Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who will be first to start WW3? Russia or Israel?...

Others are just too primitive like in the middle east too start the day of reckoning. Putin..that's a man who is a sociopath and conservative. And I'm sure there is a sort of George Bush Jr in him...just as Bush the Younger created a war to get family revenge on Hussein,Putin might have some 1962 Cuban missile crisis vow to not back down this time- no matter what.
Israel seems willing to kill massive amounts of Palestinians,to exact revenge. The Palestinians don't seem to have any moderates..but maybe that's just the way the media portrays them. Its not like we get a balance to the problems there. You think Bob Simon is going to feel for the Palestinians?. You do notice that none of the major media reporters are middle eastern. So,one side is all we hear.
 Really,all it takes is for a few Pakistani hard right conservatives to somehow allow Hamas access to a nuclear missile..and the war is on. Israel wouldn't set off a bomb so close, in retaliation...they would though level the lands in scorched Earth retaliation.
Then you have North Korea. A real pycho government full of bizarre characters. They are playing cat and mouse with the USA. We would have been better off fighting them instead of Iraq. The Democratic Korea could easily have taken in the north without much difficulty.
I'm betting on the Russians..Putin could develop early Alzheimer's and still hold power until his delusions get the better of him to attack the USA.. He has a crazy power hungry appetite even now.
Plenty to worry about..just think, WW3 could be on the verge from a country we haven't even a clue is ready to attack.