Friday, May 23, 2014

Fuck Tim Kawakami.

The man must have been bullied as a kid. And with Napoleonic stature? I wouldn't doubt he has issues that messed with that head of his....but when you stifle free speech,and promote the rich man agenda? then get the hell out of the bay area is how I feel. He should have stayed in LA,if they hadn't booted him out that is. Its not like we have a misbalance to the point where he's giving the underrepresented wealthy like Beane and Wolff and Lacob and the Yorks and..(..he's a mini me Radnich also in that way)...A spirited needed defense!
Just fuck off Kawakami with your sportswriter of the year paean to mediocrity and bad reporting. And I have to mention,you've never been accurate for a sports expert. You were the man who wanted to trade rookie Tim Lincecum. YOU were the man who shook hands with Randich in June of 2010 on TV and both said "San Diego would win the west"..LOL..And then the Giants went on to win the WS. Just the tip of the iceberg. I know plenty out there who have a list of Kawakami fuck ups for the ages. If Tim Kawakami is sportwriter of the year- I must be a Mt.Olympus sports God like writer. And he knows it. I have a resume of Lin- Lincecum and the present drug scandal on blogs over the years. Kawakami writes about his dates with Billy Beane.
There,somebody had to say it. Somebody had to stand up to Bonaparte.