Thursday, March 27, 2014


It obvious that the thrust of that news operation is to give the bay area the conservative view. When you see Heenan,Radnich and Jackie all giggling at the unfunny?...that's just solid conservatism. I mean the whole news is like the neoconservatives  version of the Prairie Home Companion. Only KRON can make stars out of lifting her boot strap's hustler, Susan Rocha and short sales..or the zany Hypnotherapist who certainly doesn't give me any feelings of being on the up and up, as his pre Radnich infomercial has working Lava Lamps and "Lightning bolt" bottle!. That's hilarious stuff I can't make up.
Orchard Supply sponsors Raddy? What a laugh that the sponsor sells manure and pays a guy who thinks he can buy class and stature in local circles if he pays enough-hee. Just so right wing American huh? Hey,I want them to get Raddy in overalls and loading sacks of manure in his new Mercedes station Wagon..that's what station wagons are for! Mercedes station Wagons..ha.only the Republicans can come up with that. It must go with their Mercedes lawn mowers and even Mercedes toilets..Spend more! Republicans live to spend!

KRON,..You just know the few libs who work there must feel like hostages.