Monday, July 21, 2014

Cathy Heenan ,republican mouthpeice and playtoy..

I have to laugh at Leiberman trying to do KRON free publicity. His praise for Heenan as a "Steady and always herself" is not that good a thing!...She outed her self to me by making comments that were very Republican..and of course constantly brown nosing Radnich in a groveling way. For example last year she did a story on some public workers striking. They might have had a good reason. Heenan on KRON said  "They should be glad to have a job"..uhuh. How professional...professional FOX NEWS!
And then there was her looking for blood during the Occupy Oakland days. She wanted to make sure--just like ch7's republican Laura Anthony- that the worst light be placed on the displaced.
All I know is..she must have returned a Leiberman phone call,and a real pro like Cheryl Jennings has better things to do!
I know Leiberman.