Monday, June 30, 2014

Radnich angry he can't get into Jackies pants.

That's what it is. Its so obvious. He's tried every trick to get her to  bow down over the years,and she treats him like the jerk he is on the air.  The times he's tried to cop a feel of her,the angry "You need me kid" attitude at KRON. He's mad because old Cathy is doing what he wants Jackie to do. One day,he's going to grab her on air..have the recorder going gang. Like Mama said,She's going to knock him out!

Monte Poole rubbed somebody wrong at Comcast.

The last I saw him was a taped special on the  Warriors. Its now Rod Brooks in a not subtle move by Ted Griggs to find a black man to replace Poole.
If I had to guess? Monte found at Comcast he didn't have the independence he had as a newspaper columnist. And he must have complained. It seems like he found that Comcast isn't near lifetime security like the Trib was. And neither have many former Comcast "Insiders". Its been a steady flow of in then yer out. Ann Killian got her old job back at SF Gate.She shrewdly didn't burn any bridges. Probably sent the Gates sports editor Christmas cards for the few years she was at Comcast.

Dont get whooping cough.

I had it three years ago when it made a comeback. Not only did I start to think it might kill me...when I did get over it,it took more then a year afterwords to feel like I could breathe a full lungful of air.  And that cough...just hurt so much. Of course at first I thought it was just another cold...then just another flu..then "What the hell is this?". Later Doctors told me I should have come in for antibiotics but,I since I thought it was just the flu,don't they always tell you "Stay home don't infect people"? I almost good citizened myself into the grave.
Get a flu shot.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stan blog-- NEVER set to "off" !

Always and night 24/7 365. For a century..or more one day!

Kelley Moore paint commercial, actress..

She is perfection. I cant help but just freeze that commercial...the dark hair,the swan neck, that ass that is so much a feature of the ad in her skintight jeans. And check out the waist that's so narrow leading to wide shoulders.  Perfect. What you dream of.  What paint?

The Giants epic collapse.

I don't think a bay area team that ever had a nine game lead in their division,choked. Sergio hit the wall. Way too much "hat tipping" and not enough solid pitching.
The best Mexican American player the Giants ever 31 years old has peaked and now,its a fast slide. And Brandon Belt out of the lineup isn't the cause. He must be feeling full of himself- lol,but his return wouldn't hurt.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

How nutty is America and NRA over guns?..I tell ya..

You can carry a gun in most states,but you can't carry a switchblade. THAT'S illegal!  

I could go on all day on guns...

Mike Urban says he's a drunk.

I heard him admit he has an addiction to alcohol. Battles it everyday. And I'm sure its cost him plenty over the years. The Comcast gig might have ended on the smell of alcohol on his breath from the night before. Its just something that modern sports pushes alcohol,promotes alcohol,and then says "Drink responsibly" . And Kudos to Urban for bringing the real world to sports talk. You can only hear or read sports people gloss over the real dark side of money and sports. Like I said,its as if they came from perfect clone families. If they really did,that should disqualify them from even commenting.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Brian Stowe- .18 blood level. Twice the legal limit.

I know its a touchy subject,when even the defense team feels obligated to say "We would be heartless" not feel the tragedy,etc,etc.  Me too,but as I said,he was drunk out of his mind, using Fbombs and saying Dodger food tasted like shit in front of families. It was a baseball game,not a bar.  And you notice his family has ignored the lowlifes who attacked him...because they would SURELY tell a jury what Brian Stowe did to provoke their anger.
I know FOR A FACT, I could never win a settlement from anybody if I drunkenly provoked people in  a family entertainment situation. But Stowes lawyers are pulling the "He's a paramedic" "Look at his kids".  I say Brian Stowe should have looked at his family before he became a belligerent drunk at Dodger Stadium. It wasn't bad lighting that caused all this- it was Brian Stowe. He provoked animals at the zoo.

And next time bring friends who will defend you,not stand there not wanting to get their hands dirty helping you fight.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why even read SF Gate sports?

They are so pro local SF team..its just incest.  I cant even bring myself to read them for my material. Same old crap..even their new crap is like the old crap. And its bizarre how the comments section are filled with right wing  rants of xenophobic epic proportions for a SF paper.  That was the Phil Bronstein legacy that they haven't shook off yet. He had the gall once to write of the uncivility of those comments as his paper invented the whole enchilada of that type of  forum!
So,I drag to read Bruce,Scott and Ann the cute giggler. When the dust settles? They love the Giants and 49ers..

Have a safe and insane Fourth of July?

That saying is all over town on fireworks stands. What a weird choice of words. Archaic.  Imagine sending a Christmas card that said " Have a Merry and Sane Christmas!".Yeah,lay off the eggnog.  Or "Happy Sane Birthday!".that's just downright insulting.

Bochy cost Lincecum 3rd no hitter?

Bruce Bochy might look back and admit "I blew it" when he took Lincecum out of the game with a no hitter a few starts ago. Talk about over managing for no reason..if anything,it was just dumb.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What if an illegal Mexican baited Giant fans?

Lets say one of  those dark brown kind came to ATT with his amigos all in Dodger gear and sat in the stands with local fans,families,kids...and that Mexican stood up- drunk- and baited Giant fans, yelled in his accent "Giant dogs taste like shit!"..and his buddies laughed away as local Giant fan's children heard that inning after inning? People would think what low class slime they are. And if that one fan- the biggest mouth- got into a big fight outside after the game? Most people would think "He asked for it,dirty Mexican". You think people here OR in LA would sympathize with that kind of low class?
BUT,you know..if your white,with blond kids...Its just so obvious. I've tried writing this on local blogs..every time they deleted it or in the case of 415 and LC,they wouldn't post it to begin with. You cant say a thing about Brian Stowe that's truthful.

Radnich heckeled?

The other day Kate said to the live show they did today,that she hopes they don't chant like last time " you suck".  Not an exact quote. But,like that.
He everyday does the shock jock "I watch the Dodgers" "I talk about my money".."My wife is black and younger then me.."..And he spends hours a week saying he gets hate texts and how terrible those people (republican,white and young) are! He even admits the Puig love is just to get Giant fans angry. He said that on KRON.
And he wonders why they even attack his mom. Morons everywhere in bay area media...

The crazy bay area sports columnists...

I get a whole lot of dirty flack from columnists. So,lets review what they write for a living: Lowell Cohn defends the addiction of nicotine like a true libertarian. You know,its your right to poison yourself and pass the cost on to society. And get the kids on to it too. On that I'm dead right.
Tim Kawakami? A man with real issues. "Reproach"..and so god awful on even understanding who has talent..the man swore the Giants needed to trade Tim Lincecum...before he won 2 Cy Youngs and the Giants 2 WS. David Lee.  He says "insane" a lot. No wonder.
Monte Poole..has his agenda that's not subtle..even Love for Klay is bad because Love is white and no white player can be equal to black has been Monte's dogma for years.  He also wrote an article attacking article 9 that gives SOME equality to woman sports. It was incredibly misogynist column..and yet woman sportswriters said nothing.
Mark Purdy? his idolizing of A's owner Wollf is extreme. I only wonder what perks he's recieved? What FAVORS,inside info? the Neukom firing..wink wink.  Something not on the level with him,the A's and truth.
SF gate writers? They thought Aaron Rowens and Barry Zito were such swell they ate a quarter billion dollars for smelling stadium air.
All of them fear the valley of truth. It doesn't pay.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SF firefighters run over young girl. Then pat themselves on the back.

