Friday, January 31, 2014

Pleasanton, Weed or Skunk farm?

EVERY day as I drive by the Ace hardware and office of the Pleasanton Weekly,I smell skunk. Not on occasion...EVERY time in the same spot. I also notice that there are some warehouses at the same location.
Now, I'm not familiar with weed much. And I've smelled many a dead skunk in the road,but warehouses and that constant odor add up to something the Pleasanton police might look into..

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Radnich new show..kaput. What did I tell you? plus more,and more added..

 On the sports news he said that "My show is ending."

I could have made that show a hit. I know that mans strong entertainment points and his boring to death points. He went boring.
Guests were all wrong, co hosts neutered and castrated. Its like no thought went into the show.  Or KRON was afraid of controversy.   Then why give HIM a show,if that's the case?

I wonder if most of him didn't want another hour on air? And all that goes with it?  He had to know Walcott and Bucher weren't going to get anybody away from Lucy reruns. Its was like a death wish because he didn't need to make a name,and he's bored with sports. Radnich has said he would like a show to talk about the entertainment field. I doubt that would succeed,but that's not the point..its what he really wants. Didn't Howard Cosell enjoy having "Feelings" sung on his show?...

Radnich should have had the Gary Radnich Goodtime Hour. Sports,singing,hip hop or soul, people of color as talking guests..He didn't have a single person of color in a more then a months worth of shows. No Vern, No Davis,No Wolford or even Rod Brooks.  Kawakami and Cohn..for a different flavor.
Show some tape of local X sports..all those bikers in SF could have ridden on Raddy's set for example..jump over his pumpkin head.
Its on THIS show he should ask Prof. Harry Edwards if African Americans only support Obama because he's black. On THIS show he should  have praised Rush Limbaugh. Let it rip Raddy. What were you holding it in fer?? And Krueger? Must have been drinking salt peter before his appearances..tame as a lamb. Dull as sheep too.
And THIS show you cuss out Jackie...
And last but not least THIS show his wife should wear the yellow dress that plunges to show cleavage and hiked up to her thigh that she knows I like best of all--wink wink.

Stan has the only American flag in his hood.

I just felt like I wanted one. After all these decades born and raised a couple or three generations American and part of the whole American enchilada from Beatles on Sullivan to mood rings and Mtv. So I put one up. So far in my United Nations small hood,where the trucks are almost as big as some homes I've had no problems. I thought I might get a few "flag waver" putdowns..nothing. Or maybe a vandal..but,no.  Looks fine too.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jay Leno and his wife Mavis..

I heard her for the first time. Talk about being married to yourself!..she not only looks like Jay,she SOUNDS LIKE HIM.  She's got some kind of nerd laugh too. You could tell they tried to really edit out her speaking..cut off her laugh.
She might be a great woman...but I can see why Jay is known to walk in on the dressing rooms of his female guests with a quick knock..maybe.  He's got Martha Stewart to Chelsea Handler cooing. Hey,money and power will do it to a woman. And I notice over the years he's another that gives the big the good looking females...the others get a handshake.
I think Jay is not nearly the genius he thinks he is. I watch,and listen to him. The thinly veiled racist jokes of how many Mexicans in Los Angeles? to how many Mexicans in a van that is purely racist were told  in many a monologue. And you know what? Most of the time when he told those jokes...the band never laughed,didn't even smile. I give those black men a lot of credit. And,I also noticed...the crowd didn't seem to laugh and the canned laughter had to be used. So,if Jay saw that kind of reaction..why continue? Figure it out. Jay is the one who is shocked to see so many Mexicans in LOS ANGELES.  Maybe somebody should inform Jay if he noticed its not called the The Angel city?

Curry wears shoes I designed...

Last year on the MT2's Warrior blog I had posted after Curry wore the yellow shoes.." Why not gold lame shoes? neon strings,and with Apollo like wings on the sides""  "PIMP MY SHOES!".
And to honor the Grammys..Curry wore MY SHOES DESIGN!..Gold,etc.
My new suggestion? Shoes that glow in the dark and flash in the light!.  Write it down!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Age continues...Steve Perry 66, Ringo 73...

