Monday, January 20, 2014

How to make Thusday NSS a hit, by Stan..

First of all,add fake bleachers, have a live audience of 5-6 people,all you really need,to smile and laugh at Raddys jokes or do woo-woo-woo,when he busts the other teams chops. And if any show needs to have contests- this is it. Free Pizza,sportswear,food,tickets..signed this and that..or meet the Kuipers and Krukows and that.
And Erin Coscarelli from Yahoo would have made a great tweet woman. Add some sex appeal and zing Radnich's fat ego.  Who he has now is just too bland.
Just trying to help. And if they have done some of these things..I guess I missed it since the first few weeks guests have been so dull,I didn't stick around.