I hate- despise the systems that protect imbeciles in the Police or Firefighters. And I despise the spokespeople for those departments who tell the media bullshit so they hadn't killed  a young lady,they made a "error". No punishment,no firing. Your money at work..and ripped off.
Oh,and the girl was Asian?...THAT made it ok with local media. They accept it. Racist bastards.

KTVU Ch 2 is dead to the bay area. Goes to the Religion of FOX.

HA!..That's the end of ch2 news as we know it. Now,we will get the anti Obama,anti-bay area slant,anti liberal dogma . If I could delete ch2 from my TV menu,I will. I don't even want to surf past that channel. Ch 4,5, and 7? Here I come!

Only a moron supports chewing tobacco.

Its cancer causing and addictive. Do we need more drug addicts? And who pays for those baseball players medical bills in the long run?.You and me.  That chewing tobacco has escaped being made illegal is no excuse to support its use. Unless,your a moron.
What a charmed and easy life a columnist must have to never see the addiction in his family or friends to the point he writes its fine and dandy for the public- kids- to see Baseball players push drugs. Legal or not.  What an embarrassment to write you support tobacco.

Monday, June 23, 2014

USA draws with Portugal- Stan reports why...

With a minute left and America has the ball? That Bradley- who played like crap the entire game?..instead of clearing the ball,passing...he dribbled right into Portugal's defense who promptly stole the ball, and you could also see as the Portuguese ran down field the Americans were just jogging! it was a gift tie. Bradly - the tall bald guy- needs to sit. He hurt the USA over and over.

Punk calls Stan "Nigger".

I aint light skinned,and no skinny nose or lips...but the punk IS white. So,I guess the idiot see's all dark people as Niggers.  He's that spoiled white punk type who like to kill animals at the kids zoo at night. He's scum. I ain't losing to this punk. Never. Ever.

Giants to honor Gwynn??? Enough!

What did I say? I said the reason for all the fuss over a player for another team in local media is because he must have been admired by Larry Baer. I said that days ago on this very blog. The local media mentioned Welch for a day...then no more. Chuck Noll? nada!..not even a clip that I saw on Yahoo. Baer must have known Gwynn personally. Hey,its that life lesson of who you know...Good people die every day,and Larry Baer doesn't give a damn.
I've never seen any fuss like this over an outside the bay area sports star die. Tom Brady wont get this when Giselle kills him with kinky sex!...3-4 woman at a time for Tom when he's 59 will do the trick....

Ken Korach now exploiting Bill King.

The many gratuitous mentions of the late Bill King during A's game by announcer Ken Korach who wrote a book on Bill King has now crossed a line. From fond memories to "Sell and push my book".  Its getting uncomfortable when Ken see's a hot dog vendor go by with the A's having the bases loaded and Ken comes back with "And Bill King liked hot dogs..oh, a grand slam. Bill King liked grand slams".
Just do the game Ken. Make money on your free interviews. Like a friend of Bill might do.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stan popular in Russia.

Thanks I guess,to those who are sending my blog to sites that carry interesting writings.I see me in other country's too. One,is in Russian,another is in Malaysian,I think it is...square characters are what PC language?
I wish I could remember one sites was on my stats for a day or so..then not. Something about I Googled..and something about my blog was forwarded. Terrible that the name is gone.

Liam is gay after all.

If your a faithful reader,you remember on 415 blog after the Giants first World Series championship,I wrote that Liam went up to Brian Wilson,and ..uh,affectionately put his arm around Wilson's shoulder and asked him some question. Wilson,just stared at Liam's hand draped over him at first,gave a short answer,then ran away!
Now,his being gay isn't a big deal..It just explains my observation of his overt chummy feelings for Brian Wilson.
Right again!
Oop,I forgot to add.. he's hosting some show on ch20 ..and he said "he's queer".  Eh,more power to him. Kind of showed Wilson gets a bit more thrown off then his persona portrays huh?....

Punk makes threat,Stan,stands his ground,punk doesn't.

Yeah..he had the clutch fixed..never learns. The neighborhood "menso". Dummy.  Yep,he's the guy who blew the engine on a 2000's Mustang doing donuts...and now a beater 5.0 he had to replace the clutch showing off. No,I never see him with woman. What a surprise.
Today,we went back and forth..and he unplugged his seatbelt, started to get out of the car,and I  of course..moved forward. I was ready to go. He saw that,got back in his car and just as the light turned green..took off,DRAGGING his seat belt buckle and harness that was caught in the door- lol.
Yes he's an idiot,and I have legal plans for getting that guy thrown out of his apartment..IF he lives where he seem to drive in the direction of.
This is the jungle..I expect no help from other neighbors or police.

Stan cures Pablo's slump...

Last month,Lowell Cohn wrote how Pablo wasn't worth the big contract..his hitting was in the low 200's. So,I wrote that Pablo's problem is every swing is an uppercut..he's beating ground balls by topping them. He needs to keep a level swing to get back to spraying the ball to all fields like he used to. I wondered why Giant coaches didn't see that?
Well,afterwords Pablo got hot..and his hits have been to all fields. Leave the upper decks to Pence and Morse.If Pablo Sandoval wants to hit,he's got to get out of the HR,swing -for the-fences habit. And lately,he has.
Connect the dots...I write,it happens. CONNECT!

KTVU to make news segment of Stan post..

KTVU took my idea on the handicap placard malarkey..most are on expensive cars,not on 40 year old Oldsmobiles driven by grandpa..or great grandpa. I would take it going by placards alone,the handicapped are wealthy and wear Ray Bans as they drive. They like canoiing too as I said.
People have no shame.
Go get them KTVU.
And give me credit..sure.

The burning,searing hate that fuels this explosive blog...

If you want a mommy blog? Fuck off!.  And why you will NEVER see any photos of me with local celebs and star fucking. None of them have ever done a damn thing for me,and none ever will. I wouldn't degrade myself to ask if I could stand next to them for a selfie.. Why not just ask if you can blow them?
This blog runs on nitro truth. I am napalm of truth.. Beware media!..the truth is on to you. The Keyboard really is mightier then the sword.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

KRON made comeback with brown and yellow people,and now is back to ...

Its true isn't it? Pero hired hot woman of color..and reporters,that took KRON out of the dumpster rating wise..and now? I see every male reporter for KRON is white. No more Da's and Emilio's..all Scotts and Robs.
Oh man,the bay area has THE most racist media in the country. Even when we succeed as "the other colors" we get doors slammed,ceilings of steel. And nobody to speak out.
Except me.

Scott Reise on ch5. Good,I hope they got rid of Vern...

The lesser of two evils..another WASP over a Raddy clone.   But,it shows the good old boy club goes round and round. You white guys have it matter how many of you fail,the GMs and the PD,ND's all hire and re hire more of you! One Mexican American existed 25 years ago on local Tv,left- boom,door shut!

Pretty girls and money= wearing less clothes..

I was in Pleasanton and it wasn't especially warm..72f or so. But all those young woman and middle aged too..were in short shorts,daisy dukes or sundresses. Lots of cleavage on the older gals showing off their still young looking assets. And when I get back to the inner eastbay?  Every woman is in jeans,Sweatshirts.  And I see that over and over...where the money is? The less modesty the better seems to be the culture here in the bay area's wealthy areas. Is it part of that looking for a man who could afford the price tag on the vagina's in wealthy areas?..'Cause those woman sure seem to think it has one with millions stamped on that price tag.  I did notice too..over and over...the more money = thinner woman. All that money and they live off the vapors in expensive,what a life.
I mean,its pretty obvious that being a trophy woman is part of the outer bay area's affluent areas. Its not enough to be kind for what they want?.
Ya get what ya pay for.
Hey!..just think of what Radnich wife has to look at every day. She earns her money!

