Sunday, March 9, 2014

Performance exausts make lousy neighborhoods...

In my hood, there's a group who love making noise the rest of us  have to hear. Mustangs...junk old 5.0 Mustangs and asses who think their trucks are muscle cars. And despite having modest homes...they don't mind paying loads for gas..low mpg vehicles and driven even lower by rabbit starts.  I've yelled at those assholes...they want to give...then Stan makes them take it. One guy I yelled at," I hope you blow your transmission", after he thought it cute to do donuts the rest of us had to hear. And you know what? After months of that son of a bitch racing around?..he drove past me the other day in a junker 5.0!..his newer Mustang must have blown something. He didn't seem to learn..Bought as close as he could,only 30 years older-lol.
These performance ass holes get away with it..because the police are already busy with drug dealers. What we need is to borrow the Pleasanton police revenue enhancers. Even with the Good guys car shows...pretty quiet around there.