Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sportswriters and hosts...the mentality of High Schoolers..

Ooh,he's my friend,ohhh,we have a alliance..ohh.. SHut the hell up local media writers,Yahoo sports  hosts. Your bigots as I've learned over the years,and think like children....including doing whatever daddy sports team tells you what to say. And then you have the nerve to tell each other what pro's you are!..Pro whores!.  I've been backstabbed by the best in local media..I dont have a good word for any of them. Some are just worse then others.

The Local media..liars and phonys and quacks..

I've gone over the local writers..and guess what? They are happy in the "advertising supplement world of local sports"..Like King of them all Radnich says "They get free meals,free medical care. Sue Slusser gets looked after on the road by the A's team doctor..its all FAKE people. I don't mean the usual sports is a kids game...I mean the under belly the payoffs,the bribes. Free seats to sports hosts who can do as they sell them. Nice dinners..payed for by Billy Beane. The free sports clothes..all with hands open.  Its why some of those writers quit sports..its just jingles and whoring to old men,20 year olds. All that self hate Radnich has for interviewing the young as he,65 years old has to grovel EVERY time...its why they take the payola. There isnt an honest sportswriter in the business..its all a racist fraternity with a whole lot of nepotism.  Leiberman? as bad..and he knows it. Its why he and Radnich love hate each other.
I took a look at basg after months of forgetting about his pointless blog. Sports..and for why?  Anyways..he's now in a bigtime "feud" with Bruce...fishy,very fishy. Everything in local media is a scam..even that.
Sometimes you have to listen to the guy who's very smart,and has no dollar interest in the fight. And I would be just about the only one.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Radnich on KRON "Im so lucky to have my wife"...yeah,she lets you grope other woman

I love the cons mans way..what a line he's got going. Telling his wife "Its all a joke with our friend Cathy"..sure,but I don't see him groping Pecon. The "joke" is only with attractive woman .either Cathy,or somebody he calls on to the set. Like I wrote before,one young lady Radnich pulled close to him,pushed away. Woman know. And Raddy's wife gets no sympathy from me..she goes with his act. In fact,there's a good chance Alicia and the repressed Cathy might have bi  feelings for each other. I  have considered that. If calling out what is obvious on TV cant stop the sex play... You tell me why Radnich feels he HAS to grab,hold,feel, and put his head on her breasts? Its like the open secret turns him and her on. Alicia must enjoy watching..he does it all the time.

Adults attacking children in the news...

I don't doubt that the subculture of America that is growing- violence is the answer- is filtering down to adults attacking or killing kids. From the news of the scum security guard beating a kid in a wheel chair with cerebral palsy - and the scum community in that part of Oakland who defends that low life guard- to the fact that Alameda county ran out of room to plant tree's in the names of children killed by violence,society is breaking down from the top down...the most wealthy and influential have accumulated so much...the rest are like rats trying to get the last morsels. Children are on the bottom. Yes, we have uneducated,materialistic low income base in the bay area,and they will grow as the wealth gap..only slowed slightly by Obama's best this feeding frenzy fueled by the wealthy corporations tell the uneducated group they must have the flashy car,clothes,and ugly woman who douse themselves with cheap perfume,and gaudy hairstyles..looks of wealth are all that matters.
The corporations just push these people to grab what they consequences. Go broke or in debt..beat the children to get what you want. Violence and materialism rules.

Be more positive! +more on Shooty.

Fuck you Shooty,Raddy,Cathy and all the rest who in the media who think that its there world,and what they do is not offensive because that's the way its always been they must be right. Wrong assholes. I'm not blind, And Cathy Heenan must be nuts if she thinks her jones for letting Radnich feel her up is all platonic..yeah,just like Raddy felt up Vern..same thing.  Alicia must know people have to laugh at the two of them..the old fool flirting in her presence. The pretense its "all between friends".  And the news director of KRON has to be Republican..they like any putting of woman in their place.

The local media disgusts me. Its all the news,the writers..just a bunch of bigots feeling that if they can steal from you- its your fault. I Stan,am here to stop that.

btw Shooty?  You would make a good mom. "Fans shouldn't boo Jim Johnson- he tries sooo hard"?..whaa?. Isn't he paid millions? Boo? He's lucky that's all fans do.  Boo.  Boo-hoo.