The Giants: "In June they swoon,and in July they die!".

My aunt used to say that decades ago. She was an A's fan!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Vernon Davis- a Rue Paul? Lucy Li,Lolita?

Man,Vernon looks a lot like the drag queen. He's also got off the heavy 'roid use...he's softened a lot since pushing that workout vid 4-5 years ago.  The Little girl-woman golfer? Jezuz,I thought ABCch7 was doing some real close camera shots of her picking up balls. They lingered . I didn't see anything like that on KRON.  All the white suncreen and red lipstick..
Everything with girls and woman is "Sex Sells".

Why is Radnich so jealous of the wealthy?

Any time money comes up..Radnich is the banker on the Beverly Hillbillies. He just cant say enough about the con. But it gets to him all the time when somebody he doesn't think earned the right to be stupendously wealthy. It ruins his day. He's really fixated on the dollar.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kevin Love to the Warriors another Stan call...3 years ago.

Starting three years ago,I said Love has to come to the Warriors. It was a  strong vibe I had..and posted that on SF Gate. Next thing I know,I'm reading on the internet. "Talk of a Love to the Warriors trade" is spreading. YEAH- by me!
Love is a perfect fit between Bogut and Curry. You can't ask for more..can't. I see the Warriors taking down the Clippers with near ease (near!)..and challenging Durant and Westbrook, Houston with Howard and Harden. Every bit the equal.  Lacob may buy favor with Warrior fans..and I'm ok with that..just win hombre,just win.

Neighborhood punk...quiet and I tell you why...

I was out there 3 days ago..and he came by,saw me...and I could hear that clutch just grind as he fought to find the right gear. That's right..the punk got what he deserved.. a burned clutch I think. I heard him a block away 2 days ago..and could hear that clutch...Now,I hear nothing-lol.

"Freaky" people are so damn normal...well adjusted..

I was watching HGTV and they did a front yard- like Dibs- of a couple of Gay guys in a SF Victorian. One had rings in his ears..and kept going to a big one in his nose. Those are a bit gross.  So,he's talking to the host..and its funny to hear him sound so normal. Even sophisticated. Never mind he wants to be your Daddy or some alternative sex fun-nothing wrong with it-but he if you only went by sound- he could have been a politician,school counselor. He reminded me of an episode of  Check Please!..same thing,some freaky looking guy in a Uncle Fester all black thing with a strange beard..jet black and with a stripe of black edging. And he talked like ...a best friend. Warm,good natured,highly intelligent..just THAT look. I would trust kidding. Even growing up a super liberal and meeting artistic people..I still have to fight off the judgment on looks....

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ted Griggs and his racist sports show...

Steve Berman...the blogger who has made friends with the right people- Griggs- gets a free pass. If YOU are part of the bay area majority minority? Fucking Griggs slams the door.   Griggs knows that what means. Ted Griggs,bigot,elitist piece of shit..

Brodie Brazil can do Drew's job cheaper,younger,with hair.

Drew is like any other company man. Now he's expendable and somebody else can do what he used to do..go one like nothing happened.
His severance pay is a firm handshake.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why it pays BIG TIME to be pretty girls...

I'm in my local ghetto market- Food Source and in line...and the tough boxer looking cashier guy says "Excuse me!" as he rushes out from behind the counter..and I hear somebody who looked like a 20 something customer say "Security spotted her leaving without being in line"...and the Boxer guy- shaved head about mid 40's in tie, catches up to two young pretty and petite white or light skinned latino  young woman. One in a short sundress with stylish matching hat and the other young woman in jeans with a kid about 6-8 years old.  And I can hear him ask her "Do you have a receipt?" and he's got a good hold of her FULL cart...watermelon and lots and lots of groceries.
Well,I'm paying for my own chips and stuff...and I look up and over and both girls are walking away,no cart and SMILING. Like they just had a fun conversation,instead of being caught shoplifting....and after I pay and walk out? One is near her car just stretching her arms,and doing that girly leg crossing as calm as can and BOTH are smiling.
Do I have to say it?...Ugly woman,dark skinned people...and the Police are pulling up after a robbery- shoplifting call. He let them go. Maybe they claimed they lost the receipt-- it blew away 4 foot from the store exit. You don't believe that? neither.
In my younger days I dated a beautiful blond..and I saw that she could do anything- say anything, and people just didn't want to hold her accountable..even minority people of color seemed intimidated by pretty. I mean,she didn't steal or anything like that...but the F-U attitude with a smile..people went for that.
And here we are 20 years later...the power of pretty is forever.

Tori Campbell,Laura Anthony..two peas in a pod of Oleander.

Campbell gives me the chills...the cold look into the camera..the heavy wool coat. Both she and Anthony just sneer at the audience with total hatred of those--- inferiors watching!. I need a warning. CH 2 and 7 need to warn those that "Snears" will start so I can change the channel.  They upset me.

Radnich confirms Stan is right,hater text from guys at work..

He said it. Just what I wrote the other day. He paints the troll under the bridge stereotypes..and its his DEMOGRAPHICS that hate his interracial marriage. Talking about your black wife to white young republicans? No wonder Raddy needs to be escorted to and from his car..his main audience are NRA members.
I almost feel sorry for the guy.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Montel Poole still missing on Yahoo...check yur Milk cartons..

As I said..Rod Brooks is the present token black man on Yahoo.  I think Yahoo's next hire of an African American will be Samuel, the house.. of Django...
Hey,Comcast released a statement that they have never hired a Mexican American because "None of them have the proper stinking bajehs".  Oh, and signed by order of Ted Griggs.

Yahoo..Comcast..KNBR..all broke up over Gwynn!

Chuck Noll died..not as much as a peep. Noll built the greatest Football team ever,The Steelers.

 I guess this means that Larry Baer and Ted Griggs worshipped Gwynn. The bay are media..just in their own world.

When did Tony Gwynn play for the Giants? Radnich goes on and on..

The first hour was non stop Gwynn...then more with Bochy..and in between Tony Gwynn this and Tony Gwynn that.  Bob Welch didn't get that much air time and he played in Oakland. Ok,a really good player died..for another team that never won anything.  Whats the Radnich idoltry over Gwynn about?

Stan confronts neighborhood Exhaust punk.

He did it again. Pulled up to my house,and cut it loose. Only I was home. And I went out..And there he was, stuck at a redlight at the corner. And then I gave him some noise. I called him a Punk with a POS Mustang,and if wants to harrass me- here I am asshole. He stayed in his car...I aint a friendly looking guy when angry- he turned beat red faced..and I just kept hammering him for being a punk. Now,somebody I know was on my sidewalk..and his tearing rubber near her,just pulled my trigger. More then I could take.
That punk- white or light latino,never said a word,and as I started to recite his license plate number outloud,the light turned green and he took off like a bat out of hell.
I know the game. These punks around here are on probation. They like to act like big shots until you say "I'm contacting your probation officer"...95% of the time you guessed right, and THAT scares the hell out of them. I didn't survive the jungle of the hood and barrios be pushed around by punks.

license plate LZR..pos 70's orange Mustang  .Alert authorities if this blog goes real quiet forever...Never trust a punk to do whats right. Only whats wrong.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The lowest form of car lover..the performance exaust guy.

