Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Should I have Gary Radnich arrested?

On his show he openly bragged he broke a traffic law,just as he did a couple of years ago when he said he drives through red lights late at night "I see its clear, why stop?" he said. Today he went on about this newest law breaking driving event and even read an email from a lawyer that said since he openly and willingly admitted breaking the law he could be arrested if anybody pressed charges. This is a pattern with that egotistical braggert. He has bragged he drives high on Vicodon too.
I wonder if I ..or ANYBODY..should make that call to the SFPD and have Radnich arrested, handcuffed, and spend a few hours in jail?. It would be a public service I think.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Radnich tries to draw Nate Thurmond into misogyny and attacks Bags all in one day

After - again- intimating the blogger Baggardly as gay and getting attention by being "Provocative"..Radnich tried another old trick I reported on. Just as he tries to get African Americans to bash Obama,he tried to get Nate Thurmond to say Sterling "Was set up". The man has no shame. What a scumbozo of a human being. You know,Radnich admires Sterling because of the great wealth the bigot accumulated,and the GF being part Mexican also eats at Radnich..he long has bashed Latin players.
All in one day. Radnich is the one who should be fired. Just as he blames Alou for the troubles Kreuger created,he so badly wants to defend Sterling because a  latino woman is involved. His bigotry has polluted the bay area airways for decades now. Time for him to get the hell off the air.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Radnich :"Sterling set up"..The idiot as usual blames the woman .

To make a long post short. Radnich was almost yelling ":HE WAS SET UP"  Then as the shows emails came in he felt the heat,and backed off the GF bashing. Raddy did try to play both sides as his usual used car salesman way by first disagreeing with Sterling on racism...but it wasn't long before the old white man views he has kicked in. I'm sure her being part Mexican was more for him to blame. I wont even go over the hypocrite putting her down for being in love with an old man.
When he's gone,he wont be missed. It will be a step up for bay area sports casting.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Milt Kahn. Alive and wealthy?

You might remember the ch5 KPIX sportscaster fired in 1974 for trying to redo the art of sports reporting. He said "Scores? who cares?" on air.  And also said after Hank Aaron broke the HR record " Babe Ruth just set the home run record today".  I was pretty young..but he seemed manic,and a bit unstable. He also got to Giants manager John Fox to the point Fox challenged him to a fistfight..cameras rolling. In Milts defense,Fox also was hated by Giants PBP man at the time,Al Michaels who I recall telling people on air that the team had quit on Fox. Fun times huh?
Well,I found an old article that said Kahn had been a publicist in Los Angeles when he tried sportscasting.  Then,looking at new articles I see a Milton Kahn who's bio is of a publicist in LA, who loves sports,and has represented some big names..and he's as old as Milt would be now. Same guy? I think so. He who laughs last laughs best. Milt might laughing well in LA...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

White House Down..just over the top hard to beleive.

If you think Jamie Fox as President is a eye roller,how about terrorists take over the White House..and it take 2 hours for troops to get there,and when they do? They do nothing! Its like a version of 'Black Hawk Down' for dummies. In time honored Hollywood fashion,the bad guys cant hit the side of the barn at point blank range with 50 caliber machine guns. The Good guy? He puts the bullet right between the eyes of the bad hombres,while rolling across the White House Oval office with his .45
Other then that,and lousy plot and dialogue,its a time killer with some popcorn,extra butter.

Daniel Craig should redo Bullitt.

A great movie that would be a great remake..and I think Craig who has a sort of Steve McQueen thing going would be great as the police detective. Pass it around!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Radnich ignores his Grandchildren...

Raddy said he's going to Miami Tuesday. Kreuger asked what he will do there?.And Radnich didn't really give any answer. He's a man who doesn't seem to have any interest in anything but talking sports,and making money...spending money. But,not on any high art,or intellectual interests..nothing. Just flashy garbage. Now,what he does do is talk about raising 5 year old kids like he himself is 29 years old. Sort of like Larry King. No stories of Dad using his cane not to discipline...but to walk around Disney with the sons! Hold him up Dang lumbago..
One thing...Radnich always brags that ALL his adult children "Came out perfect" problems he swears. With him that would be they aren't Gay or on drugs or in trouble with the law or maybe have some mental illness..I mean,Raddy's yer dad,ya know? So,if they came out so perfect,and all are in their 30's now, Wheres the grandkid talk?..And,he does talk about one daughter,and one daughter only. Does he have others? sons?..never heard a peep he has an adult son.
I think Raddy hides his real past and reality..and the new shiny family is pushed forward. I think behind the curtain is lots of..well, dust if not dirt.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Duct Tape Tales..

