Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stan offers services to KNBR auction.

I offer to guide a group of people to Gary World. We will park in front of his house,and then ask his neighbors about him,after that the fun starts. After wandering around the perimeter we hack into the Raddy Router..so we can see what his favorite porn sites are. Later I will lead an expedition to go through the Raddy garbage cans. We will laugh as we discover empty bottles of Viagra and "Frosted blond" hair dyes.We might get lucky and find those Vicadon bottles he brags give him a high. After much merriment over that and as the evening comes on we finish up with a round of T-paper,rotten Tomatoes and eggs tossing. Just a delightful and fulfilling day for all!...bring the kids!
So when you see this come up for auction- bid high!..Its all for a good cause.