Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What if an illegal Mexican baited Giant fans?

Lets say one of  those dark brown kind came to ATT with his amigos all in Dodger gear and sat in the stands with local fans,families,kids...and that Mexican stood up- drunk- and baited Giant fans, yelled in his accent "Giant dogs taste like shit!"..and his buddies laughed away as local Giant fan's children heard that inning after inning? People would think what low class slime they are. And if that one fan- the biggest mouth- got into a big fight outside after the game? Most people would think "He asked for it,dirty Mexican". You think people here OR in LA would sympathize with that kind of low class?
BUT,you know..if your white,with blond kids...Its just so obvious. I've tried writing this on local blogs..every time they deleted it or in the case of 415 and LC,they wouldn't post it to begin with. You cant say a thing about Brian Stowe that's truthful.