Sunday, August 31, 2014

49s/Balkee : We take these matters seriously..LOL!

When they said that the first time,it sounded deep. Eleven times later you laugh!..the same word for word 49er statement.  The 49ers should say what they mean: "We don't believe in hitting a woman- unless she deserves it. You know how they push buttons".  Drunk driving? the 49ers say "No harm,no foul,we take that seriously". Guns and knifing's? "Boys on steroids will be psycho boys We take that"..yadayada.

In other words the 49ers are right on top of things just as corporate business usually is!

Billy Beane admits Stan is smarter then he- trades for Dunn.

Beane seems to have noticed the A's are not very good without Yoenis Cespedes.  Dunn,is better then nothing. Remember when the Giants dangled a huge contract to Dunn? He turned them down. Now,Dunn is a journeymen. After a couple of monster years he's back to the average player he had been.
The Giants dodged a bullet.

Billy Beane dedicated to also ran..

If he doesn't have a psychological block to winning a championship,then Lucille doesn't like to Ball.  Think about it..again. Beane had to fuck with Tommy Millone's head,and just give away his best slugger.  Instead of loser Hammels over and over- we had Millone already.
Shut out two games in a row, 26 innings in a row without scoring as I write. The Beane ego that Tim "freaky" Kawakami is in love with all his heart,has sank what was the best A's team Beane ever had. Only Beane has himself to blame.
Before I end..lets review: Beane trades away any slugger the team develops,Beane hires Geren to manage down the talent fro a few years..and this year he took a torpedo to the team. A saber fuckup decision. No WS for the A's this year. Oh- the A's left fielder just threw a weak throw to home. Gee,Cespedes used to mow them down huh?
And Beane blames the buildings plumbing.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stan on Bochy,The A's...

I had to laugh..well,guffaw at Bochy being cool as a cucumber on the Giant's pregame show. Lincecum's regression,the Dodgers..Bochy didn't have a worry in the world. And then?..the Giants went out and won a walk off game or maybe it was the 2 HR game of Posey..doesn't matter. That's how you live a life.

The A's?  same old problem. Without Cespedes,they have nobody for the opposition to fear. Yoenis with his annual All Star game appearance put fear into ML pitchers. His clutch hitting could carry the team more then his HR's. When I saw yesterday Coco Crisp go into his usual drama queen act when he tried to make a over the wall catch,it showed how badly Cespedes was missed. Coco likes his time off.
Well,I called that trade bad the day it was made. And then I was told how much I didn't know baseball. Man,I know baseball,I know the universe. A horrible trade at the worst time... just as I predicted.

Friday, August 29, 2014

ID Channel hates Americans..

One observation I meant to include is that the ID shows seem to be mostly Canadian made programming. So,if you go by that channel...Americans are blood thirsty and swindlers...Canadians never even think bad thoughts.
Watch those shows..and for no good reason..the American flag seems to be prominently displayed in episode after episode as the announcer gives his account of Ike and Tina's rampage. Its a common scene..criminals and the American flag hanging on the porch -in what is probably Quebec passing as Los Angeles.
Canadians wish they were Americans..and yet always take a swing at us every chance they get.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Things Stan has learned from the Investigation Discovery channel.

1. Lesbians love to kill- lol. And they do it intensely with smiles.
2.White woman love to snitch. They come running for blocks to tattle tale. Mind there own business doesn't mean a thing to them. They are all the proverbial school teacher with eyes in back of their head.
3 Never kill a pretty blonde or try to hide the body in the midwest. The authorities will move heaven and earth to find you. Every city will be plastered with missing flyers and every tree will have a ribbon for "Kristin"..!
4.White wives will scheme and scheme to have a hubbie rubbed out..really complicated plans, man. Including hit men. Ethnic woman just get mad one day and shoot you..or the old kitchen knife job.

5.All men are evil and controlling. But hell,we all knew that..wink wink.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tim "Freaky Kawakami" on Harbaugh the boy wetting his pants...

Harbaugh should have known better to open up to that guy. You and I wouldn't have thought to publish something like that...but Tim Kawakami is the guy who on the day after Al Davis's death told the heart warming story of Al as a racist mistaking Chinese for Japanese. What a tribute that was from the Freaky one.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bochy was the main cause of the 12-6 loss.

