Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Local media..liars and phonys and quacks..

I've gone over the local writers..and guess what? They are happy in the "advertising supplement world of local sports"..Like King of them all Radnich says "They get free meals,free medical care. Sue Slusser gets looked after on the road by the A's team doctor..its all FAKE people. I don't mean the usual sports is a kids game...I mean the under belly the payoffs,the bribes. Free seats to sports hosts who can do as they sell them. Nice dinners..payed for by Billy Beane. The free sports clothes..all with hands open.  Its why some of those writers quit sports..its just jingles and whoring to old men,20 year olds. All that self hate Radnich has for interviewing the young as he,65 years old has to grovel EVERY time...its why they take the payola. There isnt an honest sportswriter in the business..its all a racist fraternity with a whole lot of nepotism.  Leiberman? as bad..and he knows it. Its why he and Radnich love hate each other.
I took a look at basg after months of forgetting about his pointless blog. Sports..and for why?  Anyways..he's now in a bigtime "feud" with Bruce...fishy,very fishy. Everything in local media is a scam..even that.
Sometimes you have to listen to the guy who's very smart,and has no dollar interest in the fight. And I would be just about the only one.