Thursday, July 31, 2014

Billy Beanes folly.

Beane's trade? Not only do I not like it- I don't like what we got foot Malone. We gave more all around then we got back. Pitching improves...but if Beane had put Malone in the rotation,no need to trade Yoenis-right?
I dont get it.Yoenis stats have been -when he plays the A's win. Not true for any other A's player.not even Crisp as the A's win without him just fine and dandy.
Good luck A's.  We need it -this year and now next.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stan fixes a $1,000 tv for $50....sort of.

My 5 year old LG broke down a year ago. So for $1,000 I got 4 years+ out of it. Disgusted,I call a Repair guy and he says $75 to look at it and $75an hour plus parts. Ok,now we're up to $200 bucks and it could be more..its a 32 incher,not huge. Its did have crystal clear TRUE 1080...but I decided to put it away.
Then,a few months ago I do the youtube thing,watching and hearing that its most likely a capacitor. I mean,it does make sense..transistors and such don't do much..whats to wear out? I tell I took it apart,looked..fuses seemed fine,capacitors looked good. Oh boy,I figured that it must be something motherboard like..big repairs.
And again,it sat. For months. Then the other day I was ready to junk it..and gave it one last look. I see a small capacitor that looks oh so slightly rounded top..very leaking fluids. Ok, againI call a shop and tell him IF that is the problem- how much to fix? He gives me the $50 price. Great,if I'm right huh?
SO this morning I just carry this one ton TV (man, its the weight of four new 32" TVs) down my stairs get to the corner of the repair shop. I had forgotten the address!.I couldn't find his sign!..a huge business park and I'm going round and round ,So I look across the street and I see tv repairs. Guess what? (as Romo would say) I go in and an Asian gentleman is there-lol. It was a competitor to the guy I called. SO,I give him the speil of $50 yada yada of the other guys offer..and he agreed, IF thats all it was. After watching him unsolder and solder for 15 minutes,he plugs it in. The first thing he said was "That's what it was". Oh,yeah,I'm pumped..I have to thank youtube Videos.
So take my advice-- its usually a $2.00 capacitor. And if your daring..just replace the whole set of them. If I knew, KNEW! I had been right?,thats what I would have done.
Im still pumped!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Raddy and Kate making sense..

Not much for me to criticize. Without Kreuger,Raddy hasn't given an opinion that's so wrong as he usually does with Kreuger present. He often says things that sound like his wheels fell off. Kate,seems to tighten his lugnuts before they come loose.
Radnich sounds like the nice guy I thought he was from seeing him on KRON.  His radio show brought out a side to him thats ..ugly. Too bad his KRON bits now are like that.
But with Kate Scott..he's back on Earth.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Matt Cain suckers Sabean.

You know what I think? I think Cain has been working the Giants for 2 and half years now. Insinuating he might not pitch so well without the huge contract..then downright threatening to ..something. In all that time? HE KNEW his elbow hurt,that the loses weren't like before ( no support) as he lost a few important games by coughing up leads. I bet ya he told his wife "Honey,I hurt when I pitch,and I better lie about that to the Giants to get that big retirement contract for us"
Sabeans weakness?..c'aint say no.
My thinking is now...If a Giant players says he wants a huge contract or he's walking? Sabean needs to calmy say, "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out"

LaRussa caught in steroid lie by Stan..

A couple of years ago LaRusa denied he had any idea of steroid use by his team. NOW,he's changed his story to "I had suspicions and went to Sandy Alderson". So,two years ago he lied!  And I remember those 80's days. Even LaRussa's first base coach Dave McKay went from soft to hulk at 40+!

I admire what he does for poor animals in this mean world...but he knew all along.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Brian Van Aikan KNOCKS OUT Gary Radnich!

For some reason,Radnich was riding the genial weathermans back through the whole sports segment. I couldn't even tell you all what Raddy said..only he understood what "I don't want to hear a Brian Van Aikan weathercast when I'm 80". The whole scene came across as Randich had to share the set with a male for a change and he wanted the weatherman to know his place. And when Randich pushed asking if anybody cares about him like I (Radnich) do?  Van Aiken shot back " I think nobody loves you more then you do" OOOH-HO!..The studio gasped and oooooo'd, He then became Gary RADBICH!
A dream come true.

