Thursday, January 30, 2014

Radnich new show..kaput. What did I tell you? plus more,and more added..

 On the sports news he said that "My show is ending."

I could have made that show a hit. I know that mans strong entertainment points and his boring to death points. He went boring.
Guests were all wrong, co hosts neutered and castrated. Its like no thought went into the show.  Or KRON was afraid of controversy.   Then why give HIM a show,if that's the case?

I wonder if most of him didn't want another hour on air? And all that goes with it?  He had to know Walcott and Bucher weren't going to get anybody away from Lucy reruns. Its was like a death wish because he didn't need to make a name,and he's bored with sports. Radnich has said he would like a show to talk about the entertainment field. I doubt that would succeed,but that's not the point..its what he really wants. Didn't Howard Cosell enjoy having "Feelings" sung on his show?...

Radnich should have had the Gary Radnich Goodtime Hour. Sports,singing,hip hop or soul, people of color as talking guests..He didn't have a single person of color in a more then a months worth of shows. No Vern, No Davis,No Wolford or even Rod Brooks.  Kawakami and Cohn..for a different flavor.
Show some tape of local X sports..all those bikers in SF could have ridden on Raddy's set for example..jump over his pumpkin head.
Its on THIS show he should ask Prof. Harry Edwards if African Americans only support Obama because he's black. On THIS show he should  have praised Rush Limbaugh. Let it rip Raddy. What were you holding it in fer?? And Krueger? Must have been drinking salt peter before his appearances..tame as a lamb. Dull as sheep too.
And THIS show you cuss out Jackie...
And last but not least THIS show his wife should wear the yellow dress that plunges to show cleavage and hiked up to her thigh that she knows I like best of all--wink wink.