Thursday, March 27, 2014

HGTV...ALL fantasy all the time..

I've been watching and recording shows(recorded I can watch in less then half time with FF) That network is so deceiving..everything is pretty much a lie. They have a renovation program hosted by 'Nichole' a perky young blond -what else on HGTV?- who is supposed to be supervising big renovations by her ideas. And yet,she has no idea how weights and pulleys worked on old windows,and it made me laugh that when it came to caulking  the old repaired window? You see here with the gun in her hand..and then edit to it being done like perfect!. Yeah,as if she did it herself.  The Property Brothers? shams..they just manage to find million dollars homes for a buck twenty,with EVERYTHING the young cute blond- a pattern on this network-could dream of. Even stainless steel appliances instead of those yucky brand new appliances in black- horrors! I did not like the jerk Fireman husband,he's abusive to his trophy. He owns her ,he made that clear. He didn't do a thing to dispel the arrogant Fireman.,Cop,Paramedic, reputations. They are God's gift,and nobody knows it like them.
Lets face it...this whole network just does what it can do to get ratings. The stories in the paper of episodes of couples finding their dream home that actually turned out to be a home of a friend? Is the real HGTV.
So,my friends don't feel jealous,or unworthy as people dumb as logs seem to own wait,that DOES