Alma Daetz needs to go darker...

The face paint she uses is much too light for her skintone.

Stan's beauty tip of the day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Teresa Estacio and Kate Scott: Seperated at birth? And Raddy doesnt know..

Might have been the camera angle..but I thought it WAS Kate Scott doing extra work for ch4. Teresa's hair isn't blond..but again,woman's hair on camera in certain lights know.

btw- Radnich has no idea the cost of an Ice Cream Cone. Elitist snob.Out of touch with reality once again.

Stan explains why the palms are dying on the Embarcadero.

Part of my overall genius is Horticulture. I can tell you why they dying. The City makes the huge mistake of having crews prune fronds long before they should be. That's leaving the Palms wide open to infections. Despite what people think,"Pineapple" cuts to Canary Island Date palms weakens the trees. Its recommended also that when you do prune those palms - you have to disinfect tools between working on trees. Something no doubt ignored.
I've seen more big palms killed...and that "pruning" practice and a dead trunk is all that remains. Go ahead,forward this to the City arborist.  I KNOW I'm right.Why he doesn't know this with 250G worth of palms at risk...

Dr Harry Edwards blames Michael Sams...not Tony Dungy.

You see, Harry is of the day when a Black Panther and a Klansmen seeing a Big black athlete hug and kiss a small white man who he then calls his boyfriend? well,the Panther and Klansmen join hands and burn the fags.
When Edwards was asked about Michael Sams,he then launched into Barry Bonds at his trial like double talk No blame for Dungy who truly deserves the flack he's getting. I don't know what the hell Edwards point was unless it was it was the players fault to not be great?..and gay? Or that he ruined Tony Dungy's day by being the topic of conversation-lol.
Oh well,at least Raddy didn't ask Edwards if all Black people support Obama just because he's black.That's his usual question to Black people. But Radnich did complain that Obama blocked up the streets with his motorcade. I guess the thinks the President of the USA should have hailed a cab.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cathy Heenan ,republican mouthpeice and playtoy..

I have to laugh at Leiberman trying to do KRON free publicity. His praise for Heenan as a "Steady and always herself" is not that good a thing!...She outed her self to me by making comments that were very Republican..and of course constantly brown nosing Radnich in a groveling way. For example last year she did a story on some public workers striking. They might have had a good reason. Heenan on KRON said  "They should be glad to have a job"..uhuh. How professional...professional FOX NEWS!
And then there was her looking for blood during the Occupy Oakland days. She wanted to make sure--just like ch7's republican Laura Anthony- that the worst light be placed on the displaced.
All I know is..she must have returned a Leiberman phone call,and a real pro like Cheryl Jennings has better things to do!
I know Leiberman.

Cathy Heenan gets 415 "praise". Whatever I say? He goes opposite now.

Why the Cathy Heenan praise?..just to be contrary to my posts. Obvious. She has never shown anything but a sleepy eye in 25 years of KRON. I even caught her and Radnich in a lie.  "I never even spend time" with Radnich she said the other day. Wasn't it Radnich who said she "Stays with my mother in Napa" ? a few months ago. So,they know each more then they let on. And her planting a kiss on Radnich on air was more of the KRON Clown News. No low is too low.
She has said enough over the years to tip off her conservative views. She,is one of Pero's Conservative Angels.  And its just plain embarrassing and extremely unprofessional the way she lets Radnich feel her up.
She's been lucky to hang on this long because I'm sure she doesn't agree with most of what San Franciscans believe in.
And Rich Leiberman is being sooooooo shallow- lol.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bill Gates shaves lousy..

I saw him on 60 Minutes. I would bet you Bill shaves while he showers. 'Cause,you could see chin whiskers. I know,When I shave in the shower..and forget to look in the mirror later,I sometimes miss a patch here and there that I then see later in the car or like that. He had that look.
And like Stan,he didn't give a damn.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who will be first to start WW3? Russia or Israel?...