Because Comcast postgame show wont say it,I will...How the hell did Bochy let Affelt choke up a big lead? Bochy left him far too long. Some games a season you can pin on bad managing. This is one of those. You can read it here..because its a sure thing the fake media wont upset Bruce.

Lincecum can't throw,Posey cant tag..

It was yet another pathetic and embarrassingly bad tag on a runner scoring today- or no tag as Posey stepped away with his phobia fear of contact. The Giant's just wont face reality..Posey was at best an average catcher who now will let the winning run score with no trouble. It could be the WS and Posey will dance away in the 9th of the 7thegame. Local sportswriters are Posey's wet nurse..they say nothing. Our pathetic bay area media once again.
Lincecum? a 88mph fastball isn't going to cut it. He has himself to blame..his off field "hobbys" that created huge weight losses also ruined him as a force in baseball. He could have been an all timer..but he chose to take it for granted. Now,he's a shadow of his former self.  He's another who waited too long for a head therapist.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

FLASH! A's sink faster then rocks! Read all about it!

"The Trade" continues to stink. You would have thought "Mr Saber metrics" would have believed his own stats that showed that when the mighty Cuban played- the A's won twice as many as they lost. That's one huge stat to ignore.
Beane couldn't believe his luck when Cespedes  did turn out to be a force in the Majors...then Beane trades him like he was Chris Carter.uh,another lost slugger..or Ethier...another slugger yet again. Or Giambi...or Halladay.. I see a pattern- how's about you?
The A's org. needs to ween Beanes off of handling sluggers...he just hates them.

The A's catch a huge break.

What might save Billy's ass? 2/3 of the rest of the A's schedule are loser opponents. As we see with the Mets,those teams are easy wins. Hell,even the Giants beat up on the Mets. Yep,those are the teams that A's pitching can and will over match. watch,they wont be laugher's as you might think..its going to be grind it hand touches home just in time for the win, games.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Billy Beane,Joe Lacob..self defeating individuals.

You wont read any sports writer telling the truth about Beane-man. They fear his ire. I laugh at it- ha. And ha again.
You see,Beanes psychology make up is now obvious. He has some inbred desire to not win a championship. No matter what it takes..Beane fails. The A's in postseason, using Beane's philosophy on hitting,pitching,and lineups..guarantee a loss long before they ever even reach the World Series. It sounds unbelievable until you realize that Beans gave away the A's feared slugger for a few Beans (wins). No pressure,no fans wanted it..and yet Beane compulsively felt the need to give away Cespedes. And what does Beane say on Thursday?- no lie- "Our middle of the lineup isn't picking us up"..not an exact quote,but the gist. And of course,you and I know..that was Cespedes spot. Beane couldn't be more Freudian.
If it took giving away the A's best hitter to derail the team? Beane was going to do it.
I don't know what his upbringing was..but good enough is all Beane can handle..he fears greatness. And if he has to make the biggest blunder since the Pirates letting Barry Bonds going to the Giants..he will.

Joe Lacob? He had the makings of the Warriors greatest team since 1975 in his hand. And then he rejected it for mediocrity. The 2014-15 Warriors don't scare anybody,will never be more then a win streak better then average...followed by win one,lose one, schedule. Jerry West as an adviser has been a bust. Its so obvious he had a unhealthy opinion of Klay Thompson because he saw himself in Klay. Ironic,because Klay's own father thought it would have been a good trade for the Warriors to deal his son for Kevin Love.
Joe says he started 50 companies? Must have been because the first 49 failed. OR,he has a knack for using other peoples money through connections- wink-wink.
If success is just based on Money then Joe and Billy are a failure compared to Bill Gates. If success is World Championships,then Joe and Billy are failures compared to Sabean and Al Attles. They grabbed the brass ring..Joe and Billy just want to see how close they can get to what is self made- untouchable to them.  Ask their therapists why.
Beane is King of west titles. That's his level. And he keeps to it.
Lacob is good at starting things. After that,he's lost. Or mediocre.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I know who can build a new Oakland Complex...

