Monday, June 23, 2014

Giants to honor Gwynn??? Enough!

What did I say? I said the reason for all the fuss over a player for another team in local media is because he must have been admired by Larry Baer. I said that days ago on this very blog. The local media mentioned Welch for a day...then no more. Chuck Noll? nada!..not even a clip that I saw on Yahoo. Baer must have known Gwynn personally. Hey,its that life lesson of who you know...Good people die every day,and Larry Baer doesn't give a damn.
I've never seen any fuss like this over an outside the bay area sports star die. Tom Brady wont get this when Giselle kills him with kinky sex!...3-4 woman at a time for Tom when he's 59 will do the trick....