Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Man bites son's nose off. And other trash.

This is the kind of despicable garbage human beings that we need to put down. No "Only for murder".. Why that is the only capital punishment is just hypocritical.  Ruining a child's life is just as bad. I ,a super liberal could pull the trigger on that scum. He's never going to be a productive member of society..he will always search for the violent easy answer to his needs.
These living Zombies should be put down.I'm tired of their drug fueled cannibalism story's every few weeks.

In the case of the guy who killed Sierra LaMarr?...Let me as a super liberal, waterboard him for ten minutes,20 max. He will tell.  If the USA can do that on Guantanamo with people who they think MIGHT know somebody?...we can do it for the young girl..

He WILL be convicted,and its ridiculous he can have the right to keep a secret..just insane.