I never though the day would happen that Steve Perry of Journey would be 66. And all the best to Ringo and Paul who's healthy life should continue. Its going to weird me out if the day of Paul and Ringo pass away comes around. No living Beatles? Can't be.
I saw Springsteen on the Late Show. I thought...I'm not kidding, ..that the guy dressed as Springsteen of the 80's singing with Fallon ( also dressed as Springsteen in the 80's) was a comic or somebody in the show's band. And,I didn't think he was especially good at imitating Springsteen.  Yep,it was really Springsteen. He's got that old man big nose thing now...threw me off. His voice..Fallon sounded more like the 80's Springsteen then Springsteen does now...
And then there was Eric Burdon doing PBS. Taped about 2008?..he couldn't stand up. He had to sit to sing. Gained a ton of weight,lost a lot of hair.
Anybody who goes out on their own terms? Dumb luck. All it is. So, hope your as dumb as people say you are..wink,wink.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Stan observe's Clarence's poor sister..

Clarence has a sister cat...that has stayed feral. She never leaves my property..and somebody trapped her mother months ago. I feel so sorry for her..she follows Clarence and my other two cats ALL the time,plays with them..but she's wild. I cant come near her,she runs out the door when the others are just fine kicking back in the house. But,she LOOKS at me like she wants to belong. She's torn between being wild and wanting and wishing to be a house cat out of the cold outdoors. On occasion,she will lay down besides me as I sit at the computer...but ONLY if the others are also. Just a hard life that I try to soften. She's a beauty..pure white coat,blue eyes..and clean thick going under car streaks on her back like the bigger Clarence.I don't know why Clarence came around and not her. Someday she will disappear...those kind of cats do. I feel so goddamn sorry for these animals, They are such pitiful creatures.I wish I could afford the best for all of them. But,I cant...

Stan posting on Merc news and co.

Thats me.

Hey,anybody else notice Radnich doing a lot of shouting and saying nothing?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ice between Radnich and Jackie hasnt thawed...

Cursing her out and taking credit for her success didnt make Jackie exactly a member of the Radnich fan club. Today,he tried to put the Super Bowl weather forecast in her mouth,and she of course would not say a 10 day forecast of New York on air. Radnich did the "Kevin told me you said"..Like he couldnt have asked her BEFORE they went on air live?
Why cant Randich just admit...he's sick of doing sports? And that its his wife pushing him out the door so the daughter can go to Vasser,she can shop till she drop  and all the rest?  He just sounds like he HATES talking about wealthy 20 year old athletes on KRON.
Its why he rips everybody now. He's a bored hater...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Radnich rants like a hypocrite..again.

Oh,c'mon,the man who has a grudge for the last 20 years with Wendy Tokuda and Emerald Yee and a certain Asian sports anchor,thinks people who are critics are all haters? He STILL tells the Tokuda putdown to this day..and PAM MOORE laughs every time.

Monday, January 20, 2014

How to make Thusday NSS a hit, by Stan..

First of all,add fake bleachers, have a live audience of 5-6 people,all you really need,to smile and laugh at Raddys jokes or do woo-woo-woo,when he busts the other teams chops. And if any show needs to have contests- this is it. Free Pizza,sportswear,food,tickets..signed this and that..or meet the Kuipers and Krukows and that.
And Erin Coscarelli from Yahoo would have made a great tweet woman. Add some sex appeal and zing Radnich's fat ego.  Who he has now is just too bland.
Just trying to help. And if they have done some of these things..I guess I missed it since the first few weeks guests have been so dull,I didn't stick around.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Roman makes same call that didnt work in the SB! Didnt work again!

I could have fell off my chair...Deja Vu!  What had gotten the team down field was abandoned. Roman went for his dream to make the same idiotic call that lost a Super Bowl and make it work. All he proved is what kind of football imbecile never learns?? What kind? TELL ME!.  The same pass Kap had short armed earlier in the game,all this year...and Roman expected a different result?? And to Crabtree again!!!! Deja vu? Fuck you! It was egotistical!.
It had "I will prove to you all" written all over it. He proved he needs to get the hell out of SF!

