Friday, May 30, 2014

Radnich on KRON "Im so lucky to have my wife"...yeah,she lets you grope other woman

I love the cons mans way..what a line he's got going. Telling his wife "Its all a joke with our friend Cathy"..sure,but I don't see him groping Pecon. The "joke" is only with attractive woman .either Cathy,or somebody he calls on to the set. Like I wrote before,one young lady Radnich pulled close to him,pushed away. Woman know. And Raddy's wife gets no sympathy from me..she goes with his act. In fact,there's a good chance Alicia and the repressed Cathy might have bi  feelings for each other. I  have considered that. If calling out what is obvious on TV cant stop the sex play... You tell me why Radnich feels he HAS to grab,hold,feel, and put his head on her breasts? Its like the open secret turns him and her on. Alicia must enjoy watching..he does it all the time.