Who,like to step on it in residential neighborhoods..NOT open roads where there is nobody to annoy...I've called these guys down. I really have. And each and everyone,regardless if its a POS car or new,sounded like they had never read a book in their lives. I would bet most couldn't read a page. They really are the lowest form of car lover. they drive to annoy. The damage they do their car on squealing tires and drive-train?..the idiots laugh until they get the bill. I told ass in my hood burnt out a 2000's Mustang,now he drives a POS 5.0 70's.. I told my neighbors.."That guy is going to drop a transmission"..and he had to..the car wasn't even repaired!.
I pray for gentrification to hit my hood.. PRAY for it. Let Darwin throw the assholes out to some island off the coast of California where the cost of a home or apartment is dirt cheap.

And fuck the speed channels that have made driving like dangerous madmen in style. You know that's why it's now a fad..its that and Fast and Loud,I only can wonder how many people have been killed,maimed,and millions annoyed thanks to dummies inspired by bottom dollar TV shows with no society responsibilities. They tell you  "The redline is 9,000 and the speedometer is 160mph".  And the young and stupid swallow it..deep.

Giants worst meaningless three losses in a row- EVER!.

After today's Rocky comeback to take the lead? After a Ah,shit!?..I bad as they were..stupendously incredibly bad blown leads..Was it the WS? nah. The NLCS? nah. A tough division loss knocking them out of something? nah.Nah,NAH.  Just another 3 losses in a row..big deal. Have a beer,go back to looking at naked girls on the net.

Yep,Guru and Zachariah...the best Sports Show on the Radio..

Nobody talks like  Tim Roye...that inflection is fine for pbp or selling Coca Cola..but When local sports guys go into that voice...eesh.
Well,back to G&,a hard name to spell...These guys know sports no.1. and no.2 they sound real..and happy guys. I would think they would be great M-F as morning show hosts..blow pauly and murphy out of the water relatively speaking. Two parrots on KNBR will always get high ratings. Even if only one does the talking.
On 95.7..I'm listening to these guys..and when the show ends?..the shock of somnolent Rick Tittle's voice is like instant narcolepsy..even if he is a great guy on Raiders.
If Barret had one testicle..get rid of the morning quagmire,the morning Vietnam of the game vs KNBR. and put two fast guys who sound bay area to me. I would listen in the morning. Its so obvious. They are good.

First it was MTV...Plus more!

No music on the Music channel,No garden shows on Home and Garden channel..and now I travel shows on the Travel channel. Just Andrew Zimmerman eating deep fried roaches. What the hell is the point?. "Evolved?"..just change your name and stop the crazy fantasy you show music vids 24/7,have real Gardening shows,or have cute blond hosts going to Bangkok instead of fat and bald Andy running the network feeding his gut.
Now that I look into it...
There's no learning on The Learning Channel. Honey boo-boo? You learn what an obese 8 year old girl wants? Not much animal to the Animal Planet Channel either. Bravo?..LOL,long gave up being the "Arts" channel. Its"real" housewives channel and other narcissistic materialistic greedy people channel now. Yeah,watching plain jane woman with money load up on makeup and flashy clothes and weird hair to be self styled and self called Diva's. More like dives.

If life hands you rotten lemons..make rotten lemonade?

And then your stuck with that sum bitch. No matter how much sugar you add.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stan calls it again. Romo..with huge help from Pagan gaves up HR..

Well,I did it again. Thank you!
Pagan looked like a LL player..horrible route.

Romo on the Rocks..

You know, Romo IS 31.  And even if he's 5' 10"...that light duty frame to him isn't seething with muscle and hard fat. I think this is his last year as closer. I see Sabean doing a Beane and finding the "All Star" closer off somebody's roster. A Morse in relief.
Romo did over that thing he had to give up the killer HR...but after two solid years,he's getting back to that. The loss to Colorado- the second time he's been overran by them in the ninth, should have been a sure cap tipping. I don't want to hear that. Well,the season ain't over and Sergio could still be the WS MVP ..I hope.
btw...He's married to a blond...Uh-huh. wink-wink.

Stan describes the Radnich interrracial marriage haters....

Radnich has it wrong. Dead wrong. He wants to imagine those texts coming from lonely losers sitting all alone?..uh-uh. They are coming from the guys in the blue Toyota pickups with big tires,American flags ( on their Japanese truck) and those Republican bumper slogans. And they got some money..they buy the text toys- right?..and listen.
Most people I've met who listened to Radnich had his show on at their job...and they just hated them liberals and all the coons on welfare, and Meskins crossing the border,and those towel heads..and .you get it now? IT'S HIS DEMOGRAPHICS that hate his interracial marriage.
Me? I get on him because he doesn't see how hypocritical he can be. Black wife..and get African Americans to bash Obama. I'm a minority in the minority about Radnich. No,his worst haters..are the majority.

Btw.. Its like when Raddy said Kate Scott fans "Were lonely guys". I bet they are far from that. And so are the haters,I bet Kate will tell you that. She knows where the hate audience is with KNBR.  I wonder if Hammer sends her text under other names?..

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dan Dibley and his MILF on HGTV.

I caught the little imp on one of those renovation shows that seems to do a whole lot of those SF-Berkeley- Oakland bungalows. The Tudors or Spanish revivals or the quaint little castles they did in the early 20th century. Dibs has one in the Oakland hills. I know we had just a plain house in the flats of  Oakland as a kid,and we visited friends or relatives who might have one of those. Seems like they are getting some appreciation now..if not torn down for a McMansion.
So anyways, I'm watching Dibs and the host kid around while his wife Chanda is sort of the cool cat. But, I tell ya..she did some flirting with the handsome movie star looking gay guy host. Chanda is still smouldering. The host of course was like "I'm not interested"..but funny he kind of played back later in the show..some leaning in on each other that brought some smiles to Chanda. She has great legs..very smooth and shapely. The hairdo needs work. She would be killer blond.
Funny,but you could almost see that Dibs was told to let the yard go to as make a real "before" that needed help. It was different. The TV host went on 95.7 and just went all flamboyant laughing that "The Warriors won the Super Bowl!"my niece used to say things like that.
Later all the Dibs friends gathered for a party...they seemed to be mostly college educated people. What you see in North Oakland and Montclair. Lots of pretty white girls who aren't rushing to hit the car locks like they do in Moroga when men of color pass by.Or Danville.
Dibs house looked good finished. I'm pretty sure he's killed off most of the landscaping by now...
One last observation. I don't see Chanda as somebody who could take listening to Radnich. She without a doubt, was ok for Dibs going on to better things...

Radnich wonders why he gets hate mail/texts about his family. ..

Look,ya big dope. You are a shock jock,you even took the tact that Sterling "Was set up"..and only backed down when you got -rightfully- howls of protest. So,you can't have it both ways. You can't tell us Alicia loves FOX news and the scum Mike Savage...then paint her as the "warm hearted mom". Yeah,who's standing at the border handing out bullets to Militia's?.  You want to be known as "the family man"..when your groping and now KISSING Heenan on air?. when your into your SECOND family at 65?
Now,I don't agree with all the racist hate mail you get about Massa and slave wife and plantations.but you ASK FOR IT.  You want that low life KNBR audience..all white and young and Republican admire that you married a black woman? Compliment you?..are you nuts?.
My readers should know...I don't send the man a damn thing. And I think the emails of "nigger lover" are from people who should be taken out into the alley and shot dead. I dated black woman. Many nice memories. Same for Jewish woman..and of course Asian woman (and blonds where I was first exposed to the power of blond.)...  Unlike John Mayer my penis isn't racist. God I hate that fucker.
So Radnich cant rip away...then come right back with stories of how cute his kids are..I mean he can..but he just invites the far right to pound his family. And yes,I bet the worst are from republican conservatives. THEY get worked up over interracial this or that.
I never saw a local celeb who tried so hard to be hated by a whole spectrum. If you think that's what cuts your check Radnich..then take the abuse and shut the hell up.