I never want to see a corner fade pass to short Crabtree EVER AGAIN!! ..

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Radnich on Friday night argues with wife on KRON.

"She's mad because I missed most of the birthday party for my daughter here at the station". Well,if your uncaring enough to do that.. but in typical Radnich ego,he tells his wife "But don't you want a hubbie who does what he wants?" "Adds interest"... What an ass. He's got the con man's view of everything.

Huff.Post,has 1981 KRON story on computer newspapers. "Oneday in the future"!

And one day I  will link stories here. But you see Rita ( I forgot her last name) who was at ch4 then  have Steve Newman - who later came out as gay- doing the new science story. Dial up,it took two hours to get SOME of the paper.. $5 a day PC way, to 20cents for home delivery. And yet,it came to pass.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Stans Blog.. hits 30,000 VIEWS!

I told you..I'm a regular read of Raddy and Leiberman,KRON,and KNBR...and the rest of America-lol.

Thursday Night Sports Show..a Turkey,stick a fork in it..and hope it dies!

How boring. Another failure Radnich show. His 49ers post game,his hosting on Comcast his...But I guess he's all KRON has. Radnich looks good to the desperate. Like with Cathy Heenan.
Somebody tell Radnich people aren't interested in his "Elks Club" sports show. We aren't  his banquet audiences.
Reruns of the Lucy Show on ch 26 are better far.
And..Kreuger  looks like a frog sitting there dour and double chinned..and stiff as a board.

More money donated by KRON to the Radnich pimp car fund.

Read this Gare..
You tell off  Jackie..and bent over for "Softy". What a man.

Leiberman brown noses Radnich angry fit..

You want evidence Radnich couldn't take my posts any longer? Rich Leiberma wrote it was "love" between the two anchors!!  Rich Leiberman bought and paid for! Leiberman admitted he didnt even see it!.but "knew it was just love". Asshole sellout deluxe!
Radnich can do no wrong. And you notice besides mine,NO OTHER RADNICH POSTS ALLOWED ON 415 now. No "fatnich" like one guy liked to call the bloated bastard. 
Yeah...And now you know why my blog has 30,000 views since summer.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


The egotistical bastard was angry because he went on and on as a reported waited to give a remote report. Jackie said " You have JR on your shoulders"...Radnich blew up!. "I know what the hell I have!..I made you!"."I dont need YOU to tell me how to do my show".  Then,they cut to JR. And you can only imagine what fireworks off air between the two anchors when Stone was cut off...and they went to commercial.
I've seen that cut to commercial before as a "time out" when two anchors just went at each other..or guests on shows..that kind of thing.
If that was shtick,then Jackie must be desperate to be made to look like a peon of the set.

Lets get Cathy Heenan a bf. How about Michael Finney?

Instead of being so lonely that she lets Raddy grope her on air..and she's been given Irishwoman of the Year awards..who better then Finney? He wears no ring,etc, and nobody can be more Irish then him..he talks like he's singing "Old Danny Boy".. Him and Stanley Roberts need to do a voice icon squareoff.  Ever since Mike Hegedus left town..
So, Cathy and Mike..a pair?

Those new play "spy" copters..

There is no way in hell that young white men -mostly- and with money,(why I say them)will not use them to spy on neighbors and of course woman..or boys for that type too.  Its going to be on the news pretty soon. I can see it.
I swear,I was reading about them on the internet..wrote this,and later KRON did a story. I just have a nose for news and truth. praises 425 and Radnich..guess who advertizes on

It should be Radio.corn. Any hick with money will see themselves praised and highly rated.

Young Meredth Viera look a like on the View.

Diane Farr? at 44 looks like Meredith at here 60 Minutes days. No coincidence too she's married to an Asian man,while Meredith went for handicapped.   I could write a post at how some "looks" in woman seem to go with their personality.  I wish I had known that younger...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jim Kozimor :" I dont believe in equality". Like you had to tell me Jim?

Joking? Even Dibly and Purdy knew he was giving his real political opinion. They KNEW it. So did I. Jim is the kind of business as usual that runs local media that I despise. Its why KNBR gave him a show. Because he truly "Doesn't believe in equality".

