Friday, January 17, 2014

Thursday Night Sports Show..a Turkey,stick a fork in it..and hope it dies!

How boring. Another failure Radnich show. His 49ers post game,his hosting on Comcast his...But I guess he's all KRON has. Radnich looks good to the desperate. Like with Cathy Heenan.
Somebody tell Radnich people aren't interested in his "Elks Club" sports show. We aren't  his banquet audiences.
Reruns of the Lucy Show on ch 26 are better far.
And..Kreuger  looks like a frog sitting there dour and double chinned..and stiff as a board.

More money donated by KRON to the Radnich pimp car fund.

Read this Gare..
You tell off  Jackie..and bent over for "Softy". What a man.


  1. I dont understand, if you dislike him so much, why do watch all his shows and have so many post about him?

  2. He once went on cable and 50,000 watts and read an email from me where he totally made up a message that he claimed -- and pretended to read- where I threatened his life. Made a big feel sorry for Gary scene where he said "Lee Hammer has alerted, authoritys called" etc,etc, In truth,I called him a fucking liar when he claimed to be a good friend of a local Asian anchor that I heard Radnich put down several times. I wrote the whole story on Radnich and me already..scroll down to find it.
    Gary Radnich is a phony...and If I can get that across -good. He represents the whole whats wrong in the media...racist,excluding of people of color.
    Interesting that all his guests on his new show have been all old white men. And Rick Bucher.
    So,as a media watchdog, I watch.

    1. And see that the rumor he paid off Rich Leiberman is true? No posts about Radnich being posted from ANYBODY. Leiberman sold out,and I guess he went cheap. Radnich had to spend some of his new show money on buying 415 Media.

    2. One more fact Chris..people WANT ME,LIKE IT,when I give it to the blowhard. They show as big numbers of views. I PROMISE you,Radnich,at least, reads every one.