Friday, March 28, 2014

Highway Patrol stupidity nearly kills man...

I've written of the HP using the Sunol Road as a revenue enhancer on 415 media a couple of times in cahoots with Pleasanton police.  But the bit the HP does- park at a 4 way sign stop..and pull over cars I guess that dont wait their turn in proper order seems to me a waste of police time and resources. I wrote that. And for awhile they stopped. Then today,they began again. Once again because of them,the line of cars stretched a block. The HP cop stood like a proud peacock next to his car as I passed by.
Then,after dropping off a ride,I came back the same way.  As I drove past for no more then half a block..I see broken glass,some guy on his cell phone in the road. What happened is because of the sudden stops and twisty downgrade to that road some repairman in a van rear ended a bigger delivery truck. I stopped as dozens of cars watched and told the guy with the phone there is a cop a block away.In the van an older man was pinned..the front of the van was flat and the air bag deployed. I dont know CPR,I dont have a cell phone...I did all I could to tell the guy wit the cell phone police were half a block away- go to them. He ignored me..what can I do? I drove off,as cars were behind me too.
To me see the smug face of the police..and know that he in a  way, was a cause of that wreck still is strong with me. Yes,the old man should not have been tailgating or using a iphone or whatever it was that caused him to not see the sudden stop of traffic,but still..that whole thing of a cop showing he can stop traffic is like the usual license to kill..or in this case, maim.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


It obvious that the thrust of that news operation is to give the bay area the conservative view. When you see Heenan,Radnich and Jackie all giggling at the unfunny?...that's just solid conservatism. I mean the whole news is like the neoconservatives  version of the Prairie Home Companion. Only KRON can make stars out of lifting her boot strap's hustler, Susan Rocha and short sales..or the zany Hypnotherapist who certainly doesn't give me any feelings of being on the up and up, as his pre Radnich infomercial has working Lava Lamps and "Lightning bolt" bottle!. That's hilarious stuff I can't make up.
Orchard Supply sponsors Raddy? What a laugh that the sponsor sells manure and pays a guy who thinks he can buy class and stature in local circles if he pays enough-hee. Just so right wing American huh? Hey,I want them to get Raddy in overalls and loading sacks of manure in his new Mercedes station Wagon..that's what station wagons are for! Mercedes station Wagons..ha.only the Republicans can come up with that. It must go with their Mercedes lawn mowers and even Mercedes toilets..Spend more! Republicans live to spend!

KRON,..You just know the few libs who work there must feel like hostages.

HGTV...ALL fantasy all the time..

I've been watching and recording shows(recorded I can watch in less then half time with FF) That network is so deceiving..everything is pretty much a lie. They have a renovation program hosted by 'Nichole' a perky young blond -what else on HGTV?- who is supposed to be supervising big renovations by her ideas. And yet,she has no idea how weights and pulleys worked on old windows,and it made me laugh that when it came to caulking  the old repaired window? You see here with the gun in her hand..and then edit to it being done like perfect!. Yeah,as if she did it herself.  The Property Brothers? shams..they just manage to find million dollars homes for a buck twenty,with EVERYTHING the young cute blond- a pattern on this network-could dream of. Even stainless steel appliances instead of those yucky brand new appliances in black- horrors! I did not like the jerk Fireman husband,he's abusive to his trophy. He owns her ,he made that clear. He didn't do a thing to dispel the arrogant Fireman.,Cop,Paramedic, reputations. They are God's gift,and nobody knows it like them.
Lets face it...this whole network just does what it can do to get ratings. The stories in the paper of episodes of couples finding their dream home that actually turned out to be a home of a friend? Is the real HGTV.
So,my friends don't feel jealous,or unworthy as people dumb as logs seem to own wait,that DOES

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wealthy people on HGTV.

