Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The crazy bay area sports columnists...

I get a whole lot of dirty flack from columnists. So,lets review what they write for a living: Lowell Cohn defends the addiction of nicotine like a true libertarian. You know,its your right to poison yourself and pass the cost on to society. And get the kids on to it too. On that I'm dead right.
Tim Kawakami? A man with real issues. "Reproach"..and so god awful on even understanding who has talent..the man swore the Giants needed to trade Tim Lincecum...before he won 2 Cy Youngs and the Giants 2 WS. David Lee.  He says "insane" a lot. No wonder.
Monte Poole..has his agenda that's not subtle..even Love for Klay is bad because Love is white and no white player can be equal to black has been Monte's dogma for years.  He also wrote an article attacking article 9 that gives SOME equality to woman sports. It was incredibly misogynist column..and yet woman sportswriters said nothing.
Mark Purdy? his idolizing of A's owner Wollf is extreme. I only wonder what perks he's recieved? What FAVORS,inside info? the Neukom firing..wink wink.  Something not on the level with him,the A's and truth.
SF gate writers? They thought Aaron Rowens and Barry Zito were such swell they ate a quarter billion dollars for smelling stadium air.
All of them fear the valley of truth. It doesn't pay.