Others are just too primitive like in the middle east too start the day of reckoning. Putin..that's a man who is a sociopath and conservative. And I'm sure there is a sort of George Bush Jr in him...just as Bush the Younger created a war to get family revenge on Hussein,Putin might have some 1962 Cuban missile crisis vow to not back down this time- no matter what.
Israel seems willing to kill massive amounts of Palestinians,to exact revenge. The Palestinians don't seem to have any moderates..but maybe that's just the way the media portrays them. Its not like we get a balance to the problems there. You think Bob Simon is going to feel for the Palestinians?. You do notice that none of the major media reporters are middle eastern. So,one side is all we hear.
 Really,all it takes is for a few Pakistani hard right conservatives to somehow allow Hamas access to a nuclear missile..and the war is on. Israel wouldn't set off a bomb so close, in retaliation...they would though level the lands in scorched Earth retaliation.
Then you have North Korea. A real pycho government full of bizarre characters. They are playing cat and mouse with the USA. We would have been better off fighting them instead of Iraq. The Democratic Korea could easily have taken in the north without much difficulty.
I'm betting on the Russians..Putin could develop early Alzheimer's and still hold power until his delusions get the better of him to attack the USA.. He has a crazy power hungry appetite even now.
Plenty to worry about..just think, WW3 could be on the verge from a country we haven't even a clue is ready to attack.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Radnich "examines" Cathy for tattoos!

Once again horndog Raddy couldn't pass up a chance to fondle his toy Cathy Heenan. This time the pretense was "Looking for her tattoos".  The woman is so deferential- she lets him. Cathy has to be fun to work with.
Every male viewer knows Raddys game. Only KRON woman seem to play it innocent and ignorant.
KRON really is the Radnich Clown News of the bay area. He fondles her after she did a story of 280 people killed in the Ukraine.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Annie Hong getting sexed up on KRON..

ND Aaron Pero might be a sexist pig but he knows how to get us men to watch. Pero reminds me of the late cartoonist Al Kap who was asked about his strip "Lil Abner"..."Why do you draw woman with such large breasts?". Al answered " I like big boobs".
And Annie today had a micro skirt- nice thighs Ann- and she either got the Darya bug and augmented her chestal region,or she had a nice pushup bra. Her hair looks more improved too..
I think Annie see's anchor woman position in her future. Or,some kind of position,if you get my drift and I'm sure you do...

Stan offers services to KNBR auction.

I offer to guide a group of people to Gary World. We will park in front of his house,and then ask his neighbors about him,after that the fun starts. After wandering around the perimeter we hack into the Raddy we can see what his favorite porn sites are. Later I will lead an expedition to go through the Raddy garbage cans. We will laugh as we discover empty bottles of Viagra and "Frosted blond" hair dyes.We might get lucky and find those Vicadon bottles he brags give him a high. After much merriment over that and as the evening comes on we finish up with a round of T-paper,rotten Tomatoes and eggs tossing. Just a delightful and fulfilling day for all!...bring the kids!
So when you see this come up for auction- bid high!..Its all for a good cause.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Stan reads the ultimate Radnich put down..

You know how that oaf makes fun of other men's wives looks? "How could they lay down with THAT?" he asked the other day. And then one guy wrote what he doesn't like about Radnich on KRON: "When he has his son on once a week"..LOL..yeah,that's hitting the oaf where it hurts- money or ego!
And Radnich should never with his liver spots,missing fingers and frosted hair plus 320 pound weight..make fun of others looks.
His combover  is looking Trumpish.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

KRON reporter does story of a death..while in jeans and Van's tennis shoes!

Talk about unprofessional. Aron Pero news director must be stoned on weed when he looks at that and says "Good enough".    They had film of the dead body under a white sheet from the night before I think,and then did the story the next day wasn't enough time to throw on a tie and coat..and suit and the proper shoes?

Maybe he thought he was doing a story about the death of somebody's pet hamster.

Killer cops...never blood tested..

I notice also,that when cops kill...they are never are asked to give a blood sample. Eric Gelhaus could have had a high amount of some drug- steroids -meth,when he murdered Andy Lopez. And yet,he was never tested.  I wonder also if prosecuting these cases shouldn't be up to the District Attorney- In this case the ugly,evil, fox guarding the hen house- but instead go to a public defender? Makes more sense,is more fair.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Go to Hell Jill Ravitch. A murderers enabler.

