Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stan fixes a $1,000 tv for $50....sort of.

My 5 year old LG broke down a year ago. So for $1,000 I got 4 years+ out of it. Disgusted,I call a Repair guy and he says $75 to look at it and $75an hour plus parts. Ok,now we're up to $200 bucks and it could be more..its a 32 incher,not huge. Its did have crystal clear TRUE 1080...but I decided to put it away.
Then,a few months ago I do the youtube thing,watching and hearing that its most likely a capacitor. I mean,it does make sense..transistors and such don't do much..whats to wear out? I tell I took it apart,looked..fuses seemed fine,capacitors looked good. Oh boy,I figured that it must be something motherboard like..big repairs.
And again,it sat. For months. Then the other day I was ready to junk it..and gave it one last look. I see a small capacitor that looks oh so slightly rounded top..very leaking fluids. Ok, againI call a shop and tell him IF that is the problem- how much to fix? He gives me the $50 price. Great,if I'm right huh?
SO this morning I just carry this one ton TV (man, its the weight of four new 32" TVs) down my stairs get to the corner of the repair shop. I had forgotten the address!.I couldn't find his sign!..a huge business park and I'm going round and round ,So I look across the street and I see tv repairs. Guess what? (as Romo would say) I go in and an Asian gentleman is there-lol. It was a competitor to the guy I called. SO,I give him the speil of $50 yada yada of the other guys offer..and he agreed, IF thats all it was. After watching him unsolder and solder for 15 minutes,he plugs it in. The first thing he said was "That's what it was". Oh,yeah,I'm pumped..I have to thank youtube Videos.
So take my advice-- its usually a $2.00 capacitor. And if your daring..just replace the whole set of them. If I knew, KNEW! I had been right?,thats what I would have done.
Im still pumped!