Friday, March 28, 2014

Highway Patrol stupidity nearly kills man...

I've written of the HP using the Sunol Road as a revenue enhancer on 415 media a couple of times in cahoots with Pleasanton police.  But the bit the HP does- park at a 4 way sign stop..and pull over cars I guess that dont wait their turn in proper order seems to me a waste of police time and resources. I wrote that. And for awhile they stopped. Then today,they began again. Once again because of them,the line of cars stretched a block. The HP cop stood like a proud peacock next to his car as I passed by.
Then,after dropping off a ride,I came back the same way.  As I drove past for no more then half a block..I see broken glass,some guy on his cell phone in the road. What happened is because of the sudden stops and twisty downgrade to that road some repairman in a van rear ended a bigger delivery truck. I stopped as dozens of cars watched and told the guy with the phone there is a cop a block away.In the van an older man was pinned..the front of the van was flat and the air bag deployed. I dont know CPR,I dont have a cell phone...I did all I could to tell the guy wit the cell phone police were half a block away- go to them. He ignored me..what can I do? I drove off,as cars were behind me too.
To me see the smug face of the police..and know that he in a  way, was a cause of that wreck still is strong with me. Yes,the old man should not have been tailgating or using a iphone or whatever it was that caused him to not see the sudden stop of traffic,but still..that whole thing of a cop showing he can stop traffic is like the usual license to kill..or in this case, maim.