Julie Haener cant even ad lib happy talk..

On ch2 after Bill Martin did the weather?..Somervilles tried to make small talk,and like a robot Julie just talked right over him with a "Thank you Bill" Somersville then stopped talking...SHE stopped talking..and then,nothing but awkward silence. How bad? Frank looked at the camera and said "We're sorry about that". Whew,that was one of the worst small talks I've heard in months. And What is a Julie Haener? Is she real?..or a Kiley Minouge look a like doing the news in a Stepford Wives mode? Animatronic.. Geezuz,Julie could do a story of puppies being machine gunned like she does about taxes...

More on Papa's wrongness

About Mark Jackson "He's disingenuous" says Papa . Not two minutes earlier,he said "I didnt know Mark well".
I could do this all day.  Its what happens people, when Sports hosts sign up  to grovel hour after hour to the local sports teams.

Does Greg Papa really know basketball?

When he goes into his "I will never trade Klay for Love" he a nut in disguise? What has he learned over the years? How can anybody who even likes basketball say such an idiotic statement that Klay Thompson is more valuable then Kevin Love?..its just basic basketball to know that's so wrong.  Love is MUCH better then another two Klay Thompson's.
I cant figure it.

Kate Scott and the Stockholm syndrome.

She was doing some fake "outrage" bit on the show..and you know? Watching her pretend about something she should have really should have taken a stand on...just shows you how Radnich over the years has gotten to her to buy in, "if she wants to stay in the business". You could almost hear the many times she's heard from the big Rat how playing along is going to make her money. She takes no stand anymore,and even makes Gary and the corporation happy by mocking real issues now..if not stone cold silence. She sounds like Vern,like Dibley was getting....doing Radnich proudly. And the ever present smile..after over a year of Kate the deadpan,she's now Kate the ever happy comic.
I wonder how old she will be before she looks back and wonders if she hadn't become a Radnich clone,how much of a real meaning she would have had with the opportunity?. Or instead, like she's heading now,be another gray haired 50 year old Vern shouting nobody cares...

Radnich Sucking? Hell,he's past that and now rimming Lieberman's ass.

As the title sez...

I've been too nice up to now.

Why the hell am I holding back? Whats the point of aping paid writers who are in ruts? Radnich is a fucking asshole,a man who plays games with African Americans- "I'm the black mans best friend- AND i fuck your woman" he says..then loves to outsmart them in order to hear them bash Obama,or defend a bigot like Sterling " He was set up" says Raddish head. All that so Raddish head can show them the superior old white man's thinking.
So,the glove are off on all the local star fuckers..Kawakami and Purdy to Dolitch praising "wonderful" Comcast..yeah Andy..your not bought off by the monopoly who raise rates 4xs inflation.
Rip and as truthfully vicious as possible. Its only whats right and needed.

Radnich sucking 415 cock.

He's turning up the blow job on Leiberman to hold me back, I suppose. What other reason? On his own,415 doesn't mention Radnich much other then some light teasing (at the end of the day) while Radnich who gets away with some real seriously deranged behavior..he and Cathy getting jollies acting out on live TV., his weird,weird, making a fool of the weather woman's very being,her talents and making a living, also live on KRON.  Not even in private..Radnich loves "owning" people if front of a crowd..its a rush for him. He even got off supporting Sterling as best he could do.
He blames those doing no wrong,he praises those ripping off the public. Anybody think when Radnich says on 50,000 watts he doesn't care what I say, is true? Sure.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bay Area media Shook up by Stan!

If you read local,you read various newssites and blog hosts are exasperated at my comments. Some attack me! they go personal and parrot those I go after..status quo types. But I think you notice...they never say I lie,or decieve,oh no,no,no. Its just stop upsetting us when we are fooling most of the public most of the time. See,thats what the Randich or Kawakami or Chronicle or ..the Giants- A's-Comcast hate..I see through the BS that IS NOT innocent..its meant to make money,line pockets. Too bad,I've lived..I know the alliances the media make with big business. I expose it.
And then you have the games people play...Radnich and Heenan touchy to see live on TV!..a new KRON slogan.

CHP,No longer guarding cow pasture..AFTER Stan reports.

