Monday, May 26, 2014

People you cant talk about on 415 media...but I can heeeeere

Frank Somersville: Dumb as a log nice guy. Why wont he post that? lol..

Dana King: I said then,She had a hairdo that looked like it was cut in a woman's prison- with dull scissors. Tried it again later..he wont post it. Her 'do today might have changed. Good anchor,Freudian hair.

Dan Noyes: I deduced that he's the bar drunk,thinks he gods gift to woman John Stossell of KGO TV. Based on 415's story's of such an unnamed reporters bar hi-jinx. Maybe because I guessed right..never got posted. Or like the rest,they did RL favors-or both. His prerogative,I'm just telling you who I cant get any opinions on to the blog with.

That's the short list. They are the anti-Radnich. If I think of more later... cant rip : Police, firefighters, or paramedics.  Brian Stowe is taboo. You can't mention he went down to Los Angeles,taunted Dodger fans,used obscene words with children hearing all, and that he had friends around him who were also so drunk,they never did a thing to stop the fight even though it was 4,5,6,Stowe and friends, to 2 Dodger fans..