Leiberman blocking Stan posts...

In case your wondering..when he says he "published" all comments recently. He lied. He didn't post mine. See,this two bit bastard who publishes cartoons of me and says "bring it on" Hides from me! He can dish it out...but he cant take. But he writes posts "I can take it,you cant,blah,.blah,blah."  He sold me out -right? Are you reading any posts from HIM on Radnich?  no.  And "mr insider" says.."KGO staff are unhappy,KTVU staff are unhappy, KPIX...get it?...kron and Radnich made a donation. NOW,they are the "go too"..LOL.  Of course he said 9-12 "has improved"..LOL..
So,let his blog go away or whatever. He made his bed with Radnich,now sleep with him and Alicia.

Soon, 415 media says "Fitz and Brooks have improved,Rod's my soul buddy"...

What gets me about the guy who puts up cartoons about me? Even his THERAPIST tells him he's an asshole. And the genius posts that.

Dan Ashley 415's mole ...

Maybe for a good cause..but he's the one to spill the ch7 beans. He's the only one at ch7 that even likes Lieberman. Deduct that ...

 I had to correct..its Ashley not Noyes..
All Dans look alike...

Lets dissect Pam Moore..

She's never married and she has been in a 20 year "engagement" that has no end.No children. Even her "love of life" tells magazines he's not interested in being married to her..
Sniff,sniff, I  smell an Oprah!.

Since 415 lost its guts...and mind.

More on Alicia and Mike Savage..

When she was a little girl, and she read the story of Scrooge and Tiny Tim?   She said Tim was a waste of time "A poor scrawny  boy".."Scrooge? MY KIND OF MAN!.,white, old, and full of Money!. "Where's the Bentley?..and my servants? Scrooge is HOT!"

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Man shoots texter in movie theater in Florida..

Once again,the arrogant young and middle aged WASP,does what he wants to do..texting during a movie. And he got what he deserved,what he begged for. You know he saw an old man..and even if the man was white..he was inferior because of his age. Like that paramedic who went to the Dodger game and shot his mouth off because he's privileged and can say anything to anybody in public. I hate those guys..all of them. On their bikes in their tights and with fake decals like they are "professional" riders!..LOL. morons.
The old man just released pent up frustration from dealing with guys like that for decades.
At colleges,at business schools,at any training academy..being humble is never taught. So,they get the prestige job,the obligatory blond wife and step on the rest of us every chance they get.
The other day I was putting gas in my car...and a car load of them drive up in a Mustang laughing at the old black man sitting by the stations office curb..a down and outer guy. "Look at the crack head" they laughed.  They didnt care if he heard them.  Perfect KNBR and THEGAMEZ demographics. They love Gary and Damon.

Radnich,worse then a girl. Our Shock Jock of no guts.

He was ground up and spit out by a Seattle jock. Our resident shock jock couldnt hang with the PNW guy. He just kept chuckling like a girl and repeating "Oh,you don't mean that".  Its Radnich way of proving he cant win an out and out verbal battle. SO he falls back on " Its schtick"...yeah,well try it lady.
Kate had more cojones for the verbal fireworks.

I don't know why they even booked that guy. Radnich strategy is "If I don't play along, I cant lose"  Gutless wonder.

Monday, January 13, 2014

415's biased view of the media..

You read the post that said ch2 has not hired a black female since 2001 or so?  No angry posts from Rich ghostwriting comments,like he's done for mine since his Radnich "epiphany".
What a dishonest man Rich Leiberman is..what hypocrisy to say he's fighting "them"
Only the Stan Blog on media is all truth,not taking kickbacks from KRON or KNBR, not lying to you.  And of course no posts of IP addresses of where you lurk. He and Radnich deserve their dysfunctional relationship.
Think about it..what has he posted thats true?

Interracial commercials..

Its the new thing. The interracial couple. You got the black guy and white wife Cherrio's commercial,you got the Asian guy- black woman Trojan commercial, the Mid eastern guy- White woman..and the White guy,black woman Arm and Hammer commercial. Of course the blond married to Jack is sort of beastial-lol.
I notice car commercials mix couples up a great deal-many Asian woman -white guy pairs. And most of this just over the last year or so. And if some are Latino?..its not been overt to tell. Figures..California latino's are the invisible people..only the butt of a Jay Leno jokes is when they are mentioned.
Anyways, I approve the effort to be inclusive. Just include 50% of California. The brown ones.