Its a crime that such an evil person even works in "law enforcement" the least she should be better fitted for "law executions".
Despite the overwhelming evidence of a killer cop on the Santa Rosa force..she see's nothing. The complaints that officer racked up? JILL RAVITCH says nothing about that in her report. The Facebook account where the officer ERIC GELHAUS bragged that he was of a shoot-first ,think second mindset?  Meant nothing to the racist DA.  She blamed the 13 year old victim!!!  "He smoked pot"  ? Oh did he? Is that why JILL RAVITCH doesn't see any wrong with using the boys body as a target? riddled with 7 shots??? In broad daylight for being a 13 year old Mexican American.

 I notice,I never see Latino cops accused of shooting brown and black people. Just the Eric's of the police world. Why is that?

Its obvious JILL RAVITCH is a bitter cold hearted machine. No feminine heart..just all machine. Goddamn her and Eric Gelhaus,and the racist, pro conservative system that protects them.

Rich Leiberman,a semite bigot comes out.

The "media" blogger came out against Latino's who say their name the way they have heard it their whole lives. "Asians dont do it"..Asians don't wear sombreros either pal. Its more of that guys wacky idea of what culture is.
He's a man who constantly pushes for near Jewish exclusivity to host shows,goes on about his "Jewish neuroses" proudly. Hell,if Gary Radnich was Jewish? Leiberman and he would be BBF. Look at his Kate Scott turnaround..from yenta to MVP at KNBR.
Yeah,and that all explains his Mike Savage love. If Mike Savage was black?..Christian? He would be an enemy in no time.
Bigotry is bigotry.

Friday, July 11, 2014

KRON News: The Gary Radnich Clown Show.

He always cracks me up when he exposes the media as phony's. Especially KRON and KNBR.  The other night was a fine example. He was bragging how he can look wealthy owners on their own level (ha)..because "He understands how money thinks". And after Pam fawned, he went on to talk about Bruce Boche.." And I can talk to Bruce like no other sportscaster because I don't carry a camera"..just nutty self delusions of his own greatness. And I'm sure Vern Glenn now knows what Raddy thought of his station in life. Radnich would send Vern out with camera...
So,the fake conversation of the three KRON anchors continues as Jackie reminds the big clown "You used to say Boche was boring"..just as they had agreed to go by the scripted "talk"  And that gave Radnich more room to brag..I will not list all he said..but the man really is a version of the little boy in the Twilight Zone episode where all around him must not ever think bad thoughts of Gary,and must always laugh and laugh at Gary's jokes..or else. For Kate Scott and Kruger that means 3 hours of non stop smiles,laughs- EVERYDAY.  You guess how sincere that shit is...or into the cornfield Gary sends them. Seeya Dibs!.
That whole fake KRON bit was to simply make Gary happy. And the two woman anchors most likely get the "It makes for ratings" they sell their souls to make Gary happy,happy,happy. And money. The Gary god is money.
Gary is also so thrilled that 415 no longer mentions him much..he even went back to telling Jackie "One day,you will be go far..marry an astronaut and go to the moon"..And for that,Jackie thanked him. Or get sent to the cornfield.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Radnich makes "squinting eyes" face imitating Mayor Quan.

And he looked up at the ceiling..gee,Charlie Chan used to do that when he was inscrutable.

Gary Radnich hates Asians,has a problem relating to them or their culture. And doing a 1940's Charlie Chan of Mayor Quan is proof.

"The Beautiful Game"...0-0 ain't even pretty.

I heard a soccer guy get upset that anybody thought the 0-0 score and no action was dull in the Argie-The Dutch World Cup game.  You know,that reminds me of the Russel Crowe movie "Beautiful mind".  And ,I think I prefer the days when beautiful meant a pretty girl..and not a mental illness or a boring sport.

The Germany of South America vs The old world daddy Germany.

The spawn of Nazi's vs the real deal!...Oh,how Germany will crow that the pure blood lines defeated the bastard mixed breed Argentine version. The 1000 year reich is starting!..well,in soccer.

Brian Stow verdict. Uhuh.

I just cant shake that feeling that this is more of the legal system putting a higher value on a white professional...then the rest of us.  He was drunk,belligerent,loud,said profane things at a family event like Dodger stadium while being a Giants fan. Also,there were four other of Stows friends there..NOT ONE stopped the beating?..Or was it because THEY were drunk too?.
  And you know Dodger lawyers were told to go easy..settle for a few million instead of fight back.  No testimony from other families at the game -not the scum who committed a crime- but regular families who heard Stow all game long be obnoxious. Lighting didn't attack Brian Stow,it was two criminal types he baited. And for you and me? THAT'S who the legal system would say, "Sue THEM".

