Friday, May 30, 2014

I've been too nice up to now.

Why the hell am I holding back? Whats the point of aping paid writers who are in ruts? Radnich is a fucking asshole,a man who plays games with African Americans- "I'm the black mans best friend- AND i fuck your woman" he says..then loves to outsmart them in order to hear them bash Obama,or defend a bigot like Sterling " He was set up" says Raddish head. All that so Raddish head can show them the superior old white man's thinking.
So,the glove are off on all the local star fuckers..Kawakami and Purdy to Dolitch praising "wonderful" Comcast..yeah Andy..your not bought off by the monopoly who raise rates 4xs inflation.
Rip and as truthfully vicious as possible. Its only whats right and needed.