De La Cruz ...tones it down by Wednesday...

After her flashy first day very Vegas showgirl like with big hair and sort of plunging neckline, Veronica was the one to show mom a couple of days more up,and sweater. Yeah,she's got style,some thing they call "it".  Allan Martin?..ugh. He gives woman a soft on. Bland. He and Mallicoat...Cruz and Gonzalez...yep,the same "types" hired by somebody with real eclectic tastes because I see no connection. More later...

Stan to switch from 2 to 5 at 10?

I might. Ch2's Haener is too robotic. Somersvilles is ok...after all the years he's ok.  Its TV..and sometimes you get tired of looking at the same face. Ch2 with its 10pm and Tori Campbell has a lot of that going for it. They seem to be doing things in reverse at 2...getting rid of quality reporters and hanging on and on to very replaceable anchors.  Jeez,Tori is just an embarrassment..not sure how ch2 looks the other way. Noell Walker has that tough but fair hot blond vibe as a fill in for Tori the Lorry. Squawk! I just read whats in front,Squawk!

Getting older is a trip ,man.

Some gentlemen I hired to do some repairs? He's about 70..and he's Filipino,and he listens to Metallica and modern rock,even some alt rock. It used be people who I thought were old,listened to Perry Como. I might have to re think music and getting older.

The Stan comment Lowell Cohn wouldnt let you read..

"All the progress in modern sports,are all the things I advocate..the integration,the inclusions the rules for safety...ALL things that are liberal ideas. The sports dial is set to Stan!"...And Lowell still representing the status quo deleted that. But I am right. Sports isn't going conservative,backwards..its going in my direction.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


TRUTH..ALL TRUTH..nobody gets a free pass. Eh,maybe your poor and downtrodden and the ill and sick. This is the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world. Nobody should want.

btw- Goddam Mayor Ed Lee for spending 11 MILLION DOLLARS ON THE AMERICA'S CUP.  What an obscene way for a progressive city to use money..have a party for billionaires at the expense of the  workers who struggle to pay rent for a flat. For families who have several generations pooling together to make it...and Ed Lee says let them eat cake with Larry Ellison. Goddam them all.

Title part of GOOGLE PLUS.

You can figure it all out..tell friends!

Monte Poole taken off the air?

I see Ann,Ray..far too much Barry. Haven't seen Monte. Either he's fallen out of favor or is on one hell of a vacation.
He left a great job at the be Kozimors lackey?..ugh.

btw When Ted Griggs needs the token black man/person of color Rod Brooks seems to have replaced Monte.
If Griggs and the rest of the media powers only lived in a wicker home huh?

On trying to silence Stan..

I've gotten tired of the local blogs by columnists. They lie to you. They are on the take. Lowell from Lacob,Kawakami from Beane and Purdy from Wolff. And why you will never read any truth from,you get Kawamai going over David Lee, Purdy bashing Oakland, and Lowell has his alliances he sticks to wrong or right..Marty Lurie,Rich Leiberman, stand out among others.
There are no Latino columnists..and when push comes to shove,those mentioned cant wait to turn on me. Their own tribes? Never!,maybe an Al Davis..but thats because there are SO   Latino's have..uh,Tom Flores..then uh,..I guess thats it.
So,no point in me reaching out to them half saw the garbage Leiberman pulled for what used to be a faithful contributor. Let him work for his own hits.  TV is just as bad. Comcast under Griggs is bad comedy TV..its Ann Killion doing standup with her partner Tim Kawakami..just lame after lame joke followed by that incessant giggling. Even Lowell is in the Catskills with Barry. THEY SAY NOTHING.  Its like..make me famous,pay me.  The motivation? "I dunno"..they aren't reporting,its not commentary. Its bad stand up comedy . THAT'S what Ted Griggs has done to people who taught lit at Stanford..reduced them to clowns in big feet.
No,a Latino trying to make it in the bay area sports media has no chance. Al Madrigal who stars on the Dailey Show?..Griggs would have put his resume into the round file.  Its interesting that when Al is in the bay area? Comcast- Yahoo never seems able to find Al. Like he's invisible to them.
 I could say what I wish...but  it could either be some fantasy 60's peace and love thing all the way down to airplanes and big buildings...and it still wouldn't change the deep seated bigotry that those in control have.

Catherine Heenan confirms..she's a cheap-and repressed- slut!.

As per my many posts she and Radnich were kissing and "shaking hands"..for near the duration of the sports live on KRON. You have to be a repressed Republican woman if Raddy give you jollies..and that game they play on air,ranges from sex play that turns them totally unprofessional. Just two dinosaurs doing their bucket list.
You can feel the Stan posts now everyday on that newscast ..even outing Pero as enjoying seeing his anchorwoman being degraded with Radnich "jokes" to " flirting" sex play.  Its like if the ratings go up a micropoint..then lets get naked!..says Pero.
I never did like Heenan..ever since the Oscar Grant death,when she told Da Lin to show us "Those niggers breaking something"..not a exact quote but I watched and heard her,and thats what she meant. Like a good Republican broadcaster Cathy Heenan wanted to see blood spilled. I lost all respect for her then. And now with this Radnich nonsense..the cheap thrills? KRON has gone to hell. I can see myself a 5 guy. Except for Vern/Raddy2.0....
Let me finish..if you've read my know that I hit the KRON nerve. Fuck Leiberman,he cant use me to extort Raddy anymore. Those two deserve each other. And bring Lowell on the date you guys...

Veronica De La Cruz makes a difference...

You know,she does have star power.  I find myself looking to 5 already. But my god, is Martin not a match. his deadpan screams jealousy. If it wasn't Mallicoat pulling that on the cute Cook,its Martin doing the " She's no big deal"..already.
You do know Filipino's have the highest income in the state. Higher then White people,higher of course then Chinese and Japanese. And they are humble pious people not yet buying into the American haughty bullshit. Here's hoping she does throw here weight around at 5 someday and make people cringe. It would be what they deserve.

Larry Beil- Ben Stiller, seperated at birth?

You KNOW both think they are just soooo handsome and suave witty guys too. Stiller ended up married to the Marsha of Brady bunch looking actress. A blond. Let me guess what Larry
I'm not sure why Tracy thought that Larry should jump over Shuman for sports director AND be an anchor? Must be wink-wink.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Comcast sports...the "skin color" crayon is Griggs favorite.

It was white to the left and white to the right. Man,Griggs wouldnt let a Mexican on that show if his life was at stake. And Tim Kawakami is the only Asian man in the bay area who knows about Baseball, sensi. Those Asian people- just know Goldfish and bamboo Griggs figures.
In the bay area Ted Griggs cant find funny bay area Mexican and Asian Americans who know sports. Or,he's not looking,or He's a fucking racist . I think the last myself. Because if he's a smart guy,then his being a racist bastard is the only way to explain it.

Radnich KRON producer cutting the bs chit chat...

I thought it was just tell the sports and goodby pretty fast and efficient the other day,and yesterday Radnich whined that the new producer was saying he was going to cut the Radnich talk time. No doubt he's embarrassed by what fellow Raddy Republican Aaron Pero has allowed Radnich to get away with over the years...the demeaning of woman co workers is just pure Republican dogma. Harry Reasoners spirit lives in the KRON producer Pero. No matter how much Moore laughs at the insults..doesn't change that they are insults. Pam's enabling isn't good for woman. SO ,new producer Mike,I think his name is has his work cut out for him. He cant change stupid...but he can cut it off.
Oh,and Raddy thought he had a free grope of Jackie the other day..pretending to give her money. She pulled those hands of hers back so fast...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Veronica De La Cruz,the Filipino Bombshell.

