Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jay Leno and his wife Mavis..

I heard her for the first time. Talk about being married to yourself!..she not only looks like Jay,she SOUNDS LIKE HIM.  She's got some kind of nerd laugh too. You could tell they tried to really edit out her speaking..cut off her laugh.
She might be a great woman...but I can see why Jay is known to walk in on the dressing rooms of his female guests with a quick knock..maybe.  He's got Martha Stewart to Chelsea Handler cooing. Hey,money and power will do it to a woman. And I notice over the years he's another that gives the big hug...to the good looking females...the others get a handshake.
I think Jay is not nearly the genius he thinks he is. I watch,and listen to him. The thinly veiled racist jokes of how many Mexicans in Los Angeles? to how many Mexicans in a van that is purely racist were told  in many a monologue. And you know what? Most of the time when he told those jokes...the band never laughed,didn't even smile. I give those black men a lot of credit. And,I also noticed...the crowd didn't seem to laugh and the canned laughter had to be used. So,if Jay saw that kind of reaction..why continue? Figure it out. Jay is the one who is shocked to see so many Mexicans in LOS ANGELES.  Maybe somebody should inform Jay if he noticed its not called the The Angel city?