Racist Radnich sex Latina's for him!

"I would say no to Sophia Vergara" LOL..the idiot speaks. Sophia? men would step on Alicia to get to Sophia..step on her twice,three times!  Radnich was thinking  "No Mexicans for me'...."Huh?..their ALL Mexicans"...
Alicia though would step on Radnich for a shot at Savage! MONEY!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sydnie Kohara...updates..

For no reason,I was thinking of Sydney.  From doing some internetting,she doesnt seem to be in the broadcasting business any longer. Its kind of sad her Facebook page has so many KPIX references..and they all end by 2012.
She doesn't say much about her self..married? who knows? nothing. Still in the bay area? Possibly. She does seem to have some marketing business. Its got to be hard--VERY HARD- to lose a high profile media job. Older, and out of the area that liked you best..all the prestige and high pay,press passes.  I might look up some others...but my feeling its the same stiff  upper lip and with much referencing the best times of when they were SOMEBODY. 
She still looks hot. Some nice pics...the woman has perky and prominent on them,..well,u know!

FLASH! Ann Notorangelo no longer blond!!...

She's sort of brown haired now.  Is she pregnant too?  She's got that pregnant- so -who -cares -if -i -comb -my -hair-look?.
Eh,at 8pm ...she looks blonder..must have been the 6 pm lighting. Still,not as blond as she had been..longer hair too.

Stan's blog...the last HONEST media blog in the bay area. I don't post or have the IP addresses of local celebs favorite porn sites . NO TRACKING HERE.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jason Barret- Lee Hammer,two bigots in a pod.

THEGAMES as you know dropped Steinmetz,and now has "Guy" Hi Guy!..remember that old commercial? ..Doing that time slot.
When thegame was pre Barret they actually had a show of Vern (Raddys little buddy) and Bubba Parish..and it was a good show. Thegame then went all white all the time. Heck,with no Steinmetz its also a no Jews allowed club too.

And Rich on 415 keeps ghost writing I'M THE BIGOT?..LOL..

Thursday Night Sports Show on KRON. A Turkey that wont fly...

BORING!..Walcott,Purdy,Bucher,..the all dull caucasian brothers of another mother to Radnich.  Meanwhile,he stabs his friend Lowell Cohn in the back by cancelling his visits!  Lowell,wont ban Stan might be one good reason. Because as far as from an entertainment and ratings angle? TNSP blows,sucks,and inhales.
Its all just an excuse for Raddy to pay for his wives Beverly Hills tastes is so obvious. A show that's just killing Radnich can buy another human to take care of his kids and make their meals on top of those he owns who clean and mow.. If  Alicia likes Mike Savage,that's all you need to hear to know she's an elitist snob too good to work or even volunteer to help the needy. No,her purpose is to squeeze the old man on another money making venture.
Now,since she thinks she's a personality and wants here face on camera and her version told..she's fair game.
I haven't heard Radnich ever say his wife did good work for the needy..its all about the best and having it- right Alicia?
Hell,he's never once said she cooked a good meal. I wonder why? wink wink.

Radnich and Leiberman...a headline I dont want to ever read:

" SPECIAL!" TV personalty Gary Radnich and another man identified as blogger Rich Lieberman, got into a fistfight at a local Asian eatery. Its reported that Leiberman was upset because Radnich poured soy sauce on his rice.!"
"Police are investigating the relationship between the two"

Another Stan comment removed from explanation.

After posting my answer to the idiots yesterday who asked " who brings you down"..and I said "People like you"..or like that,Rich Lieberman posted it. Fine.  Then,today its gone.  You probably read it.  I don't get what my comments do to he agonizes over them. I had one last week...go up,then it was re -written as "anonymous". Why??

And if you ever suspected that Rich writes many of the Stan insults..add it up.  Geez,I make blog owners jealous?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Refurbishing old Wedgewood stove..