This is a litigious game the legal system plays. I know,I've had lawyers say they pray for a cute blond client to sue somebody...Jury's eat up the cute and the professional "family man,woman" image. The rest of us not cute?..better get used to life being unfair.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kate Scott and Raddy haven't changed parking spots.

He was wrong.The other blogger was wrong.  As Kreuger said today "Kate must be driving a Bentley".  Radnich said something,that was deleted by the producer...but on TV you could read lips about "parking".  Although,she did get upset at one point and called Radnich a jerk. And,of course,she is still on the show. No "her or me" that I notice as the other blog claimed.
I knew it was too good to be true.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Universe is not perfect,and I'm not liking it.

Religion and Science both preach the perfection of the plan. Funny how they both sound alike, "God is infallible"..and then science, "The Universe is a form of pure energy".  Science even says the perfection is so exact that if the Universe were represented by all the grains of sand on all the Earths beaches?..just one more single grain would have caused it to collapse by now..or one less- and it would never have created matter- just be a endless soup of particles.
And to that...I say...wrong.  The Universe is incredibly flawed. If it was perfect,I wouldn't have to look back at everything that ever made me unhappy or went wrong. I wanted the best..and it never happened. You tell me why if in this huge Universe-if it was perfect- why it couldn't do that for me? Even if you say I made the wrong decision here and there,then what kind of perfect Universe does that,gets me to make a wrong decision?
There is a theory that each one of use is a different dimension to the Universe..everybody else just intersects our line. Or even,none of you are real and I'm the only real person in this Universe or any other multi Universe.
SO with all that,If I say the Universe did me wrong?..I must be right.
Take it to the bank.

Bob Fitzgerald dyes his hair blond.

I guess Bob is a reader of this here blog. He took to heart that money is where blond goes. And he went blond. Radnich didnt say a thing about it. HE,only frosts his hair blond- lol.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why do people who have the same car as you- park right next to you?

Notice that? It could be a huge parking lot at the Supermarket or Mall..and you come out to see- the identical model like yours parked right next to you. You see many empty parking spaces..its not like that was the only one.  And yet...
The other day it happened again. I come out of the market and there some guy is fumbling with his keys as he gets out. So,I drop the "Hey that's a nice looking car!"..and can you believe that fucking asshole didn't even look up..just mumbled and walked away. I guess I did a faux pa  to point out the obvious.
What a phenomena, huh?

Roberta Gonzalez nearly decks a near mugger...

I was watching her at the Pleasanton fair do an interview about the fun...when some jerk runs up,grabs the microphone and screams like a drunken 49er into the mic. Roberta then gives him a half shove,half swing! She had every muscle bulging in that right arm. I wish -like the anchor guy said- that she HAD decked the son of a bitch. GO to the fair for fun,not attempted assaults. Yeah,he looked like a drunk trying to show off. His being knocked out by Roberta would have been the best show yet.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fixed!..I'm back good as new...and ornery as ever!

Yep,I  finally got it fixed. Thanks to nobody. Nothing on the net on how to do it..but I found a way. Where there's a will there's a way. I got lots of will. Too much sometimes. Ask the punks around here.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Malware? Nope Google.

The problem is  Makes the page freeze. The only solution so far is to hit the stop loading X before it kicks the bottom page sends info. Why now after a year of no problems? I don't know. I wish I could block it,but haven't found a way so far.

Stan having blog problem..big time..

The last two days,my blog has frozen for me.  This is the first time its been working. Maybe I was hacked? Well so far so good.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

City of Oakland ruin by dummys and greedy fiedoms.

Bowing down to  MLB - what an embarrassment and humiliation to be extorted into an agreement. There's a reason why Oakland squanders it resources..if those in charge only want to keep the paychecks flowing,any decision is based on that and not the cities greatest needs, rules.

Radnich boycotting his own show?

He's not with the team this morning. The KNBR announcer at 9:30 am said "With Larry and Kate".  Papa and Lund might now be doing a dance at thegame. For as much as those two need some enlightening,they would be the biggest power duo if Raddy gets out of radio.

