Friday, January 17, 2014

Thursday Night Sports Show..a Turkey,stick a fork in it..and hope it dies!

How boring. Another failure Radnich show. His 49ers post game,his hosting on Comcast his...But I guess he's all KRON has. Radnich looks good to the desperate. Like with Cathy Heenan.
Somebody tell Radnich people aren't interested in his "Elks Club" sports show. We aren't  his banquet audiences.
Reruns of the Lucy Show on ch 26 are better far.
And..Kreuger  looks like a frog sitting there dour and double chinned..and stiff as a board.

More money donated by KRON to the Radnich pimp car fund.

Read this Gare..
You tell off  Jackie..and bent over for "Softy". What a man.