The team that thinks its the pro outlet for Harvard is putting out laughable previews on Comcast with fawning hosts. When Kerr tells that team "Nice effort fellows"  He's going to get a big uhuh.
If Joe Lacob thinks this crew is going to run through walls for Kerr like they did for Jackson,he's way out of touch. Mark had them thinking they were fighting for god. Emissary's!  The fall in attitude is going to be huge. Oh sure, Bogut is glad Jackson is gone..but Bogut doesn't play often enough so what does it matter?. He always has something new to break.
This team was on the edge of greatness...of territory of the elite.  And we threw it away so Jerry West can live in the past?. btw,How could Meyers be usurped by the "advisor" and the coach with not a single game under his belt?  So,whats the point of being "General" manager if your just a Private?  I can see it "Hey fella's I Bob have an idea!".."What? no? ok,It  wasn't a good idea I guess"..Yeah,he must be loaded with confidence right now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dan Dibley vs. The (local) Sports World!...and last time on Yahoo I bet.

He even took a shot at me!..BROTHER!..he said leaning into the camera.   Dan even went as far as to call Mark Purdy and Marcus Thompson--Tim "freaky" Kawakami mouthpieces of the man- in so many words. He even took a shot at 94-7 THEGAME calling  Guy Haberstrom,Haveastrong,..wait,Haberman?..whateva a 5' 5" petite guy. Oof!..shot below the waist..foul!
I wonder if that was enough to get him blacklisted? That show runs on them and us.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The A's,Giants,49ers,Raiders,bad news by Stan. All GM's to be need to read this..

The A's: They will make the wild card,their start was just too hot too long to blow. And again,they will exit in  5 games somewhere,someplace.  The A's John Fisher will never replace Beane..he's like Radnich at knbr..makes the company money,.so that's that!..Quality that lasts is rare..and in Beane we do have near great on paper,but really have the GM of the Vikings in the 70's,the Bill's in 80's..and Beane in baseball since. Win,but never win it all.

49ers..Kap just isn't as good as he and the 49ers make him out to be.  It seems that it's more important to Kapernick to show how hard he can throw,then it is to actually complete the pass. His priority is skewed to say the least. Crabtree and Davis are human..when a spiral ball pumped up like a rock is coming at you at 60mph 30 feet away..its not going to be caught.  Like Bill Walsh always admired about Joe Montana..he threw the ball TO BE CAUGHT..not to make the punt pass and kick finals. Joe had touch. Look,Kap sometimes winds up to throw...the best QB are like dart throwers...with a supple wrist,you pinball wizards.  The defense? When they get Aldon Smith back,etc,etc. Still,I say the 49ers will go farther this year than any other bay area team.

Giants: The physical collapse of the pitching is taking the sheen off another 2010,2012 run. Nobody's fault. Cain,Hudson,Romo in relief, and of course the biggest bust Lincecum. Amazing the Giants re surged at all. If they do something this year? Biggest story in bay area sports history..sort of the 75 Warriors.

The Raiders??????..FIRE,FIRE,FIRE THEM ALL!!..including the owner!  I would give Romo a whip myself and let him at the defense. Allen to be a bit serious..inspires nobody. Mark Davis should have shown cajones and told Reggie  "Hue is our coach",deal with it.  The best Raider coach in decades. I believe Hue when he said he knew what Raider football should be. He then did it.
Fire them all!..apply's even dead serious.

Stan tired of guys who say "Brothuh" and wear bandanna's.

 Add the shirts with no sleeve's and the chrome tipped blacked cowboy boots with wearing lots of bling,that fake pimp walk. I know,the car shows on TV are full of those fools. "Let me tell ya brothuh"..sure,real sincere. Hulk Hogan latched on to the look years ago ..and he stole that too.
I don't get how when everybody takes on the same character..with that soucal fake southern dialect,how are you standing out?. Just another tatoohead. They live in a box pretending to be outside it. Pretenders..that's it.
Discovery channel shows have a lot of them. Yeah,they are outlaws of non conformity..LOL..of millions and millions...that seem to be very conformist in true style.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sarah Palin....stuck in the past.

Same 'do,same pumps,same damn glasses. She's hanging on to 2008 for as long as she can..still in perpetual running for the White House,but not in reality. Like Ely May of Beverley Hillbillies ,Sarah will be in her 70's in those glasses,'do, and pumps as her look.
By then? the glasses will have spots of super glue and tape holding those suckers together. Maybe the same holding her droopy boobs up too.