Radnich is out due to a funeral. Not his.  But,that's a good start for a time off. And why I 'm leaving this post for now. Its Radnich,everything is not as it seems.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stan and the punks..

You know the dummy who blew his clutch trying to harass me?..he had a friend or like minded thinker who works right across the street you might say pull that burn rubber shit right in front of my home. As I watched that other punk drive and park? I got on the phone to his job and laid down the law to his manager about the punk  employee who races around this small hood with no care AND next time I'm calling police over this illegal display of speed AND make a complaint to the city about his business. That punk has been quiet ever since.
Punk no.1 ? He lays low and only does it far enough away that I cant catch up to him. A coward,a punk,and a low life all in one.  I know that this is going back to me and the local Webster street gang of drug dealing dropouts and thieves..all late teens to 20's, and I even know their fathers are small time hoods also. Most are on probation for something. Like I said,they feel the fear when I drop that on them. They know no probation officer is going to like some punk with freedom getting over on them,causing trouble.
This has always been a little rough hood to live in. I thought with the real estate boom of a few years ago my prime location (otherwise the criminal types) might drive the uneducated away. Well,it seems like those families kids might now have nicer homes..but the mentality is still there.
Even visitors wonder why so many loud cars around here. I tell them..the stupid are entertained by their exhaust pipe. And they are stupid people. I tell you,EVERY time I have ever had a confrontation with them? It was obvious these people don't read books-lol. Comic books take them an extra hour! To every last one..dumb as logs.
There's been some wild things around here over the decades, but I know I ain't backing down..not moving. EVER. Well,unless I hit the lotto-wink.

Stan's plan to save America: BAN HOODIES!

Why not? They are the symbol of criminals,their costume of choice. Ban them. I'm not a big fan of criminal symbolism..graffiti,hand signals,unless its to warn Custer...but otherwise, I see Walmart not stocking the black hoodie..just blue green and red and white. No badass is going to wear those to a robbery.
America needs to take a stand against the hoodie.

"Busty Posey"...she's hot!

Tim McCarver on tv bloopered Buster and Posey and came up with "Busty".  Wouldn't that make a great GF  name?
Come to think of it.. a perfect SF stripper name...

Are Warriors in Love drivers seat?

 I know many see the recent moves,signings, as part of the bigger picture to trading for Love. I see having Love being the biggest local signing or trade since the Giants got Barry Bonds in 199something. Better to kick ass then have it kicked.

LOL ! Radnich gets pinned to the mat by Kate Scott.

I cant stop,metaphorically at Radnich "losing" what he said Kate would NEVER get,his parking spot!..Park that heap leaser of yours by the curb Raddy.
I think Radnich has problems with woman..he's always looking to assert his dominance over them. His parking spot- wow. Like she has his huevos in her hand...

Hey,I just wrote the other day...will somebody ever give that guy his comeuppance ?..Then Kate Scott lowers the boom on him.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

USA Soccer: Too slow,too short. Can't pass either.

What a motley crew. How can the USA let Belgium beat them?  300 million Americans and we cant beat Waffle makers?  The whole USA team was slow..plow horses,man. Bradley stunk..slow and turned the ball over with ease. He cost them the Portugal game all by himself.   This CAN'T be the best we got. Hell,we never even started a fight. What kind of American team isn't obnoxious? No attack and lots of jogging. Just pathetic.
We need aggressive and fast. And taller.

Radnich donkey laughs at old broadcaster's fear of dying alone.

For some bizarre reason the shock jock elderly man himself (65 years old)...was snorting,giggling at a serious well thought out answer from a Baseball PBP announcer on some back east team about what he fears most at this point in his life. I would be amazed to find that anybody who knows Radnich respects him. Like a true oaf and ass..he laughed and just acted like a fool. No shame. I waited for Kate or Krueger to say something. They didn't say a damn thing.  When is that old fool going to shoot his mouth off without hiding behind a studio and get put in his place?  The guy is twisted to the point he thinks he's beloved while needing a bodyguard to walk him to his car. He's too afraid to walk all by himself.
Yeah,he's a pariah with the other local media who cant stand the fakeness and phony person he is. But when will he get his comeuppance? Or can he buy his way out of anything?
Well,I do what I can.