Friday, July 11, 2014

KRON News: The Gary Radnich Clown Show.

He always cracks me up when he exposes the media as phony's. Especially KRON and KNBR.  The other night was a fine example. He was bragging how he can look wealthy owners on their own level (ha)..because "He understands how money thinks". And after Pam fawned, he went on to talk about Bruce Boche.." And I can talk to Bruce like no other sportscaster because I don't carry a camera"..just nutty self delusions of his own greatness. And I'm sure Vern Glenn now knows what Raddy thought of his station in life. Radnich would send Vern out with camera...
So,the fake conversation of the three KRON anchors continues as Jackie reminds the big clown "You used to say Boche was boring"..just as they had agreed to go by the scripted "talk"  And that gave Radnich more room to brag..I will not list all he said..but the man really is a version of the little boy in the Twilight Zone episode where all around him must not ever think bad thoughts of Gary,and must always laugh and laugh at Gary's jokes..or else. For Kate Scott and Kruger that means 3 hours of non stop smiles,laughs- EVERYDAY.  You guess how sincere that shit is...or into the cornfield Gary sends them. Seeya Dibs!.
That whole fake KRON bit was to simply make Gary happy. And the two woman anchors most likely get the "It makes for ratings" they sell their souls to make Gary happy,happy,happy. And money. The Gary god is money.
Gary is also so thrilled that 415 no longer mentions him much..he even went back to telling Jackie "One day,you will be go far..marry an astronaut and go to the moon"..And for that,Jackie thanked him. Or get sent to the cornfield.