Billy Beane's Waterloo. Or,as the Beatles would say....

For the last couple of days I had an idea to post "Where's Beane?"..Carl Steward beat me to it today.  Its funny,but when times are good- Beane is on all the shows,on TV, in the papers. In times like now?.."He's a real nowhere man sitting in his nowhere land,making his nowhere plans for nobody". Like he did when he traded Cespedes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Joe Lacob sets Warriors back for years...maybe decades.

He had a brief flash in the pan..but water seeks its own levels and Lacob isnt a basketball mind. The mistakes he makes are coming faster and faster,one after another. It started with giving away Lin,screwing up the amnesty choice..then accelerated. The hiring of conservative Bob Meyers. Or the lack of backbone Meyers if as GM he wanted Love and had to back the hiring of West who has only relived his glory days in his mind and cost the team a real HOF player in Kevin Love. Keeping the average Klay Thompson is Jerry West forcing on Warrior fan's,Wests idea of whats more important- a player who reminds West of himself or a genuine star..and West's vanity went with a shallow version of himself.
I wish I knew what Lacob was thinking when Klay had a streak of 1 for 60 shooting last year...just a pathetic streak no bona fide star does,Then he turned down 30-30 a game Kevin Love!
And then Mark Jackson..Lacob's son and West didn't like screw success. Joe Lacob is a pathetic excuse of an owner. The upcoming season will be the start of a slide for the Warriors..write it down.  Their collection of broken down centers and so -so lineup will put all the pressure on little Stevie Curry.and his 165 pounds.
Locally..only Brian Sabean seems to know what he's doing. HIM, I would pay. All the others are nepotism and connections advancement- including owners like Lacob and Gruber and Mark Davis and Jed who is one Harbaugh who admired Bill Walsh from being lost himself year after year.
The last two years for the Warriors are now sinking right back to Nelly Ball..West and his ego,a coach in Kerr who inspires nobody,and a GM who will be praying he just once drafts a great player. Fat chance.
Enjoy the Giants..applaud Harbaugh. That's all we got on the pro scene.

Radnich: can't retire because his wife spends too much.

All that bullshit on KRON about " I love what I do!" a lie. Any old man like him that can retire- does. Hank Plant,Loyd Lequesta  and all the rest are retired at 62. Today on knbr the real reason came out. If his aversion to talking about sports on a sports show wasn't enough proof..his accidental honesty confirms.
His wife spends like a drunken sailor. And why every subject with Radnich revolves around money.
She spends and still tells him what an ass he is. Anybody would -lol.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Freaky Kawakami eats words on Harbaugh..or would if he had guts.

I have to laugh- ha and ho,at the pregame write up by "sportswriter of the year" Freaky K. Maybe he should be sportswronger of the year. "The 49ers are in shambles" he said in so many words.  Then they punished Dallas as I  thought they would.
When will Freaky ever learn? He's transferred his Al Davis hate to obvious. Ever since the infamous question to Harbaugh about "reproach"..Kawakami has been like a cockroach in Jim's Kitchen. A pest just waiting to steal a crumb. Jim today put the light on!
Freaky is shallow..before that question he was just the opposite,almost sucking up. Now,he turns red when you say the name Harbaugh to him. Don't fuck with Harbaugh and he doesn't fuck with you.

 I also don't see Radnich and Freaky building schools for poor kids in third world countries. Remember that when those two whine Jim doesn't respect them.

Time for Reggie to cut Allan and his losses..

That's it. Dennis Allan should be let go if the Raiders are to have a chance at a decent season. Reggie has fucked around cutting and signing players for three years now..and the Raiders are the same impotent team they have been since Saint Hue was fired. Today's game of no attempted vertical,and no vertical results but one time? That's got to be acknowledged by Reggie and Mark. This was a game the Raiders should have won easily..and when Allan said ' We didnt do well at any facet of the game'? I would yelled back " Start with head coaching not worth a damn".
McFadden? Where was he?..under Hue he ran like a horse, ( for half a season as usual) with Dennis Allen he's just all fall down. A 2 year old with the football.
It was a boring game. That ain't what the black hole signed up for. Stop wasting my time Reggie,and get off your fat ass and really do something.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sabean doesn't trade Posey,Sandoval or Pence.

