Thursday, February 6, 2014

Radnich updates...

When Kate returned from the SB,I was wondering where she was on Monday. After 15 minutes of the show..she blurted out of the silence "And glad to see you two as well". "Oh,welcome back" is all she got from Raddy. Kreuger didn't even give that. And later in the week..something about that rubbed Kate wrong I got the feeling...
Raddy and can feel the chill. Radnich tells Pam Moore "You look at me like I'm Jesus" sure blasphemy is hilarious on KRON.  Jackie just shook her head while tilting it back slightly..body language galore.
"I act like I own KRON" said Radnich. On that both Pam and Jackie didnt hesitate to agree.

And ..does KRON have fleas?  The camera caught Pam and Jackie looking at their bare arms with puzzled looks...then they looked at each other..all while Radnich was blabbing doing the sports. I doubt they knew they were on camera.
KRON needs to call an exterminator.
Oh,and Kreuger read an email calling Radnich an elitist who drives a tinted window Bentley so has can look down at people as peons. And..Radnich said nothing. But he did shoot Krueger the fast stink eye. Larry hit a nerve.