I cant believe how it turned out to be a project of 4 days and tons of toxic cleaners. And it takes Lye and acids to cut through 60 year old grease. Every part taken off,cleaned,soaked,buffed,polished. A huge amount of elbow grease involved.  I used putty knives,screwdrivers, wore out many scouring pads.
Its been worth it I guess..looks like a 57 Chevy all chrome shiny.  And I still may get a new stove in a few months. Just wanted to get this one as good as it can get.
And mind you  I just refurbished...not restored to mint. No re chroming or porcelain . I have no interest in a $ 2,000 old stove. This one is clean and yet looks like its cooked some great home meals over the decades.
The clock still doesn't work, lol.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Raddy spends the 645 newscast talking about blonds and death threats..

Gee,did I read more into that then there really was?. uh..yeah. And is Pam Moore his wet nurse? How many times can he ask her if they are friends?, grab hold of her? Jeez,she must be his only real friend in the business. Or,his life.

Gary Radnich not getting older,he's getting blonder..

Jesus Christ,why not just change your name to Gina Radnich?

He's blonder now then Kate!

KRON now has a weatherwoman with jet black eyes,and blond hair, An African American anchor with  blond hair, and NOW,A  64 year old sports guy with blond hair.  What are the odds???

What was that urban myth? "If I had a Hispanic surname,I would have gotten the job".  Fuck surnames!..Blond baby, is where the money is! Even if "baby" is a 64 year old

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stan salutes...Kris Sanchez KNTV's good mom of the year...

I like her. I always imagine her as the mom who's kids freinds say "Your mom is so nice"...or she see's me standing behind her with my one bag of Cheetos at the Market and smiles and then says "You only have one item?" "Go ahead of me".
Yeah,she's one of those types. The good ones. I bet you.

Man,I miss Charlie Pellet...

I knew it wasn't going to last much know I called that. But,I still miss the reality he brought into the Radnich fantasy world. "I wore a Radnich mask for Holloween" Charlie built up.." And people threw rotten eggs and tomatoes at me" Ohhhhh,the good old days. Hmm,what Charlie could have done with the groping Raddy jokes..
And more of that "Stan is wrong about Kreuger and Kate". Really? I'm not hearing any Kate and partner came to visit the Kreuger family for a BBQ.  They could barely hide the contempt early on. So,they have a working business relationship. Big deal. Good,they both like to keep working. Except,Krueger no longer say woman sports are a waste of time and money,and Kate says nothing about Kreugers Dodger love. Just bizz ness. No more hot button pushing.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Robert Gates,Republican rat and backstabber.

The man who should have gone to jail for Iran Contra dealings proved he's nothing more then a party line stooge. The man who also lied about Soviet strength to get more money for defense contractors, actually takes a swipe at Obama??  Obama took out Osama. Maybe Gates small intellect confuses the two. Damn Muslims all!..he thinks.
Robert Gates his whole life has failed upwards,never gotten anything right. Except his right wing politics. What a garbage career. And Obama even tossed him a bone of a medal Gates clearly never earned. If I was Obama? revoke it!

Jim Harbaugh AND Joe Buck quoting Stan...

For awhile I've been comparing how bad Dennis Allen's "end game" is to Harbaughs in chess terms. Harbaugh wins somehow,in close games.Allen just does the opposite. You read me say that here and on COHNZOHN.
Well, Joe Buck was talking of Harbaughs "End Game" stratee-gee as Bugs would say, and I know my own words and thoughts when used by somebody else...I don't care how filtered it is.
It  was me who asked if Frank Gore was Superman? And two days later after a win Harbaugh answered,Yes he's Superman.
From Jeremy Lin to Tim Lincecum and JaMarcus Russell,the local pro teams know..there are screamers who want attention in the internet world,and then there is just one won who's proven he see's all. Me.  I ain't no mommy blog.

Oh..and the SF Giants commercial of "Stan" in the left field seats?..c'mon. Left is right.

Kreuger to Raddy "You're not half the man Frank Gore is".

