Saturday, February 22, 2014

The return of Clarence the (slightly) cross eyed cat!

I had a friends son ask where Clarence was? And you know..I hadn't seen him in 4-5 days and  was again beginning to think the worst. So I told the boy with some mumbling on my part.."Oh,he's around someplace". See,Clarence had backed me up on being a talk'in cat in front of him. "Call his name" I told him back around Christmas time..and he did. Sure enough, Clarence started talking like a kid in grammar school. But now,he wasn't around. The friends kid went home I guess disappointed.
Well the next day thoughts of Clarence on my mind at all. About noon I think it was. I open my side door to the driveway and look down. What do I see? A big furry white cat just walking as slow as can be right by the stairs. "Clarence! Is that you?" I ask. "Yeahhhh" he says while at the same time he turns and looks up at me as cool as a cat can be too! Those blue cross eyes..just crack me up. And that son of a gun? Never broke stride!-lol..he just kept on going by me nonchalant..then under the home. My crawlspace door has a bit of a gap. Cat friendly,Dogs are too big.
I have no idea where he goes those days..who feeds him. I cant be the only Clarence "family" member. I know he was born under my home..and was a fluffy kitten. But he's a traveler. .That's Clarence man,his own cat.