Monday, July 21, 2014

Cathy Heenan gets 415 "praise". Whatever I say? He goes opposite now.

Why the Cathy Heenan praise?..just to be contrary to my posts. Obvious. She has never shown anything but a sleepy eye in 25 years of KRON. I even caught her and Radnich in a lie.  "I never even spend time" with Radnich she said the other day. Wasn't it Radnich who said she "Stays with my mother in Napa" ? a few months ago. So,they know each more then they let on. And her planting a kiss on Radnich on air was more of the KRON Clown News. No low is too low.
She has said enough over the years to tip off her conservative views. She,is one of Pero's Conservative Angels.  And its just plain embarrassing and extremely unprofessional the way she lets Radnich feel her up.
She's been lucky to hang on this long because I'm sure she doesn't agree with most of what San Franciscans believe in.
And Rich Leiberman is being sooooooo shallow- lol.