That's how you do it. You get star players and keep them. The others..come and go. That my friend is how you win the World Series. You don't on the stretch drive rip the heart out of the team.
Bean and his sluggers...something is wrong with Billy Beane to just give away his sluggers..or in the Holliday case..let him walk away. What about Chris Carter?.
Sabean just sticks to common flash,no re inventing the wheel. Get good players and put them on the field to play.
That's what I would do.

Stan dedicates song to Jim Harbaugh.

 "The Ballad of the Green Berets"
 One hundred men we'll test today,only one will wear the Green Beret...fighting soldiers day and night..  only one will wear the Green Beret... A young wife grieves...the last note he left said " Pin these silver wings upon my son's chest,let him be one of America's hundred men we'll test today, but only one will wear the Green Beret,the Green Bereeeeet....
Coolest song there is.
Dennis Allen?..ugh,Taylor Swift or Keith Urban is his walk up song...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Killion and Freaky Kawakami's crazy talk.

"Yes, Beane should make that trade again"...Both parroted about the trading of Cespedes. I did a spit-take when Killion quoted Sue Slusser. If Beane made the worst trade in the world would Sue write Beane made the worst trade in the world?.No.   And as long as Ann breathlessly defended the trade,and Kawakami's unfettered love for Beane went on...they also entered the time machine to tell Stan " Yes,we will be taking a cruise on the Titanic"   " We will also invest life savings back in '58 for real estate on Bikini atoll - what a deal!."
Kawakami and Killion in the box usual.

Stan? I told you the day of the trade- read it on 415media- "The A's will sink like rocks". They have sunk like an Asteroid hitting the Earth 65 million years ago. I miss them Dinosaurs.

Radnich fucks up again- that dummy speaketh stupidity. Kate sez nuthin.

In the morning yesterday? Radnich:" Mike Sams is TOXIC,nobody will sign him"  Kate Scott said nothing. She is like the blackwoman who lets Radnich in 1946 say " The blacks cant play baseball Kate,you people arent THAT good to upset America's pastime".  Then again Kate Scott said nothing when Radnich said woman cant coach in the NBA.  She,in other words has whored out.
Sam's ? by the afternoon he was a Cowboy.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

49s/Balkee : We take these matters seriously..LOL!

When they said that the first time,it sounded deep. Eleven times later you laugh!..the same word for word 49er statement.  The 49ers should say what they mean: "We don't believe in hitting a woman- unless she deserves it. You know how they push buttons".  Drunk driving? the 49ers say "No harm,no foul,we take that seriously". Guns and knifing's? "Boys on steroids will be psycho boys We take that"..yadayada.

In other words the 49ers are right on top of things just as corporate business usually is!

Billy Beane admits Stan is smarter then he- trades for Dunn.

Beane seems to have noticed the A's are not very good without Yoenis Cespedes.  Dunn,is better then nothing. Remember when the Giants dangled a huge contract to Dunn? He turned them down. Now,Dunn is a journeymen. After a couple of monster years he's back to the average player he had been.
The Giants dodged a bullet.

Billy Beane dedicated to also ran..

If he doesn't have a psychological block to winning a championship,then Lucille doesn't like to Ball.  Think about it..again. Beane had to fuck with Tommy Millone's head,and just give away his best slugger.  Instead of loser Hammels over and over- we had Millone already.
Shut out two games in a row, 26 innings in a row without scoring as I write. The Beane ego that Tim "freaky" Kawakami is in love with all his heart,has sank what was the best A's team Beane ever had. Only Beane has himself to blame.
Before I end..lets review: Beane trades away any slugger the team develops,Beane hires Geren to manage down the talent fro a few years..and this year he took a torpedo to the team. A saber fuckup decision. No WS for the A's this year. Oh- the A's left fielder just threw a weak throw to home. Gee,Cespedes used to mow them down huh?
And Beane blames the buildings plumbing.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stan on Bochy,The A's...

I had to laugh..well,guffaw at Bochy being cool as a cucumber on the Giant's pregame show. Lincecum's regression,the Dodgers..Bochy didn't have a worry in the world. And then?..the Giants went out and won a walk off game or maybe it was the 2 HR game of Posey..doesn't matter. That's how you live a life.

