Friday, May 30, 2014

Kate Scott and the Stockholm syndrome.

She was doing some fake "outrage" bit on the show..and you know? Watching her pretend about something she should have really should have taken a stand on...just shows you how Radnich over the years has gotten to her to buy in, "if she wants to stay in the business". You could almost hear the many times she's heard from the big Rat how playing along is going to make her money. She takes no stand anymore,and even makes Gary and the corporation happy by mocking real issues now..if not stone cold silence. She sounds like Vern,like Dibley was getting....doing Radnich proudly. And the ever present smile..after over a year of Kate the deadpan,she's now Kate the ever happy comic.
I wonder how old she will be before she looks back and wonders if she hadn't become a Radnich clone,how much of a real meaning she would have had with the opportunity?. Or instead, like she's heading now,be another gray haired 50 year old Vern shouting nobody cares...