And,that really got to Radnich. He kept going back to that all day. He even went in for the kill on Kreuger saying Kreuger's so manly he LIKES when a player is beaned in the head and crippled for life. Something like that. Heck,Raddy's not half the man Al Gore is.
I notice since the show has got back all the players...nobody missed the others a damn bit.

Stan on Quantum computing...and the future..

If Quantum the worlds scientists race to create a good working model,ever becomes established I see some scary scenario's. One is,it would make any angry teen capable of taking down any infrastructure,any business,any country. And nothing could stop him. Water pumps would be told to burn out ( as we told Iran's nuclear centrifuges to do)..cities would have disasters one after another on a huge massive scale. And how do we stop the millions of angry people with that kind of power?
Another? Once we can build quantum computers we would be on the doorstep of sending messages instantly across the universe. That's right,instantly for 100 billion light years in all directions. And,if we can send,we can receive. There wouldn't be an intelligent civilization in the Universe we couldn't detect. The answers that might be what we all want to know would be there. And if we find that WE are the apex? That would tell us we have nobody to help us but us.
Maybe scientists will say.."cant happen" or "decades away". I would be very afraid of "Decades away".

Monday, January 6, 2014

The sensitivity of Larry Beil and G. Radnich..

Beil to Caroline Johnson "You're a bit down today aren't you?" CJ: Yes,I've been a little depressed today" Beil with huge grin "I'm not! I feel great!". What are friends for?

Raddy was bragging of some interview puff piece done on him and Kate Scott pointed out as Radnich bragged of his show...he never even mentioned her. Then,he gave her some cheap gift for Christmas on top of that she said. Kreuger then handed her his family Christmas card about two weeks late now. Just what she wanted. Kreuger on today's show took a shot at me by saying " He never liked Kate Scott" with sarcasm. Well Larry, a Christmas card on the 6th of January isn't my idea of being a close friend. Hell,he probably tossed it on her desk, with a, "hey you".
As far as the interview? No way in hell he proudly says he has a gay woman co -host. She can say it,others can say it, But it's not part of his fantasy world if he can make her go away by saying nothing. It's as if she practically speaks another language to the right wing Radnich. All he hears is Lesbonics and he's not interested in learning much more of that.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

BASG falls for Kawakami kidding Papa.

Its been weeks since I took a look to see what he's up to. Eh,he's trying to make a living.  Anyway's I don't think he got the sarcasm of one friend to another about fired Raiders HC being Papa's call over the decades.
Obvious that Al did what Al wanted to do. And that's what Kawakami was elbowing Papa in the ribs about.
Again,why must I explain everything?..My kind of wisdom must be rare..

Friday, January 3, 2014

RADNICH RETURNS..and KNBR and KRON gets snarky and petty..

Just hearing him a bit here and a bit there..gone is the adult sports talk of Kreuger and Scott.  And when Raddy see's two young versions of him - Loder and Rubin on weather at KRON,he see's young Republicans just wallowing in smugness and  those Dick Cheney smiles and smirks. That's the Radnich affect. Make all around you jerks. Or,lose your job.

Thursday Night Sports Show....not long for the air.

Its just dull. So far the guests have been the vanilla pablum of Rich Walcott and Mark Purdy.  Why does KRON think anybody would stay up on Thursday to see them?  So far also..if you saw one show,you've seen all that will ever be. Radnich strikes a pose to sit down and interview local sports personality's while keeping his left hand buried in his pocket. Ok,lets be real...the man is ashamed of his missing fingers. That's sad to be his age and still think people judge him on that. Not a good message. At least Bob Dole seemed upfront about his hand.
And it figures that Raddy said his wife loves Michael Savage. I guess she's the real reason this turkey of a show is even on. She spends the $$$,he gets another excuse of a show.
Radnich needs Cathy Heenan to co host..the sexual tension at least would be fun.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I get two mentions on one 415 list!..I have made it!

I'm somebody,I'm somebody!. I got bashed in print and by name!
Uh,gee no mention of Radnich. Curious. 
lol,comic book photos. As always,no proof or reasoning or logic that I'm wrong. Spelling and comic book pics...eesh.

NOW, say Happy New Year...

Good luck. We are all gonna need it to survive another brutal 12 months.