So i go to Home Depot for supplys and pick up a needed roll of duct tape. Now,all my adult life duct tape has been standard. Some rolls larger,other smaller..but the same for decades. At Home Depot I see "Extra strength duct tape and "general" duct tape. I'm not cheap,but I figure regular duct tape has always been plenty good for me. So I buy the general use tape. Later,I'm watering and see that the hose sprung a small leak,just what the doctor ordered for my new tape. And let me tell ya,As soon as I pulled up on the tape? I new it was very cheap shit. It was like my old tapes after you used it a few times. The new stuff was " Do you want some glue with your tape?".
I might take it back..useless. I guess "contractors grade" is now what Duct tape always used to be. Hell,if I wanted bad quality I would go to the Dollar Store...

Friday, April 11, 2014

This is Radnich favorite blog!..A Stan reader.

He repeated my "Outsider" post on his show. Its not the first time he's made remarks that came from my keyboard. Radnich as you know likes to call out emailers by name when they rub him wrong and critics in general. Me? Mention me by name? Never. Some people just are too much trouble to poke a stick at..wink wink.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


What a day its been huh? excitement. Rod Brooks put Radnich in his place when Raddy tried to pull off " I would never belong to a club of people just like myself" Brooks looked at Radnich incredulously and said " Its what you belong to now isn't it? "KNBR?" said Radnich "And the whole sports media" Brooks came back with. Radnich: Well to eat I lower my standards.  Rod Brooks made my day.

Is Gary Radnich cracking up in his old age? going nuts?

His last few months have picked up in the spit on co workers. He's not so much critical of local sports as much as he has been on KRON and KNBR co hosts. 410 media notices it,other blogs. Its like Radnich is just pushing his bucket list of  " tell them all the hell off on air"..that's for his co workers more often. Like he revels that he can come close to that..and the ND at KRON or KNBR must not be able to say no. Pam Moore is like a punching bag reminded over and over she's second tier to the late so-so Pete Wilson. Wilson was another Radnich as I recall. Mostly wrong too..and Moore just takes it all with a smile and clenched fists. What a way to make a living..Radnich's foil. She must earn every penny.

RADNICH gets Scott angry..

He talked of the bonding on his show and said between Larry and him. Then,he looked -after a pause- looked at Kate,and in a pompous tone asked "I'm not sure,are you  part of this Kate?"..and she gave him the death stare,kept her cool and then answered his back to baseball next question. On all the Radnich programs,the dislike in the air could be cut with a knife. His ego is what lets him grope Pam Moore while his wife watches. A slap in the face to her..but its what HE wants that matters.

RADNICH weirds out Pam Moore.

He's not getting better,just stranger. Last night he got her angry and then told her "You just dont like that I can love"..WEIRD!..Moore and  Bennet looked at each other and shook their heads. "When did she say that?" asked Bennet. Radnich wound up to go one...and the ND cut him off,and they went to a commercial.

btw,That's a shot as her for not having kids or a marriage. He's such a good friend.

I told you. Leiberman writes all that anti Stan weird shit.

He complains I give HIM a headache? HE  ghost writes those weird pretend hilbilly anti Stan posts- as I told you before.  And he's done it for a couple of years now. One thing he hated to post compliments. When he saw I like that? It stopped.
He didn't mind stealing  ideas and comments I made to turn into topics that made him money and increased readership.
Let me remind you all..he doesnt have to post. If  I send in what he thinks isnt for him..dont post it. But,no he like the,then come up with his own very weird and personal as he can get comments "anonymous".
As always,dealing with me means you get exposed. BASG, Tim Kawakami,and of course Radnich. And none of them say its because i'm wrong,its because I am right.

What an ingrate,after I helped drive that blog. Meanwhile,he flipped flop on this person,that person. And it was me he attacked. Radnich can buy off anybody local is another factor.

And more: How many times have you read the hostile Stan comments from "Anonymous" about rupert putkin shit?. Now,read Rich in his own writing. I told you. I know from all the other blogs the Stan fan's and hates are more equal. But if Rich posts his own bi polar thoughts on just get one side.  Too much truth in me. And brain power!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

410 says Kate Scott rising star?

Maybe, but she says less and less 9-12 everyday,and even when Radnich goes 1880 with his thoughts on society..she's not like before. Everybody makes pacts with the devil to keep a career going it seems.

Monday, April 7, 2014


And that same thing Rich posts? Nobody reads my blog?..37,000 so far. The last few months have excluded bots too.

Kate Scott...2013 article says "She works on some morning show"

Never mentioned Radnich. I hear that a new one also came out..but it hasn't hit the net yet.   I wonder how Radnich quotes were left out last year?. Must have been a request from Kate huh?

