Friday, June 27, 2014

Brian Stowe- .18 blood level. Twice the legal limit.

I know its a touchy subject,when even the defense team feels obligated to say "We would be heartless" not feel the tragedy,etc,etc.  Me too,but as I said,he was drunk out of his mind, using Fbombs and saying Dodger food tasted like shit in front of families. It was a baseball game,not a bar.  And you notice his family has ignored the lowlifes who attacked him...because they would SURELY tell a jury what Brian Stowe did to provoke their anger.
I know FOR A FACT, I could never win a settlement from anybody if I drunkenly provoked people in  a family entertainment situation. But Stowes lawyers are pulling the "He's a paramedic" "Look at his kids".  I say Brian Stowe should have looked at his family before he became a belligerent drunk at Dodger Stadium. It wasn't bad lighting that caused all this- it was Brian Stowe. He provoked animals at the zoo.

And next time bring friends who will defend you,not stand there not wanting to get their hands dirty helping you fight.