After my post of that ridiculous stake out of a 4 way stop by the Sunol Winery that resulted a huge car wreck? Not a CHP in sight..or sitting.  Bloggers are  read. I know its no coincidence.

Catherine Heenan is a slut! + More.

And,a blasphemer.  Once again she offered her body to Radnich,who with her did a skit of pretend prayer.  As the skit went on- and Radnich wasn't letting go of her,it got Raddy put his hands under the desk near his testes...the camera clearly showed her staring down there. Not the first time Radnich fondled himself while she watched! Those two love to play sex games. Raddy's wife must be boring.
I never catch Pam Moore looking down with lust. Just slutty Cathy.  Hmm,a good name for a doll...
Hey Cathy! Maybe you can have Gary once a day show you again the new helmet tackling rules once again by resting his head near your bosoms- wink wink!! That was Soooooo subtle- lol.

And if you think the plain truth is awful,I don't know what to tell ya,other then it is.

Oh,the feedback from Heenan? When SHE lets men like Radnich (And a (twice no wonder!) married men) feel her up on TV- THAT'S sophisticated! ..and somehow viewers forced to watch her and he get jollies are "creeps". Is that how being a plaything is rationalized? I didn't know that-lol. Rules of sophisticated sluts...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Steve Perry sings!

As you readers know,I was mentioning Steve Perry..and after 19 years,he does a short concert. How do I do it?  I also brought great fortune to Marla Tellez.
T o be a little serious..funny how often I think of somebody obscure..or because I'm watching an old show or movie and wonder what happened to that character actor...and then not long afterwords,I see something in the paper.. They are either dead- birthday and in between. More of the collective is the UNI verse, after all. All one song...

Also along these Radnich joking about being high on Vicodin now?. Damn,I'm more then good,I'm great..

On Kawakami baiting Harbaugh..

Whats part of the strangeness of Tim Kawakami? After baiting Harbaugh for a response..he got a racist crack about Kawakami's Japanese heritage in return from Harbaugh. "You can shove bamboo shoots up my fingernails and I wont say more".  Now will Tim play that up? No. In his twisted thinking,its ok to get Harbaugh hot and lathered..but Kawakami DOES NOT want to be known as the reporter who got Jim Harbaugh into a Donald Sterling brew ha ha. Even though he DID get Harbaugh to make a clearly racist joke. That's one more of why the local sports media needs a turnover. In people and philosophy.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Kardashian's-- no orginal parts left...

Seeing tapes of them from the late 90's..Noses are now thinned,skin is lightened,and boobs are enlarged. When Kanye say she's the most beautiful woman in the world..he means if you count feeling her rock hard breasts,her fattylips and strange skin coloration's as beautiful.  She's like a living,walking photoshop. Her sister- the same. No more of that ethnic dark circles around her eyes. "Make me look Caucasian" took over. What the hell..Bruce Jenner went in on the family tradition and topped them all...make me another gender! He sure doesn't seem happy though. I wonder if he's having second thoughts?...

People you cant talk about on 415 media...but I can heeeeere

Frank Somersville: Dumb as a log nice guy. Why wont he post that? lol..

Dana King: I said then,She had a hairdo that looked like it was cut in a woman's prison- with dull scissors. Tried it again later..he wont post it. Her 'do today might have changed. Good anchor,Freudian hair.

Dan Noyes: I deduced that he's the bar drunk,thinks he gods gift to woman John Stossell of KGO TV. Based on 415's story's of such an unnamed reporters bar hi-jinx. Maybe because I guessed right..never got posted. Or like the rest,they did RL favors-or both. His prerogative,I'm just telling you who I cant get any opinions on to the blog with.

That's the short list. They are the anti-Radnich. If I think of more later... cant rip : Police, firefighters, or paramedics.  Brian Stowe is taboo. You can't mention he went down to Los Angeles,taunted Dodger fans,used obscene words with children hearing all, and that he had friends around him who were also so drunk,they never did a thing to stop the fight even though it was 4,5,6,Stowe and friends, to 2 Dodger fans..

A watch? I thought that was your car...