The A's?  same old problem. Without Cespedes,they have nobody for the opposition to fear. Yoenis with his annual All Star game appearance put fear into ML pitchers. His clutch hitting could carry the team more then his HR's. When I saw yesterday Coco Crisp go into his usual drama queen act when he tried to make a over the wall catch,it showed how badly Cespedes was missed. Coco likes his time off.
Well,I called that trade bad the day it was made. And then I was told how much I didn't know baseball. Man,I know baseball,I know the universe. A horrible trade at the worst time... just as I predicted.

Friday, August 29, 2014

ID Channel hates Americans..

One observation I meant to include is that the ID shows seem to be mostly Canadian made programming. So,if you go by that channel...Americans are blood thirsty and swindlers...Canadians never even think bad thoughts.
Watch those shows..and for no good reason..the American flag seems to be prominently displayed in episode after episode as the announcer gives his account of Ike and Tina's rampage. Its a common scene..criminals and the American flag hanging on the porch -in what is probably Quebec passing as Los Angeles.
Canadians wish they were Americans..and yet always take a swing at us every chance they get.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Things Stan has learned from the Investigation Discovery channel.

1. Lesbians love to kill- lol. And they do it intensely with smiles.
2.White woman love to snitch. They come running for blocks to tattle tale. Mind there own business doesn't mean a thing to them. They are all the proverbial school teacher with eyes in back of their head.
3 Never kill a pretty blonde or try to hide the body in the midwest. The authorities will move heaven and earth to find you. Every city will be plastered with missing flyers and every tree will have a ribbon for "Kristin"..!
4.White wives will scheme and scheme to have a hubbie rubbed out..really complicated plans, man. Including hit men. Ethnic woman just get mad one day and shoot you..or the old kitchen knife job.

5.All men are evil and controlling. But hell,we all knew that..wink wink.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tim "Freaky Kawakami" on Harbaugh the boy wetting his pants...

Harbaugh should have known better to open up to that guy. You and I wouldn't have thought to publish something like that...but Tim Kawakami is the guy who on the day after Al Davis's death told the heart warming story of Al as a racist mistaking Chinese for Japanese. What a tribute that was from the Freaky one.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bochy was the main cause of the 12-6 loss.

Because Comcast postgame show wont say it,I will...How the hell did Bochy let Affelt choke up a big lead? Bochy left him far too long. Some games a season you can pin on bad managing. This is one of those. You can read it here..because its a sure thing the fake media wont upset Bruce.

Lincecum can't throw,Posey cant tag..

It was yet another pathetic and embarrassingly bad tag on a runner scoring today- or no tag as Posey stepped away with his phobia fear of contact. The Giant's just wont face reality..Posey was at best an average catcher who now will let the winning run score with no trouble. It could be the WS and Posey will dance away in the 9th of the 7thegame. Local sportswriters are Posey's wet nurse..they say nothing. Our pathetic bay area media once again.
Lincecum? a 88mph fastball isn't going to cut it. He has himself to blame..his off field "hobbys" that created huge weight losses also ruined him as a force in baseball. He could have been an all timer..but he chose to take it for granted. Now,he's a shadow of his former self.  He's another who waited too long for a head therapist.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

FLASH! A's sink faster then rocks! Read all about it!

"The Trade" continues to stink. You would have thought "Mr Saber metrics" would have believed his own stats that showed that when the mighty Cuban played- the A's won twice as many as they lost. That's one huge stat to ignore.
Beane couldn't believe his luck when Cespedes  did turn out to be a force in the Majors...then Beane trades him like he was Chris Carter.uh,another lost slugger..or Ethier...another slugger yet again. Or Giambi...or Halladay.. I see a pattern- how's about you?
The A's org. needs to ween Beanes off of handling sluggers...he just hates them.

The A's catch a huge break.

What might save Billy's ass? 2/3 of the rest of the A's schedule are loser opponents. As we see with the Mets,those teams are easy wins. Hell,even the Giants beat up on the Mets. Yep,those are the teams that A's pitching can and will over match. watch,they wont be laugher's as you might think..its going to be grind it hand touches home just in time for the win, games.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Billy Beane,Joe Lacob..self defeating individuals.