My first sighting of her tonight..she was dressed to kill,had the sexy long "Rachel" hairdo for 2014..and lots of makeup. Girly.  Sort of like former ch7 Terilyn Jo,only with a heart. She sure makes Allen Martin look dull..I mean between Martin and the weather guy who's like the 50's icon "Bob" and his pipe its nothing but squares ,man...she needs somebody hip. Talk about fish out of water. Hard to figure that the same ND who demoted Roberta Gonzalez..then hires Veronica. Admitting an error?
Well, I hope she thrives here. We have a huge Filipino community and like they joke there - most of the fog in Daly City is from the steam of the rice cookers!

Comcast sports...the turnovers and the holdovers..

I see that when Bob Welch passed Comcast of course got ...Rod Brooks to eulogize??? I guess Monte Poole and Kozimor might be the two on set who are feuding its rumored. Monte would be of the Welch days..Rod admitted,he was a kid in Welch's heyday.  Welch's grape jelly was more on young Rods mind back then.
Comcast/Yahoo is just formula now. When I record it..I can FF commercials,MMA,NHL,Golf,Auto racing, and player interviews of players known to say nothing. An hour show in 12 minutes. You know you can see Ted Griggs and Larry Baer holding hands feeding each other popcorn during the program..its been defanged of any controversy. Even Lowell Cohn can be counted on now to tow the company line.
I might be a super genius,but can the local sports media do SOMETHING to reach out to me? Replace Kozimor with a dog.

Larry Beil..that face,where have I seen that face?

I look at that face,the way he moves his lips..and its sort of like Planet of the Apes..with blue eyes. And some of those puppets in those 80's music Video's.  Remember those Brits puppets?  I saved a recent new version of POTA and the movies screenshot is a closeup of the ape face..damn,just like Larry.  Oh,and I have nothing at all against the guy..not a rip. Well,not a rip because on his personality...just that face, a Stan observation.
Hey,hes probably a great guy.

Is Huff still stabbing Pablo in the back?

I heard that a few weeks ago Huff on 95.7 was going on how Pablo wasn't worth a huge contract unlike Pence who he deemed worthy,etc.  First of all,Huff should be the last to go there..and the feeling I got that the local media was agreeing with Huff is more of why I hate the local sports media..they really are idiots.
I don't listen to 95.7 in the morning...just the idea of Bucher,Huff and Townsend- the last the lesser of three boring evils, just turns me off to no end. All I get from Huff is seeing a skinny guy with a gut,belching beer and stupid opinions. Huff as a good Giant memory was by the thinnest of wire. Bashing Pablo puts him in the same crock of shit as Bumgarner not wanting to meet Obama..right wing asshole. He can pitch..but when he cant?- get his ass out of SF.

Idiot man child Radnich on his being a whore...and on Vern.

He was egging Kreuger on to brag of getting a leased Jeep. And then kept going.."Kate tell us what you trade out for" I guess trade out is what a celeb does to prove they are for sale. Usually in anything related to journalism,that would be shameful...but not in bay area sports where the Republican ideal is pasted as normal. So anyways..Kate said nothing. As Radnich was left with his tongue hanging out and slobber dripping.
Radnich is so ful of shit. He tried the other day to brown nose Vern on KRON. "Vern never had a bad word to say about anybody did he Jackie?"..and Jackie might as well have said bullshit! no answer came forth. You only have to read what KRON interns have to say about working for Vern to see he also picked up the Radnich asshole arrogance. I never watch ch5 weekend sports if Raddy2 is there.
Yep,Raddy is just a blackhole of being an asshole.
One last.. I hate that game he plays where he takes the blue pill for when Cathy does the news..and then wants her to look down there...yeah,too obvious.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Best show on TV: Through the Wormhole.

 What a great show. I watch it all the time,have quite a few episodes saved and I watch them all the time. Hosted by Morgan Freeman its the best layman's science program to ever hit television. Each episode opens with Freeman relating some childhood tale of wonder to the modern subject...danged,if young Stan didnt do the same thing all the time. When will the Universe end I wondered around 7 seven years old. Or, around Jr High..why if the Universe is infinite,isn't the sky white?..everyplace you look should be a star..and no room for blackness I thought. Years later I found my answer...light hasn't reached the Earth from those infinite-or nearly so- stars. Proving the Universe isn't infinitely old. But its damn big.
But back to the show..It tackles all that and more...Greed,Fate,Love...all just a combo of chemicals and formula every time. Aliens, Black holes,Time.  Its done so well too. I'm not so sure if  what they say as the final answer is "the final answer" the scientist who calculated that we could only possibly learn 10 to the 16th power all information before we collapse into a black hole of a big brain we create you might say while he figured the Universe has 10 to the 24 power total information!..Eh,telling the Universe what it knows seems bold. And putting a number on
One episode you don't want to miss is "time"...I like the Holograph Universe idea. It really makes sense that all that happened,is happening,and will happen,is "recorded" somewhere..and we live on the recording,repeating like a grove on a record. have quantum theory that beats it into you that everything is an illusion and a gamble and not solid. uh,Now blend those two for your prize.
What a great show. I could write for hours on it..more one day.

Ch7's Sandy Patel could moonlight at Hooters..

She's not the b cup she was when she started at ABC7.  Either its from having a gaggle of kids,or Sandy invested some of her earnings into being "healthy". Its always extra hot when somebody wholesome goes sexy.
Yep,,I notice Sandy...

Stan predicted Lacob..

When I heard Bob Fitzgerald today just belittle all the things Derek Fisher has done in the NBA, and even blaming his one bad year- not as Nelson the drunks fault,but something to do with Fisher, it reminded me of what I wrote about Bob when Lacob took over..and kept Fitzgerald. I said then that tells me that Joe Lacob like Chris Cohan, likes the company spy and shill. Oh ho! Does he!  Fitz,Raymond Ritter..still a right hand "flunkster"...kept on. You would think they represent what was wrong with the past..and of course you would think right..but they stay and flourish. Joe Lacob tried to drop Jim Barnett,while giving Fitzgerald a multi year contract at the same time!
Joe Lacob will play dirty..he's proven it.

Quantum entanglement and you. + more added...

I've been thinking about the future of quantum computing..and its frightening. I already posted of the future scenario of some angry teen causing the end of civilization by using the instantaneous of the quantum computer to shut down the worlds power grid..or burn it out with a virus. There might not ever be a firewall powerful enough to stop one. Its going to be as simple as whoever makes the first move..wins. We all die because some summer intern uses the MIT labs Windows 2050.(ADDED) As I foresee it...It would be a IBM or MIT in the near future to have the billions to develop one powerful QC long before the rest of the world. In other words, it would have no rival,nothing to outsmart it when used by some angry scientist. A narrow window of time and development..and that could be all it takes to end the human race. Maybe,a group or person who wants to end the mass extinction of animal and plant life from the human population explosion...could shut down the power drinking water,no electricity...nothing. upwards of 90% of the human race would be killed off in the first year ( I got that stat from a science program on what would happen if a solar flare took out the grid- so its a real and SCARY stat) I know I don't have water to last me,food. So,a goal to restore the Earth to Nature might be one scenario.

I was also thinking since quantum entanglement basically involves the whole universe being in on the same page,what would a prevent future society...very far future.. from getting to the point where the Universe itself could be changed with a thought?
Just as we know that time travelers havent I guess nobody has built that time machine,I guess nowhere in out universe is there a power able,or at least wants to...end it all.
Still, its possible. Something to think about.
I love science.

Kate Scott's great vacation tale...