I'm watching Strahan on his talk show where his job is to make the getting old blond look good. And he's got on what I think is a watch ..or is it a towing wench? first aid kit? Our old 1968 ceiling fixture?.  Its kind of pathetic that in order to show off excess wealth..something as minor as a time keeper is bathed in metals and worn with its price tag still on it. Might as well be.  First,it was the style to have the smallest digital,its come up with an excuse to use more of the Earths resources on trinkets.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Raj, Kuiper, and what did he say?

I'm watching the Giants game and they show Ra Matai in the stands with his young Sophia Loren wife..fine,and K&K say all the nice things about the guy..good. After that the camera see's a Mexican American and his family..the guys in his 50's,and he's wearing a Giant themed sombrero. What does Kuipe say? "Thats a guy you have to keep one eye on".. Fuck you too Kuiper. I always watch out for smart ass old white men with superior attitude. Goddam you. And goddamn Danville and all those in it.

Friday, May 23, 2014

39,000 people HATE Gary Radnich on one small corner..

Since everybody knows what they get here,all I can deduce is people hate him,and love that I point out the weird world he lives in. I know most get he's also a metaphor for local media. Radnich knows that..and then embraces it since his ego likes that I put him in his place. Its called meglamania.
And he reads this blog..he no longer gropes woman on KRON.
He no longer zings Jackie "She's going to LA" after I pointed out it was a humiliating comment that she was stuck at kron after 8 years..while Evelyn Taft is in Glitter town. Now,who wrote those things? who pointed them out?
And then you have the endless "anonymous" comments to 415..some by Rich,some as if shills are monitoring..since they answer what I post before I even see my post. How do you explain that? Obvious sometimes.
And you my peeps-- You do notice they never post here, those comments? It would be embarrassing for me to post KNBR's office IP address. After what Lee Hammer pulled on Ralph Barberie,do you think trolling 415 is out of the question? nah- its more of an MO with that Nazi.
I'm hated by the biggest assholes in bay area media. Good.

Fuck Tim Kawakami.

The man must have been bullied as a kid. And with Napoleonic stature? I wouldn't doubt he has issues that messed with that head of his....but when you stifle free speech,and promote the rich man agenda? then get the hell out of the bay area is how I feel. He should have stayed in LA,if they hadn't booted him out that is. Its not like we have a misbalance to the point where he's giving the underrepresented wealthy like Beane and Wolff and Lacob and the Yorks and..(..he's a mini me Radnich also in that way)...A spirited needed defense!
Just fuck off Kawakami with your sportswriter of the year paean to mediocrity and bad reporting. And I have to mention,you've never been accurate for a sports expert. You were the man who wanted to trade rookie Tim Lincecum. YOU were the man who shook hands with Randich in June of 2010 on TV and both said "San Diego would win the west"..LOL..And then the Giants went on to win the WS. Just the tip of the iceberg. I know plenty out there who have a list of Kawakami fuck ups for the ages. If Tim Kawakami is sportwriter of the year- I must be a Mt.Olympus sports God like writer. And he knows it. I have a resume of Lin- Lincecum and the present drug scandal on blogs over the years. Kawakami writes about his dates with Billy Beane.
There,somebody had to say it. Somebody had to stand up to Bonaparte.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Local sports media bought and paid for by Lacob.

It couldn't be more obvious. A winning coach is fired..and not one columnist is asking exactly why. My comments are being deleted by Kawakami and MT2 as they shill away brown nosing Lacobs ass. That's the truth.
Rip a winning Mark Jackson..and they are mum lips of Lacob's spoiled brat son driving the winning coach away.
And Radnich? scum as always. Brags he doesn't do commercials,then does commercials for free praising everything the rich man does. He tried to even defend Sterling on a few levels. Scumbozo Radnich. The pills are liver spotting more then his hands and fat forehead...they are sinking into his brain.
I'm disgusted with the whole local media. Assholes,phonies,shills. Thats the local sports media to start.
Thank God weathermen cant sell out. Or,can they?...

Correction: Scott still on show with host she doesnt give a damn about!