You wont read any sports writer telling the truth about Beane-man. They fear his ire. I laugh at it- ha. And ha again.
You see,Beanes psychology make up is now obvious. He has some inbred desire to not win a championship. No matter what it takes..Beane fails. The A's in postseason, using Beane's philosophy on hitting,pitching,and lineups..guarantee a loss long before they ever even reach the World Series. It sounds unbelievable until you realize that Beans gave away the A's feared slugger for a few Beans (wins). No pressure,no fans wanted it..and yet Beane compulsively felt the need to give away Cespedes. And what does Beane say on Thursday?- no lie- "Our middle of the lineup isn't picking us up"..not an exact quote,but the gist. And of course,you and I know..that was Cespedes spot. Beane couldn't be more Freudian.
If it took giving away the A's best hitter to derail the team? Beane was going to do it.
I don't know what his upbringing was..but good enough is all Beane can handle..he fears greatness. And if he has to make the biggest blunder since the Pirates letting Barry Bonds going to the Giants..he will.

Joe Lacob? He had the makings of the Warriors greatest team since 1975 in his hand. And then he rejected it for mediocrity. The 2014-15 Warriors don't scare anybody,will never be more then a win streak better then average...followed by win one,lose one, schedule. Jerry West as an adviser has been a bust. Its so obvious he had a unhealthy opinion of Klay Thompson because he saw himself in Klay. Ironic,because Klay's own father thought it would have been a good trade for the Warriors to deal his son for Kevin Love.
Joe says he started 50 companies? Must have been because the first 49 failed. OR,he has a knack for using other peoples money through connections- wink-wink.
If success is just based on Money then Joe and Billy are a failure compared to Bill Gates. If success is World Championships,then Joe and Billy are failures compared to Sabean and Al Attles. They grabbed the brass ring..Joe and Billy just want to see how close they can get to what is self made- untouchable to them.  Ask their therapists why.
Beane is King of west titles. That's his level. And he keeps to it.
Lacob is good at starting things. After that,he's lost. Or mediocre.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I know who can build a new Oakland Complex...

John Fisher.  His worth is at least THREE BILLION DOLLARS.  He could build out of his own pockets a new stadium for his team,and have TWO BILLION DOLLARS LEFT OVER.  Now,if you are on old codger like John? Cant you live on 2 billion over your last decade of life or so? Isn't that enough for inheritance? Yes,it is..for another five centuries of Fishers.
Its a disgrace to hear the wealthy like Fisher and Wolff to say that anything is too costly. And to have sycophants like Mark Purdy and the rest of the SJ Mercury pleading for somebody to build a stadium for John is pure audacity and greed.
The local media as far as I know has never even contacted the A's owner. NO interviews...he's a good scammer,laying low,using influence to keep sports editors from bothering him. And they obey.

My bucket list Ice bucket list...

Before I fade to black myself one day..
1. Radnich..a full 90 gallon recycle bin of ice as he sits in the Bentley.Black ice.
2 Tim "freaky" Kawakami. The cold heartless and smug bastard,a Ice bucket of Pink Gatorade. Hopefully,it goes down his perpetually unbuttoned shirt,while on Yahoo.
3.Jim Kozimor "Smile in your face,the backstabbers".. I think Monte Poole would help me lift the chest of Ice.
4. Julie Haener. Just to stop that perky worship me look on her face. I need to know Julie had one bad day in her life!
5 And finally - for now- Lee Hammer. A big bucket of ice cold Hitler sweat saved by the Nazi's since 1944. Oh shoot!,Lee is LIKING it.

Stan CHALLENGES Gary Radnich to the Ice Bucket...

Lets see if he's who he says he is or the prima donna who wouldn't lift a finger for a cause. Actually,you can guarantee he wont do it.or even mention the trend. Like he usually does,nothing intrudes in his world.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Letter to Tribune says "KNBR slogan is like Nazi Germany"

It wasn't me,Didn't know the writer..but what a hoot to read that. I've noticed the right wing slant for years now. How funny. True,but funny.
Black uniforms with SF on them?.SF, SS..almost the same.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams and why...

