Friday, May 30, 2014

Adults attacking children in the news...

I don't doubt that the subculture of America that is growing- violence is the answer- is filtering down to adults attacking or killing kids. From the news of the scum security guard beating a kid in a wheel chair with cerebral palsy - and the scum community in that part of Oakland who defends that low life guard- to the fact that Alameda county ran out of room to plant tree's in the names of children killed by violence,society is breaking down from the top down...the most wealthy and influential have accumulated so much...the rest are like rats trying to get the last morsels. Children are on the bottom. Yes, we have uneducated,materialistic low income base in the bay area,and they will grow as the wealth gap..only slowed slightly by Obama's best this feeding frenzy fueled by the wealthy corporations tell the uneducated group they must have the flashy car,clothes,and ugly woman who douse themselves with cheap perfume,and gaudy hairstyles..looks of wealth are all that matters.
The corporations just push these people to grab what they consequences. Go broke or in debt..beat the children to get what you want. Violence and materialism rules.