Rich L. gettting weird on Stan again...

Last summer he  re wrote some things I posted..and they sounded to me like he was in some manic hostile mood. Bi polar as he admits. Once again,after posting a few compliments,He's back making up comments as "anonymous". And that is supposed to the signal to the Gary Radnich and Fox news fan club to rip away. Just go easy on Ken Wayne. THATS a post I made that set him off..that you never got to read.  Also my mentioning the Radnich fan club..that's a no -no. I guess Gary made another donation. Radnich and Leiberman's love hate affair. Both are self hating. Radnich worse as he thinks he hides his head games with fellow KRON,KNBR that are supposed to go over the demo's heads too.

Those who design cheap crap..

I wonder what goes through the mind of a engineer for a large company when he's told his job is to make a low quality product? I mean,the other guys are told to make top of the line- the company best,but what about the ones told to make the knock offs?  They still have to use the high math,the right if budget materials..and then they have to take out the high grade lenses or electronics and use what they know gives half ass results. Somebody- designs the Dollar store goods that look like the good stuff. A PHD gone into designing that. You KNOW those are the guys who go home and trick out there house with the best,or work on cold fusion to save the world after 8 hours of cheap mops or bad electric razors drawings and measurements all day.
Really..all that education... to make junk.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Was 1985 that different?

I found an old August of '85 Rolling Stone I had put away. And,I sat down and went through it....You could by a 85 Dodge Colt for $5,600..ok,thats changed. But,the adds in RS looked just as hip as todays. I had forgotten that car CD players were out there while plenty of Cassette tape adds were going strong. In other news,Molly Ringwald is making a new movie called "Pretty In Pink". Not a mention of weirdo Nick Cage-lol. Demi Moore just loves living alone she says with long wavy hair. Bob Geldoff announce the lineup for LIVE AID. And you know what? I thought I would see a few long forgotten bands or people...not so. Almost everyone made a name in the 80's. A few still going on..Hall and Oates to U2, Madonna. Ok,so not topping the charts. A punk rock article. New bands like Black Flagg with 24 year old Henry Rollins say they "Don't like the Ramones"  "We want to change things",says Henry. Now? Its required to say the Ramones were rock gods and wear a Ramone T shirt if you want to be a hipster..
Oh,the cigarette ads seem old timey...the booze ads look the very same. You could buy "Terminator Glasses" for $12.95. Cheap! The ZZ Top Keychain for $10 IF you join there fan club. Gee,I wish I had one now. And if you join the cassette club you buy 12 for a penny. What a deal!!...and then you HAVE to buy an album at full retail that you don't want. Nothing's free..even then.
1985..Young Travolta before he went bald,and gay. Jane Fonda workout tapes of 1980's before she became in her 80's as she is now.
Still, I could go back to be that young again. Even if I cant have the Porsche "960" with those big square green buttons on the Alpine radio. I was more Sparkomatic anyways...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Radnich...the outsider on his own show. Claims he can "change" Kate.

His ego is so huge,he hasn't noticed that Larry and Kate tell the 900 canary "no" when he tells them "I'm right,you agree" with that smug confidence. Well,at times he does notice...that's when he starts to fidget in his chair,lifting himself up and down. Kate and Larry never move a finger.
Randich's whole act is the he's a kindly humble long time sports host and only long time is really him. Like today. He told Kate Scott she wants something from him he will never give explanation. And then said if anybody can change her -its him. I think Kate needs to find the KNBR HR. Oh,they don't have one?..Not with a Lee Hammer in charge or Cumulus as host company.
Radnich is so nuts he pulls that "I talk for you" on Pam Moore who a few months ago said "YOU WILL NEVER speak for me" as an instant reply..and it just bounced off that numbskulls skull evidently. Nothing makes a dent.
And really, wasn't it inevitable that he would one day say to Kate "If you spent one night with me,you wouldn't be gay"? Of course it was.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

KATE SCOTT..QUIETER and quieter...

If she was paid by the word,Kate must have taken a 75% cut in pay lately.  And she sounds beaten down when she does speak..keeps it short. Many a time Radnich said something I waited for her to pounce on..and she said not a word. Like she gave up pushing any agenda to make a change in the show or host.
She has dropped in that the show goes lower then she likes...Raddy's beliefs are so egotistical he claims off camera that Kate is a "mini me". What? self hating? Because I don't hear Radnich praising any political candidates that push for more woman rights in sports and business. Of course,Kate doesn't say a word when Radnich bashes Nancy Pelosi. That's a real demerit on Kate. A step back for woman in broadcasting.
Well,fame can be addicting..she shines when she does talk of being recognized. Leave Nancy to dry,when a free dinner is being offered...