Raddy all cheerful: So Kate tell us about your fun,all night drinking?...then Kate said no  heavy drinking just fun on the beach with some friends over the weekend.  Radnich and Kruger wanted to know more with big smiles. " And a shout out to my friends on the Russian River" says Kate..At that? Raddy and Krugers eyelids dropped. You could see the lightbulb go on " Oh,the gay hangout".  Radnich just cut her she hadnt said a thing and went back to sports.
Berkeley Lesbian + 2 republican males = that.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The hot blond is the great uniter!

You notice that Lacob and other wealthy Jewish guys prefer a hot Aryan blond? And so do wealthy African American men like Tiger Woods and other black pro athletes, even the Latino's like Freddy Sanchez to Cheech married hot blonds. Hell,Lesbians like Ellen and the fat one who argues with Trump prefer hot blonds!... All Hail the hot blond!...the UNITER!..wink wink.

Steve Moscotwitz civil rights attorney for all Niggers,Chinks, and wetbacks..

"Are you a nigger, chink or wetback scientist,?" " And you want to work at Lawrence Livermore Lab?"  I Steve Moscowitz can get you janitor wages!". "Its all you deserve!".

Yeah,Steve's a great civil rights guy. Has the right frame of mind.

Wolff and Davis..holding ouf for more welfare...

As if it isn't bad enough poor Alameda county is STILL paying the Raiders millions for nothing essentially,but mayoral candidate Kaplan sounds like she wants to give them MORE! And when the media implies she "speaks their language unlike Quan" You know what that means.  Jean Quan at least pointed to the Warriors as examples of- They poor mouthed then bought land at 100x the cost of building right on Hegenburger.
Dont listen to media shills happy to please for a free hot dog.

The Mark Jackson firing ,a fiasco for the bay area media...

To me,it hit all the buttons, it outed deep seated prejudices and bigotry,it revealed media- ownership alliances rotten to the core. From Lowell Cohns almost blind fawning and agreement with the Lacob press machine to the puppet duo of Kawamaki and Marcus Thompson glowing reviews of Lacob,Golden boy Kerr and the always sweaty Meyers.
Its insane to even think that a Mark Jackson needs to learn how to run a basketball team. Go ahead teach Picasso how to paint Bob. Why not? You and Joe seem to know everything to the point that a winning coach is the guy "who doesn't get it" !!. Jackson,stated what he would do from the day he was hired..THEN HE DID IT.
So here we for some reason holding Joe's hand stroking him because Mark Jackson is a bad man.
Except Stan. And Kerr had better win...

And one more..this is just part of the bigger picture in pro sports. White men still cling to the idea they excel at the "Intellectual" side of sports..the execs,those who make the decisions and hire, the cream seemingly rising to the top over and over..the A's and Giants are lily white at the top also.  Mark Jackson proved what people of color have said all along..even when we do the job...there is always a shorter leash. And lord help those who have a better alternative philosophy. Because,there surely wont be any help from the Earthly top floor.

Morse hits game winner...

See? When I  go nice on somebody good fortune follows them..

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Handicapped placards are for the wealthy OR the wealthy are handicapped...

Its a joke..go to Walmart.every super luxury Benz has a "handicapped" placard...every bar in town has the nicest car with one. And nobody stepping out is elderly or in need of a chair.  Its MILFs and yuppies using grandpa's placard..or fakes like you know most in SF are. At least they cheat to park for free in the eastbay its just because they are lazy and privileged.
When I see a SUV with a canoe or bmx  with handicapped placard- and I HAVE seen that- I wonder,hmmm....

A's ,Giant's..just too good.

In a sport dominated by mediocrity...the playing field in MLB is level alright, the A's and Giants are flying near a 2 wins to one loss percentage,near 20 wins over .500 in June. No swooning this year. Amazing..A's fans are now coming back. Two years ago,the franchise began winning..and then said "Where are the fans?"..Well,like I said then- Its time for the team to show they aren't getting better for another city. After years of bashing their own family..they wanted us to embrace them just like that? The A's are now coming around..from Fisher and Wollf down to Beane man, "We are an Oakland team".  And A's fans are puckering up lips.  Everything I ever thought...has been proven right.  Beane,in those losing years,pocketed a fortune. He,and Fisher and Wollf must have decided that maybe its time to try to win? As long as they are all super wealthy?
It also shows all the A's complaints  were smoke..and bullshit. Excuses.

The Giants?...Sabean. The team is lost without him. I would guess a bad GM could ruin the Giants in half a season. Don Nelson would have traded everybody away and made the team all base stealers. Herb Washingtons. Eh,you remember him.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Never tell Jim Harbaugh a cute story about your cat.

He will look at you mouth open,thinking you are the biggest piece of garbage he's seen today. Then,he will stick an ice pick in your ear.
Don't get cute with Jim,he will fuck you up.

Speaking of Jim's mouth open stare and bulging eyes at Kawakami? The last time I saw something like that was "Aliens" When the android did the Bowie Knife between the fingers trick. Paxson is Harbaugh or vice versa.

Stan schools Moscowitz...

Let me tell you Steve jackass,....When you finish your education you will learn the Los Angeles Lago's play in a city with millions and millions and a few more million Mexican Americans and Latino's.  Its not like doing the broadcast for the Minnesota Lakers in Spanish.  But,I'm SURE,that Steve Moscovwitz runs in a crowd of NO Latinos as close friends- right Steve? And I sure don't see any in his commercials..just white men,and female's blond and hot. Oh,THAT he HAS to hire!
So wipe the smug off your face Steve. You've been outed as a bigot.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fuck Steve Moskowitz,Ambulance chaser!..racist.

Giving of his lame opinions the scum for hire compared the Spanish Lakers announcer worthiness to the English announcer as "Comparing the Janitors wage to the Brain surgeon" Fuck you Steve. And fuck the sneer as you said it you racist bastard. That solemn soul mate of yours - Kozimor? the same. You two were like monks in the same brotherhood nodding in agreement.
Moscowitz is a shill...he does anything you pay him for,and that means he does nothing well. Waste your money-hire him.

HEY's hoping one of them ambulances runs you over...A wish.

But hey,What do you all expect..He's a Ted Griggs specialty.  And Griggs is the biggest right winger around..

Morse,the bigger Jack Clark.

That's who he reminds me of..a bigger JC.    Has a better 'tude too.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MT2 sez "Warriors on a campaign of smear". Yeah? who said that first?

Me.  And no doubt the Merc writer took his cue seeing that my posts were holding up..while his "Kerr is the man!' posts of a few weeks ago are now something he regrets.
As usual,Stan is far ahead of the idiot bay area sports media those..clowns,fools,shysters and whores.

KGO radio- same today as yesterday,Stan reports.

That about covers it.

How much you want to bet Mattier and Ross,Stanley Roberts,didnt vote either?

Idiot Radnich admitted it...but I wonder how many of the local political pundits..newspaper editorial writers, Cathy Heenan!..did not vote?. Add the anchors of other channels and those hand wringing editorial readers. It would be a great idea of a story for a real journalist to look into Tim Kawakami's voting record, or Mike Krukow,...Ted Griggs. All the local movers. I don't see them going to a booth. Mail in? Even more effort in a way, for the big talkers.
I bet the lot of them couldn't be bothered. Those business and tech guys? Gabe,Scotty?...didn't vote.  I know it!..I can feel the smug apathy that the bay area media has become. Something I'm sure never going to share with them.
Who's the hipster guy at the Chron? Mark whats his name? You think he voted? Hell no!..Oh lord,bring me the names,the Ray Ratto?..didnt vote..I know it!  Fitz,Brooks,Tolbert...Papa Lund..none of those sons of bitches voted. Leiberman? need I say ?-lol.
Larry Baer. Thinks voting with his checkbook is moral enough - not a voter yesterday! Dolitch? Cmon talk the talk..did you vote..of course you didnt!.

