Sunday, January 19, 2014

Roman makes same call that didnt work in the SB! Didnt work again!

I could have fell off my chair...Deja Vu!  What had gotten the team down field was abandoned. Roman went for his dream to make the same idiotic call that lost a Super Bowl and make it work. All he proved is what kind of football imbecile never learns?? What kind? TELL ME!.  The same pass Kap had short armed earlier in the game,all this year...and Roman expected a different result?? And to Crabtree again!!!! Deja vu? Fuck you! It was egotistical!.
It had "I will prove to you all" written all over it. He proved he needs to get the hell out of SF!

I never want to see a corner fade pass to short Crabtree EVER AGAIN!! ..