After hearing Raddy for years now "I love Kate" 'She's a mini me"..and then today he admits he's had to read she got a Tv job also.
He's as close to a pariah as a local tv personality can get.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I said it months ago,working with Radnich must have been a living hell. SO much stupidity and hypocrisy for a Berkeley grad to ingest. Since Radnich hasn't mentioned her on his had to have been a good riddance from Kate to 9-12. And if he did mention it? I missed it..and that's not much of a happy congratulation from Radnich.
But then his show does like to say "They are dead to us" of ex show personality's. I mean,they said that about Dibs kid's little bumper. Big business teachings,aren't they wonderful?

Raddys adult kids and 55...

He went off on a "jerk" who wanted to know about his adult kids. So: His daughter about 30 married,who would have guessed? And another is  a counselor in a college. The son is some instructor. If they ever had a bad day in there life? he ended it at all infering they never tasted alcohol or tried drugs or..just perfect. Somehow the very flawed father had perfect kids. OK.  He's just so sensitive.

And I read  Jane Weidlin- the doll- of Go-Go's fame turned did Belinda Carlisle. And to add show comic Ellen is...55. I get the feeling baby boomers aplenty are ready to go back to college or start a band, as soon as science can stop that wrinkled skin thing....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Martha Quinn 55 and in other ideas..

She's 55. So is Madonna and Prince. And since Prince stopped plucking his eyebrows,he looks weirdly old.  But Martha? The cute Chuck Taylors,of Alternative nation before the horrid chick with glasses took over, Martha of every good girl to show mom..55. Older sucks. Baby boomers were born to be eternally young. Be hip no matter the decade. Martha with crows feet? nooooooooo...

I was thinking too. I miss surfer t shirts like in the 60's..big red and white stripes,or blue for you who dare to be different.
I bought for my friends son one of those giant bubble wands. His parents buy him the electronic gee-gaws. He can really work those I pads. I buy him toys like I had..Gumball machines. He likes that stuff. Next.I might try Silly Putty. We can use it on the Sunday Funny pages to copy Snoopy. Before there are no more funny pages and already there is no more "Wizard of Id" in the Trib.
Oh well...better then thinking of Sterling...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Marcus Thompson 2 discriminates against Stan!

He's deleted everything I said on the Jackson firing even if what I sad agreed with him. How can he be a open hypocrite?. Because Stan is not the same color as Marcus. And he thinks he can get away with it. And  I can tell you,he cant.
He's 36,"young and dumb". That's not my problem though(I wish the young part was). Its a hoot to read him whine about "not understanding" when he's as bad as the worst white guy to me!.
So when you read the Stan haters on 415..that might be Marcus. At least they think.. just.. like.. him.

Radnich reads this blog. He talks about his adult son.

Didn't say much. I cant even remember what the context was. I just know that -as usual- it isn't long after I write something,he answers.
Funny,but you know how people say I shouldnt write about him so much? And how I come back with- he's on all day,on different channels,and nobody says peep to him but me?...well,MT2 the sportswriter deletes my comments because I pointed out long ago Raddy got Monte Poole to break a handshake agreement with the other local main writers to not appear on KNBR for free. So,once again..a local sportswriter responding to Raddy's wishes. 7 degree's degrees of Radish head.  In the bay area, its like 2 degree's.
Oh,and leave it to Radnich to get a black person to break a handshake agreement with his peers-- AND WORK FOR FREE.
Radnich did him a big favor is how he tells it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Winning isnt everything?

Mark Jackson,Hue Jackson..almost Harbaugh. Corporate America wants subjugation above money. Obey. I think 8 years of Obama has empowered people,to do there thing the way they know best. And corporate America is scared of that. Being in charge is all they had to feel superior,so start ups who don't follow chain of command get the boot more often..and even egregious- 51 wins!.
You know you've read my saying that corporate America would rather lose money then change.Or basketball games. See?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Now 415 is upset because I know what I'm talking about..

Nobody does Radnich like me. And when I read "anonypuss" complain that I write too much details on Radnich,its because I'm explaining how the man who defends Sterling as "Set up" is the same guy who's cold, ,uncaring to celebrities with illnesses. But,he see's the good side to Sterling. His wealth!!.

And I'm still thinking of calling the SFPD. Hey,wouldn't it be funny if a producer told Radnich "We got a phone call,Stan called the SFPD and they want to arrest you"  Oh,how hilarious to see Raddy sweat it would be.
Hmm,do it?  Besides,I know he would do that to me...Let me think more...