Radnich producer to Raddy: "You've lost your edge" + Alicia's OC + Kate

He took enough from bully radnich and some email from Raddys one wealthy asshole friend, and stood his ground. And when Radish head also asked if  (producer) Holer had thought that Radnich had become a butt licker -( See my other post,and tell me KNBR people dont read this little blog)- And Mike Holer..said nothing. A non verbal yes.
And then Alicia's OCD was talked about. Not much to say..but I knew people who have really is a compulsion,and they react angrily if you try to change their routine..even if YOU think its unreasonable. Just leave them be. Let them wash their hands,count every stair. SO what I figured?
And last? He talked of Kate doing a mini me at ch11.  Again peeps- you read that here,and so did Radnich. Kate responded like the puppet wife in the commercials. Even later,Kreuger was making fun of Kates 1992 Arsenio Hall arm pump...she said nothing. That's her key to success she figures...


I passed the big 4-o. Tanks,my thinking people. I know I'm writing what many feel. I'm not writing to make the local press or big corporations happy. Unhppy as I can make them is the rule.

Idiot man-child Radnich didnt vote.

And after Moore asked him if he would..he said no.  And idiots like Radnich spend on air time complaining about the government,taxes, Nancy Pelosi parking spots. And he doesn't vote. Typical fucking moron.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On the day the Giants almost killed Tim Lincecum..

Back in 2012,after Lincecum's second great weight loss effort as the season wore on..he reached what I wrote then as emaciated with his eye sockets visible now.  And it was no secret that he could not pitch in hot weather. THAT the media could say..or have questions. As you all know,only I was brave enough to write that the man had serious weight -body morphic issues. Something the San Francisco Giants had forbid local hosts to speak about..and some were just too dumb to figure that out.  Well,one game it was really hot..Lincecum is on the mound (on tv) and I'm watching this eastern road game.  He's bone white,he's soaked in sweat,and this time..his chest is can literally see him laboring to breathe. And the Giants let him pitch like that with symptoms of a possible future stroke as obvious as can be.
I wrote that back then..and the usual shills who run on blogs couldnt stop making jokes,defending the Giants over Lincecums health- a tip off that some of those guys are paid "Melk-Men" of  blogs you might say. I mean,it was so cruel how so few cared..the Giants trainer did nothing. They only took him out because of his pitching.
I think anybody would say Lincecum was having a heat stroke that nearly became something much worse. I think about that every now and then. The day I saw the Giants almost kill Tim Lincecum.

The evolution of Stan.

I have seen the two faces of the media,and it has changed me. Forever.

Richie Leiberman hated Kate Scott when he thought she was a Catholic or the like. When he learned she was of the same tribe as he? He loves her now!.
I see the light!...and the fight is on. Nothing but give them all hell each and every time.

More thoughts of Papa and makes sense now..

Even as Sue Slusser- somebody I would trust as far as I could throw her- has perpetuated the idea that Bob Fitzgerald stole the Warrior job from Papa,I see the truth.  Yesterday Papa was re writing Raider history lionizing one of those who helped Al Davis steal ownership of the team from the Valley family. ALL old Raider fans know that. So as Papa is doing that shilling,I'm thinking that I can see why Fitz was able to move in and take the job. HE agreed to simply shill more often. That's it.  Sure Papa does a talk show now,but he wouldn't have done it then- he didn't see the NBA being the huge entity its become. Back then,it was the NFL as big cheese.  Papa has dropped many a time lately he's a big Warrior man on campus..trying to win back the job of course. But,I guess since Fitz his still there..

Stan- the only real sports journalist in the bay area...

The rest are shills..all of them. You can hear whenever they write about somebody the wine glasses tinkling over dinners paid for by the local teams. You know the wink-wink alliances as writers who make "friends" with owners will say  winners should be fired as if that insanity makes sense. And they push the agenda of our kind knows best. They know best how to discriminate.  I don't. I hate them all with justification equally!
You who are young will learn one day,and the rest of you like me just read to keep up to date...but most of the sports writing is horrid advertising.
Sports hosting? Clowns. Lowest level of sports discussion you will find.
I'm the best. Read and learn.

When Radnich becomes black...

He's driving around town and see's a group of black people on a corner down the street,he lowers the windows and turns up the volume of his hip hop as he approaches...nodding his head,being cool.   After he passes? the windows go back up,the volume goes back down and it always stays that way around his own neighborhood. He wouldn't want his neighbors to think he and Alicia are THOSE kind of people...

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Guru and Sport show in town...

I catch some of it on weekends and its by far the best show on 95.7. Its 21st century,its fresh, its real. Its what sports radio in the bay area should have been doing or do more of. Hey,this whole stale act of Radnich and Papa and Morning show with Fitz and Brooks..its all EXCRETIONS.  the guests they have are parasites like the Miami guy - whats his name?..just horrid sports radio on the Radnich show.
But,I digress.  Like I said,I haven't heard huge amounts of the show..but they are so good..YOU CAN TELL. You don't need another 5 years- get me?
Just so bad that 95.7 has Huff and Townsend and Bucher just stinking up the morning and Lund and Papa have descended over the months to giggly neanderthals. Bash them with a rock and make them extinct again. Jeez,they really suck now.
Anyway's the best sports show on Bay Area air..and ignored by the media culture that dominates all.

"I made no difference" the epitah of the local media.

None of them. Not one. I made a dollar is all it has been for them. Most,hope their kids dont even go into the job. Or play at it awhile..then grow up and make a difference.

Is it Brian Murphy that 415 and Raddy libel?

"The KNBR morning show host who is into whips and leather"  says 415 MEDIA.  Radnich a few months ago: "Brian's only happy when he's in chaps and some guy is sleeping on his couch".  Jeez,like he picks up gay hustlers too?  He's a married guy..but then why the "jokes and gossip"? 
If I got the wrong impression,Hey,I just go by what those who know him say. On 50,000 watts and the local media gossip column they all read.
Btw..Rich did say "HE's" into leather...not she,as in for the dopes who guessed Kate Scott. So its either Pauly or Murphy..and since Radnich dropped that weird joke a few months ago about Murph...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dairy Queen commercial has upskirt nudity...

I was dumbfounded when the young lightskinned black woman showed an updress shot on the swing. She's see it.
Lets see how long before Dairy Queen edits that out.

Who local in the media hates Raddy? unofficial list..

There's Van Aikan,Viki Liviakis,Marty Gonzales,KRON's female producer, plus 95.7Chris Townsend,and what the heck- Dibley.  And then there's Krukow too. Most of Yahoo sports staff. Now hate is such a gray area..but I have to use some term. It's close enough. Some close to dislike might be Mike Urban who seemed to have a talent for getting under Raddys skin with "focus".  Later will add more

And Asians in local media pretty much hate the guy. Raddy himself was saying how even Kawakami was buzzing him online,and then Raddy took his shot back.
Mark Ibanez Raddy says they are friends..but 419 says no. Now,Radnich has called people I know who cant stand him "my good friend".  Say anything for a buck is Raddys very life. If the truth cost him a dollar? You'll never get him to say it.
Oh yeah...Jackie Bennet..a working relationship with the big brownoser..otherwise I get the feeling he could drop dead tomorrow and she would still see a sunny day...

Saying less is more,but saying nothing..

I might complain..but oh,do I have things to complain about.