I think a lot of depression of  those you would think have it all can be best described by Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet it is"..the line of "Everything I do seems like I've done it before". Its that whole mindset of  hamster wheel life no matter how much success they've had. No amount of counseling makes that go away..and Williams self medicating no doubt got be a drag of endless need.
I dont know the answer..but many talented people get where they want to go and then ask "Is that it? Is that all it is?".  There isn't any more hill to climb over. I bet Williams would have done anything to be young and starting out with that whole anticipation of a great future.
And maybe that's what he did...took a chance that dying would be the only way to start over. I mean,plenty of people think death is the start of something,not the end.  Who knows?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Excuuuuuuuuuuuse Me!, Where's the Beef??

Hi Guy! That's ah spicy meatball-uh.
What happened to catch phrases?..did the social media virus kill it off?  Every now and then an old slogan pops into my head.."Put  a Tiger in your tank" that. I watch today's commercials..nothing,nobody lonely for their Maytag washing machine or Magically Delicious cereals. And then of course you notice that many of those brands don't even advertise anymore. Why? They exist..but no push to be on the American mind..only past efforts.
No comics building up to their famous sayings like before. Nothing to be different,everybody is the same.
You would think something like Viagra would have a goldmine of catchphrases....hee.

Drinking Coke out of my 1981 Raiders plastic mug.

A few weeks ago I found an old Raiders cup in some box that was lying around in the garage. So ,I put it back in the rotation since I cant think of anything less sports collectible than a 1981 Raiders schedule plastic mug. It even has under the schedule ads for Dr. Pepper, "Be a Pepper!". Oh yeah,that old chestnut.
As best as I can recall,It came from an Arco gas station as a free giveaway with a tank of gas. Can you imagine gas stations now giving you ANYTHING?..they charge for air!. So,how come back then it was good business to have giveaways and contests by gas stations,and now that they make mega trillions of dollars, they give you nothing?
I wonder how the 1981 season went?

Stanley Roberts borrows my handicapped placard posts..thats 2 stations.

First ch2 was inspired,now good old Stanley. Oh sure,I might not be the first in the world to write those placards are abused...but I was the only local writer to say it any time recently, followed by "inspired" news reports from my blog.
I will say Stanley took it to a level I didn't know existed..even those who qualify keeping expired placards as "extra's" for the grandkids to "borrow" no doubt. I tell ya,its infuriating to see- I hold my hand to god when I say this- A man pull up into a handicapped parking spot with placard, right next to my walking self,he gets out just fine and healthy- and walks into the bar! Hell,maybe no parking for the handicapped near bars should be a law? Their handicapped..what do they need with liquor ? Cant help them drive.
Its good to know SF is cracking down..and that huge $800 fine is a tough one. Now,if they get out to Pleasanton and go after the big black SUV's with canoe and bike racks that wiz by at 90mph, or the endless Mercedes and BMW's ( It pays well to be handicapped?) ALL with placard or plates saying "I'm handicapped- really" then we can get the word out.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Stan's thoughts on the drought...a must read.

Have you noticed that as the drought gets more attention...the only action is to blame Californians for using WATER?  I haven't heard a single plan to divert more run off,or even better build desalination plants up and down the state. I'm sure like electric cars,those plants costs come down as more are built and built better.
But no.
All that is happening is talk of fines,being stool pigeons and neighbor vs neighbor..being told to not use... WATER!. We would rather make it a crime to flush the toilet then do something practical about our drought? Demonize people for using water ? What the hell is that??  Jerry Brown has not said a damn thing about plans for a 5 year,10 year,15 year drought.  Can you cut back to -10%?  I know what I would be doing as Governor right now.
Maybe the bay area is Global warmed into a semi desert...soucal a semitropical desert. There will never be enough rain or snows. Are we going to fine people to end the drought? Its like the old joke of the guy who said he was teaching his farm Horse not to eat. "He was learn'in real good until he died". Yeah,and we will conserve our remaining water until we croak,parched.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stan,right again about the A's..and will be right on the Warriors- Lacob the Dummy.

