Saturday, July 12, 2014

Go to Hell Jill Ravitch. A murderers enabler.

Its a crime that such an evil person even works in "law enforcement" the least she should be better fitted for "law executions".
Despite the overwhelming evidence of a killer cop on the Santa Rosa force..she see's nothing. The complaints that officer racked up? JILL RAVITCH says nothing about that in her report. The Facebook account where the officer ERIC GELHAUS bragged that he was of a shoot-first ,think second mindset?  Meant nothing to the racist DA.  She blamed the 13 year old victim!!!  "He smoked pot"  ? Oh did he? Is that why JILL RAVITCH doesn't see any wrong with using the boys body as a target? riddled with 7 shots??? In broad daylight for being a 13 year old Mexican American.

 I notice,I never see Latino cops accused of shooting brown and black people. Just the Eric's of the police world. Why is that?

Its obvious JILL RAVITCH is a bitter cold hearted machine. No feminine heart..just all machine. Goddamn her and Eric Gelhaus,and the racist, pro conservative system that protects them.