Sunday, February 23, 2014

Can the Republicans on 415 be any stupider? Cowards...

And THEY do the hiring at KNBR and THEGAMZ?..What a pathetic twist of media.

 Those 415 repubs...where are they?. Like road rage

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The return of Clarence the (slightly) cross eyed cat!

I had a friends son ask where Clarence was? And you know..I hadn't seen him in 4-5 days and  was again beginning to think the worst. So I told the boy with some mumbling on my part.."Oh,he's around someplace". See,Clarence had backed me up on being a talk'in cat in front of him. "Call his name" I told him back around Christmas time..and he did. Sure enough, Clarence started talking like a kid in grammar school. But now,he wasn't around. The friends kid went home I guess disappointed.
Well the next day thoughts of Clarence on my mind at all. About noon I think it was. I open my side door to the driveway and look down. What do I see? A big furry white cat just walking as slow as can be right by the stairs. "Clarence! Is that you?" I ask. "Yeahhhh" he says while at the same time he turns and looks up at me as cool as a cat can be too! Those blue cross eyes..just crack me up. And that son of a gun? Never broke stride!-lol..he just kept on going by me nonchalant..then under the home. My crawlspace door has a bit of a gap. Cat friendly,Dogs are too big.
I have no idea where he goes those days..who feeds him. I cant be the only Clarence "family" member. I know he was born under my home..and was a fluffy kitten. But he's a traveler. .That's Clarence man,his own cat.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Smoky is 74. Justine Bateman 48.

I don't know what make me feel older..Smoky Robinson being 74.or Justine Bateman now 48.  Justine was like the pin up girl for nerds. Like somebody you might actually date. Selma Blair is another like that. Beautiful,but more nerd beautiful then flashy.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Radnich and Scott drop good cop, bad cop, act...for now.

I guess that with her auditioning for Rick Quan's job at KGO TV, she and he have been more MOR. She's kept quiet on Radnich's more out there opinions the last few days I notice. Where she would have jumped on him before..silence now. And she's got longer more..better hairdo? For lack of a better way to say it. Jamie Sired in a way. She got a jazzed up look moving to ESPN. Kate is looking more TV and less radio nowadays.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

USS Ronald Reagan contaminating San Diego with radiation from Japan..

Sort of amazing story,Sailors are dieing of cancer,the ship is not usable..or can't be scrapped as its radiating with the Fukushima powerplants  meltdown. Its on the net with the whole pot of lies. Whats amazing to me is ..other countries wont allow it, but there it sits in San Diego!
How in the 21st century do we send troops to a nuclear disaster like that?? Unprotected!

Friday, February 14, 2014

A really big shot almost called Stan...

So,I see my phone light up..and the caller ID says "God"..that's spooky. So's I look and it says something also about 610 area code. God has an area code?. But,alas..I read wrong. It wasn't GOD it was GDD.  Supernatural became just regular stupernatural.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Radnich gets under Kreuger's skin..Larry zings back.

I missed the start of what they were talking about..So Larry says to Radnich "You hate on Icognito and then listen to rap stars who degrade woman"..and Radnich knows the best way to teach Larry a lesson is to laugh AT HIM,not with him. And Radnich laughed non stop for the last 15 minutes of the show..more or less. And,you could see Kreuger getting annoyed as Radnich wouldn't let up. He was teaching Larry a lesson. So,as Fitzgerald joined in with his noise, Larry says to Radnich..You just leased your Bentley,Lacob bought his cash. And Radnich just stopped. Like that.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

KRON proves Radnich wrong about local fans and A's fans.

Proof? How about KRON weekend sports show where a reporter with one of those Hegedus like voices named something like Rod Flatafoot, points out that Gary Radnich at Giants media said " Charge a dollar to get in and see how man fans show up"   As usual when Radnich summons his years of media experience and utters what he thinks are words of wisdom..He's wrong. The A's charged $20 for media day and sold out.
For KRON to diss their main sports dude like that? Doesn't say much about what they think of him. No love waves from that story. It sounded more like what I write on this blog...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Adios Jay Leno..

If you read my other post..about Martha Stewart panting over Leno,than I think the last skit that she did proved I had it right. Told ya!
And if Jay didn't want to fight for his job...then why cry like he did? Just leave. And it was kind of weird that Fallon opened his show with a mocking wavering voice like Leno's goodbye..then snapped into a devious smile.
Taking his job meant saying the right thing for Fallon, but once Jay left the set that night? Up yours Jay!

Stan salutes Stanley...

He's finally getting on the asses of Bicyclists and text senders.  The bikers are just arrogant yuppies who will clog a road in a 35mph zone doing 5 mph. I don't know what got into the head of government that bikes are entitled to almost equal rights on the road. THEIR BIKES!..not 2,500 pound cars with 150HP+.  Its crazy how those nimrods think that the bike pants and fake decals gives them right of way. Sure,like I can just stop a car like that..something needs to be done. Bikers are assholes.
Texters? How many times are they crawling in the fast lane looking down? And if you toot..they, like the bikers, will not pull over. ONLY if they have a "how is my driving" bumpersticker and you yell out the window "I'm calling that number,fool!".THEN they move. Hey,I've done that a few wonders.

One more ..Motor bikes. Lane splitting? Idiotic..kills many each year. Why cant they wait in line like the rest of us? The DMV must have given in to some industry to ok that. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Corn bread,Fried Chicken,and Watermelon, and sleeper cells...

No Surprise that a private schools idea of African American history month is too offer whats been in every racist joke since the Civil War. Uncivil as it was.
That's why private schools produce some of the most racist people out there. The whole point of private schools is to avoid having children from learning the ways of those unprivileged children. We all know that.
I would say that a big number of  Sleeper Cells in social racism are in the private schools.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Radnich updates...

When Kate returned from the SB,I was wondering where she was on Monday. After 15 minutes of the show..she blurted out of the silence "And glad to see you two as well". "Oh,welcome back" is all she got from Raddy. Kreuger didn't even give that. And later in the week..something about that rubbed Kate wrong I got the feeling...
Raddy and can feel the chill. Radnich tells Pam Moore "You look at me like I'm Jesus" sure blasphemy is hilarious on KRON.  Jackie just shook her head while tilting it back slightly..body language galore.
"I act like I own KRON" said Radnich. On that both Pam and Jackie didnt hesitate to agree.

And ..does KRON have fleas?  The camera caught Pam and Jackie looking at their bare arms with puzzled looks...then they looked at each other..all while Radnich was blabbing doing the sports. I doubt they knew they were on camera.
KRON needs to call an exterminator.
Oh,and Kreuger read an email calling Radnich an elitist who drives a tinted window Bentley so has can look down at people as peons. And..Radnich said nothing. But he did shoot Krueger the fast stink eye. Larry hit a nerve.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm already sick of the cold..I miss the drought!

Bring back those 77f January days. This is refrigerator weather and nobody's closing the door. I'm tired of jackets too. It was so nice to have a vacation from winter. Lets build a canal to Wash and Oregon..and just bask in global warm down here. I like that idea.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Thats the end of "Who's better then Joe" talk for all time...

Who in their right footsball mind wont admit..Joe is the best All Time?. Better then Star or Unitas,better then Marino. better then Mannings,Bradys, or Elways.
Wilson is the only one who might be a  Joe Cool in the making. And he's got a long road to Joeness ahead.