It might be early,and I sure dont like writing about the A's team in a negative way..but Cespedes loss is like losing one of the X-Men team. We lost Cespedrine!
All those stats we were fed the last two years are his presence created a winning attitude,facts like we won twice as many games with Yoenis in the lineup as without him. And the losses? I called it. I figure the A's struggle to go above .500 the rest of the season. Whatever they do over that still wont be enough. Beane how rubbed his rabbits foot bald when he signed the big Cuban..just gave him away for ..6 more wins?  Some say by mid winter,Boston will have Cespedes and Lester signed. Could happen. Should happen.
Lacob?,,His mistakes are breathtaking, Thinking he could build on SF Bay some hideous Oil tanker looking building, a waste of a mill or two no doubt. Hiring Keith Smart. Giving away Lin. Firing Mark Jackson.
Now,he did 86 Nelson and Ellis..good moves. But the balance is tipping to bad ownership. Not pulling the trigger on Kevin Love will set the team back for years, I predict- and write it down- The Warriors will NOT equal last year's win total. Too many fragile centers,too many shooters,and not one player gives a damn about Steve Kerr. Not one.
 Tradition.The Warriors have NEVER won with a white coach since Nelson's first tour of duty. A pattern that might be altered slightly..a winning record..but no advancing past or equaling last years.

I see only Harbaugh as having it down on how to win..big.  In  Jim we trust.

San Jose Mercury sports news..Kawakami's whores.

They have actually deleted my posts..all of them. It goes back to Tim "freaky" Kawakami infuriated at my posts of truths. I've seen enough of the guy on Yahoo to see he' a freaky guy and most likely has trouble getting his head through office doors- his ego is larger then his height. He also spends hours running down to the Computer crew with I.P. addresses he wants blocked and banned. Hours a day.
Never trust a blog or sports page that deletes posts that aren't obscene,profane,or threatening.. But instead are just good old American truths. I hit nerves? too bad. Then Purdy and Hickey shouldn't shill and accept free dinners from Beane or Wollf..or Lacob too....or if you have no normal personal life- or are as closed mouth about it as Kawakami..get out of the business. He fears talking about Palm Springs or whatever?..go back to LA.  He's been wrong on about every stand he a twin to Larry "Crabgrass" Kreuger. Paid to be wrong- about what you expect with a hick rag like the Mercury.

 It was a sad day when they took over the Tribune. The quality has gone down to fiefdoms level. The writers are like warlords not journalists.

Tim Kakwakami? HE is one big argument with a Raider exec from obscurity..nobody heard of him before that..and I wish it had stayed that way.
And Kawakami probably did lie.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bob Dylan and son.

Because of the commercial now running..I was thinking of how Bob Dylan has this huge book of songs to draw on going back decades in his concerts- if Dylan still does concerts.  And then,theirs his son Jacob. Who travels from town to town singing "One headlight" from 1996 over and over. Like the Hues Corporation singing "Rock the Boat" decade after decade.
I know he has a huge trust fund to draw on so's he's in no tears reading something like I wrote from the internet.
I wonder if he does any of his fathers songs?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

John Hickey,shill for the A' most San Jose Mercury sports writers.

You wonder why no posts on the A's blog about trading Cespedes? Hickey,who mooches free steak meals that Beane pays for..deletes all of those angry A's fans posts. Why the San Jose Mercury allows their writers to accept free gratuity from the local teams...then write as if they are not biased is unethical..blatantly unethical.  The local teams are multi biillion dollar corporations,and yet the local sports editors- including the Chron- allow writers to be on the pr payroll for all intents and purposes. I think the local papers should label their sports pages as advertising supplements,as paid for advertising,not pretend reporters they are who keep any dissenting voices off the social media.
The A's fans are angry Cespedes was given away for a guy who can never -ever-win a game for the team but every fourth game- at most. Cespedes was everyday. You wont read that on the Mercury. Or the Yellow journalism of the SF Chronicle. The local teams are like the gun shops in a way..the papers wont report on what gun they sold that killed another person. Why ruin a full page ad?..and why ruin a season of "Buy tickets" ads, just for something like ethics?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Can an insult singer make money?

I saw a commercial for Wynonna...and she seems likeable and all. But from years of the internet and all the zingers to snark nowadays..I wonder if a truly great songwriter could sell songs that are insulting?  Songs like "Your are garbage to sit there" could ever become classics? Just wondering...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Billy Beanes folly.

Beane's trade? Not only do I not like it- I don't like what we got foot Malone. We gave more all around then we got back. Pitching improves...but if Beane had put Malone in the rotation,no need to trade Yoenis-right?
I dont get it.Yoenis stats have been -when he plays the A's win. Not true for any other A's player.not even Crisp as the A's win without him just fine and dandy.
Good luck A's.  We need it -this year and now next.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stan fixes a $1,000 tv for $50....sort of.

