Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bay Area media Shook up by Stan!

If you read local,you read various newssites and blog hosts are exasperated at my comments. Some attack me! they go personal and parrot those I go after..status quo types. But I think you notice...they never say I lie,or decieve,oh no,no,no. Its just stop upsetting us when we are fooling most of the public most of the time. See,thats what the Randich or Kawakami or Chronicle or ..the Giants- A's-Comcast hate..I see through the BS that IS NOT innocent..its meant to make money,line pockets. Too bad,I've lived..I know the alliances the media make with big business. I expose it.
And then you have the games people play...Radnich and Heenan touchy to see live on TV!..a new KRON slogan.