Friday, May 23, 2014

39,000 people HATE Gary Radnich on one small corner..

Since everybody knows what they get here,all I can deduce is people hate him,and love that I point out the weird world he lives in. I know most get he's also a metaphor for local media. Radnich knows that..and then embraces it since his ego likes that I put him in his place. Its called meglamania.
And he reads this blog..he no longer gropes woman on KRON.
He no longer zings Jackie "She's going to LA" after I pointed out it was a humiliating comment that she was stuck at kron after 8 years..while Evelyn Taft is in Glitter town. Now,who wrote those things? who pointed them out?
And then you have the endless "anonymous" comments to 415..some by Rich,some as if shills are monitoring..since they answer what I post before I even see my post. How do you explain that? Obvious sometimes.
And you my peeps-- You do notice they never post here, those comments? It would be embarrassing for me to post KNBR's office IP address. After what Lee Hammer pulled on Ralph Barberie,do you think trolling 415 is out of the question? nah- its more of an MO with that Nazi.
I'm hated by the biggest assholes in bay area media. Good.