I've been watching the Househunters episodes.  And I see couples who tell the real estate agent "Our budget is between 1.3-and 1.7 million".  And that's for a house in some tropical US territory. So,they walk in and the wife see's brand new granite countertops.."Ugh,these have to go,and we need to tear down that kitchen island"..."The bathroom is small" (Its bigger alone then most peoples apartments,I tell you)..and so forth. The difference between the haves and the haves less is amazing  The haves problem is,they can never please the trophy blond wife-lol. Even Tiger couldn't.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Man bites son's nose off. And other trash.

This is the kind of despicable garbage human beings that we need to put down. No "Only for murder".. Why that is the only capital punishment is just hypocritical.  Ruining a child's life is just as bad. I ,a super liberal could pull the trigger on that scum. He's never going to be a productive member of society..he will always search for the violent easy answer to his needs.
These living Zombies should be put down.I'm tired of their drug fueled cannibalism story's every few weeks.

In the case of the guy who killed Sierra LaMarr?...Let me as a super liberal, waterboard him for ten minutes,20 max. He will tell.  If the USA can do that on Guantanamo with people who they think MIGHT know somebody?...we can do it for the young girl..

He WILL be convicted,and its ridiculous he can have the right to keep a secret..just insane.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Why take BART? Roundtrip to SF is $20!

From the southbay to SF for three of us? $60!..That's two tanks of gas. How do people working there put up with so much of the days income eaten up getting there and home? Whats the incentive to take BART?..I felt obliged to go along..if I knew beforehand,taking my car would have been my choice. Soon,SF will be an island..too much to take the Golden Gate's, the Bay bridge..BART.. Commuters will riot one day. Get out of the 700Series BMW and join hands with Prius owners to sing We Arent going to Take This Anymore. A real class togetherness moment.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The GAME goes from all white to all white minus Whitey. matter how many white males fail as sports hosts...BOTH sports radio stations still discriminate. White males prove to be boring?..hire more. They all sound alike,with the same opinions?.with NO ratings? fire them..and hire MORE OF THE SAME.  Now,what about affirmative action isn't needed?  Merit based hiring?..what a joke the republican party tells. And I never see the humor.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Performance exausts make lousy neighborhoods...

In my hood, there's a group who love making noise the rest of us  have to hear. Mustangs...junk old 5.0 Mustangs and asses who think their trucks are muscle cars. And despite having modest homes...they don't mind paying loads for gas..low mpg vehicles and driven even lower by rabbit starts.  I've yelled at those assholes...they want to give...then Stan makes them take it. One guy I yelled at," I hope you blow your transmission", after he thought it cute to do donuts the rest of us had to hear. And you know what? After months of that son of a bitch racing around?..he drove past me the other day in a junker 5.0!..his newer Mustang must have blown something. He didn't seem to learn..Bought as close as he could,only 30 years older-lol.
These performance ass holes get away with it..because the police are already busy with drug dealers. What we need is to borrow the Pleasanton police revenue enhancers. Even with the Good guys car shows...pretty quiet around there.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Bots free Blog..

Google did something..or  I did with managing cookies,,but my tracking shows no more bots. Gone. And since I never did track my own views.... the new stats of 60-70 views a day from loyal readers ain't bad.
And thanks Lowell Cohn and the  Press Democrat for helping this proud Democrat with referrals. Google,and Lowell..not a bad crowd. Especially as I know my reputation precedes me. Always has....

Saturday, March 1, 2014

ASSHOLE of the day is:

The passenger in a 20 year old Toyota 4x4 with over sized tires speeding down the posted 30 mph road at 60,who then leans out and yells at a young developmentally disabled man with his small dog some insults. I can sincerely say  I HOPE YOU DIE OF CANCER.  Your not worth anything,never will be.
Blue,old truck..I hope you read this somehow someway,you piece of shit.

Radnich being normal..

No,415 hasn't been blocking my Raddy posts lately. Its that Radnich hasn't been pontificatingly groping either. I even find myself tuning out as he just does his usual schtick and old stories. He still gets it wrong..but not in the old ways he did it. Updates when needed...

Cats love bacon!

I can confirm it.. People,Dogs (another form of people as far as I'm concerned) and now let it be known- Cats all want the Love food we call Bacon.