Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dr Harry Edwards blames Michael Sams...not Tony Dungy.

You see, Harry is of the day when a Black Panther and a Klansmen seeing a Big black athlete hug and kiss a small white man who he then calls his boyfriend? well,the Panther and Klansmen join hands and burn the fags.
When Edwards was asked about Michael Sams,he then launched into Barry Bonds at his trial like double talk No blame for Dungy who truly deserves the flack he's getting. I don't know what the hell Edwards point was unless it was it was the players fault to not be great?..and gay? Or that he ruined Tony Dungy's day by being the topic of conversation-lol.
Oh well,at least Raddy didn't ask Edwards if all Black people support Obama just because he's black.That's his usual question to Black people. But Radnich did complain that Obama blocked up the streets with his motorcade. I guess the thinks the President of the USA should have hailed a cab.