Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stan salutes Stanley...

He's finally getting on the asses of Bicyclists and text senders.  The bikers are just arrogant yuppies who will clog a road in a 35mph zone doing 5 mph. I don't know what got into the head of government that bikes are entitled to almost equal rights on the road. THEIR BIKES!..not 2,500 pound cars with 150HP+.  Its crazy how those nimrods think that the bike pants and fake decals gives them right of way. Sure,like I can just stop a car like that..something needs to be done. Bikers are assholes.
Texters? How many times are they crawling in the fast lane looking down? And if you toot..they, like the bikers, will not pull over. ONLY if they have a "how is my driving" bumpersticker and you yell out the window "I'm calling that number,fool!".THEN they move. Hey,I've done that a few wonders.

One more ..Motor bikes. Lane splitting? Idiotic..kills many each year. Why cant they wait in line like the rest of us? The DMV must have given in to some industry to ok that.