Friday, May 30, 2014

Be more positive! +more on Shooty.

Fuck you Shooty,Raddy,Cathy and all the rest who in the media who think that its there world,and what they do is not offensive because that's the way its always been they must be right. Wrong assholes. I'm not blind, And Cathy Heenan must be nuts if she thinks her jones for letting Radnich feel her up is all platonic..yeah,just like Raddy felt up Vern..same thing.  Alicia must know people have to laugh at the two of them..the old fool flirting in her presence. The pretense its "all between friends".  And the news director of KRON has to be Republican..they like any putting of woman in their place.

The local media disgusts me. Its all the news,the writers..just a bunch of bigots feeling that if they can steal from you- its your fault. I Stan,am here to stop that.

btw Shooty?  You would make a good mom. "Fans shouldn't boo Jim Johnson- he tries sooo hard"?..whaa?. Isn't he paid millions? Boo? He's lucky that's all fans do.  Boo.  Boo-hoo.