My 5 year old LG broke down a year ago. So for $1,000 I got 4 years+ out of it. Disgusted,I call a Repair guy and he says $75 to look at it and $75an hour plus parts. Ok,now we're up to $200 bucks and it could be more..its a 32 incher,not huge. Its did have crystal clear TRUE 1080...but I decided to put it away.
Then,a few months ago I do the youtube thing,watching and hearing that its most likely a capacitor. I mean,it does make sense..transistors and such don't do much..whats to wear out? I tell I took it apart,looked..fuses seemed fine,capacitors looked good. Oh boy,I figured that it must be something motherboard like..big repairs.
And again,it sat. For months. Then the other day I was ready to junk it..and gave it one last look. I see a small capacitor that looks oh so slightly rounded top..very leaking fluids. Ok, againI call a shop and tell him IF that is the problem- how much to fix? He gives me the $50 price. Great,if I'm right huh?
SO this morning I just carry this one ton TV (man, its the weight of four new 32" TVs) down my stairs get to the corner of the repair shop. I had forgotten the address!.I couldn't find his sign!..a huge business park and I'm going round and round ,So I look across the street and I see tv repairs. Guess what? (as Romo would say) I go in and an Asian gentleman is there-lol. It was a competitor to the guy I called. SO,I give him the speil of $50 yada yada of the other guys offer..and he agreed, IF thats all it was. After watching him unsolder and solder for 15 minutes,he plugs it in. The first thing he said was "That's what it was". Oh,yeah,I'm pumped..I have to thank youtube Videos.
So take my advice-- its usually a $2.00 capacitor. And if your daring..just replace the whole set of them. If I knew, KNEW! I had been right?,thats what I would have done.
Im still pumped!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Raddy and Kate making sense..

Not much for me to criticize. Without Kreuger,Raddy hasn't given an opinion that's so wrong as he usually does with Kreuger present. He often says things that sound like his wheels fell off. Kate,seems to tighten his lugnuts before they come loose.
Radnich sounds like the nice guy I thought he was from seeing him on KRON.  His radio show brought out a side to him thats ..ugly. Too bad his KRON bits now are like that.
But with Kate Scott..he's back on Earth.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Matt Cain suckers Sabean.

You know what I think? I think Cain has been working the Giants for 2 and half years now. Insinuating he might not pitch so well without the huge contract..then downright threatening to ..something. In all that time? HE KNEW his elbow hurt,that the loses weren't like before ( no support) as he lost a few important games by coughing up leads. I bet ya he told his wife "Honey,I hurt when I pitch,and I better lie about that to the Giants to get that big retirement contract for us"
Sabeans weakness?..c'aint say no.
My thinking is now...If a Giant players says he wants a huge contract or he's walking? Sabean needs to calmy say, "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out"

LaRussa caught in steroid lie by Stan..

A couple of years ago LaRusa denied he had any idea of steroid use by his team. NOW,he's changed his story to "I had suspicions and went to Sandy Alderson". So,two years ago he lied!  And I remember those 80's days. Even LaRussa's first base coach Dave McKay went from soft to hulk at 40+!

I admire what he does for poor animals in this mean world...but he knew all along.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Brian Van Aikan KNOCKS OUT Gary Radnich!

For some reason,Radnich was riding the genial weathermans back through the whole sports segment. I couldn't even tell you all what Raddy said..only he understood what "I don't want to hear a Brian Van Aikan weathercast when I'm 80". The whole scene came across as Randich had to share the set with a male for a change and he wanted the weatherman to know his place. And when Randich pushed asking if anybody cares about him like I (Radnich) do?  Van Aiken shot back " I think nobody loves you more then you do" OOOH-HO!..The studio gasped and oooooo'd, He then became Gary RADBICH!
A dream come true.

Alma Daetz needs to go darker...

The face paint she uses is much too light for her skintone.

Stan's beauty tip of the day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Teresa Estacio and Kate Scott: Seperated at birth? And Raddy doesnt know..

Might have been the camera angle..but I thought it WAS Kate Scott doing extra work for ch4. Teresa's hair isn't blond..but again,woman's hair on camera in certain lights know.

btw- Radnich has no idea the cost of an Ice Cream Cone. Elitist snob.Out of touch with reality once again.