John Fisher.  His worth is at least THREE BILLION DOLLARS.  He could build out of his own pockets a new stadium for his team,and have TWO BILLION DOLLARS LEFT OVER.  Now,if you are on old codger like John? Cant you live on 2 billion over your last decade of life or so? Isn't that enough for inheritance? Yes,it is..for another five centuries of Fishers.
Its a disgrace to hear the wealthy like Fisher and Wolff to say that anything is too costly. And to have sycophants like Mark Purdy and the rest of the SJ Mercury pleading for somebody to build a stadium for John is pure audacity and greed.
The local media as far as I know has never even contacted the A's owner. NO interviews...he's a good scammer,laying low,using influence to keep sports editors from bothering him. And they obey.

My bucket list Ice bucket list...

Before I fade to black myself one day..
1. Radnich..a full 90 gallon recycle bin of ice as he sits in the Bentley.Black ice.
2 Tim "freaky" Kawakami. The cold heartless and smug bastard,a Ice bucket of Pink Gatorade. Hopefully,it goes down his perpetually unbuttoned shirt,while on Yahoo.
3.Jim Kozimor "Smile in your face,the backstabbers".. I think Monte Poole would help me lift the chest of Ice.
4. Julie Haener. Just to stop that perky worship me look on her face. I need to know Julie had one bad day in her life!
5 And finally - for now- Lee Hammer. A big bucket of ice cold Hitler sweat saved by the Nazi's since 1944. Oh shoot!,Lee is LIKING it.

Stan CHALLENGES Gary Radnich to the Ice Bucket...

Lets see if he's who he says he is or the prima donna who wouldn't lift a finger for a cause. Actually,you can guarantee he wont do it.or even mention the trend. Like he usually does,nothing intrudes in his world.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Letter to Tribune says "KNBR slogan is like Nazi Germany"

It wasn't me,Didn't know the writer..but what a hoot to read that. I've noticed the right wing slant for years now. How funny. True,but funny.
Black uniforms with SF on them?.SF, SS..almost the same.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams and why...

I think a lot of depression of  those you would think have it all can be best described by Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet it is"..the line of "Everything I do seems like I've done it before". Its that whole mindset of  hamster wheel life no matter how much success they've had. No amount of counseling makes that go away..and Williams self medicating no doubt got be a drag of endless need.
I dont know the answer..but many talented people get where they want to go and then ask "Is that it? Is that all it is?".  There isn't any more hill to climb over. I bet Williams would have done anything to be young and starting out with that whole anticipation of a great future.
And maybe that's what he did...took a chance that dying would be the only way to start over. I mean,plenty of people think death is the start of something,not the end.  Who knows?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Excuuuuuuuuuuuse Me!, Where's the Beef??

Hi Guy! That's ah spicy meatball-uh.
What happened to catch phrases?..did the social media virus kill it off?  Every now and then an old slogan pops into my head.."Put  a Tiger in your tank" that. I watch today's commercials..nothing,nobody lonely for their Maytag washing machine or Magically Delicious cereals. And then of course you notice that many of those brands don't even advertise anymore. Why? They exist..but no push to be on the American mind..only past efforts.
No comics building up to their famous sayings like before. Nothing to be different,everybody is the same.
You would think something like Viagra would have a goldmine of catchphrases....hee.

Drinking Coke out of my 1981 Raiders plastic mug.

A few weeks ago I found an old Raiders cup in some box that was lying around in the garage. So ,I put it back in the rotation since I cant think of anything less sports collectible than a 1981 Raiders schedule plastic mug. It even has under the schedule ads for Dr. Pepper, "Be a Pepper!". Oh yeah,that old chestnut.
As best as I can recall,It came from an Arco gas station as a free giveaway with a tank of gas. Can you imagine gas stations now giving you ANYTHING?..they charge for air!. So,how come back then it was good business to have giveaways and contests by gas stations,and now that they make mega trillions of dollars, they give you nothing?
I wonder how the 1981 season went?

Stanley Roberts borrows my handicapped placard posts..thats 2 stations.

First ch2 was inspired,now good old Stanley. Oh sure,I might not be the first in the world to write those placards are abused...but I was the only local writer to say it any time recently, followed by "inspired" news reports from my blog.
I will say Stanley took it to a level I didn't know existed..even those who qualify keeping expired placards as "extra's" for the grandkids to "borrow" no doubt. I tell ya,its infuriating to see- I hold my hand to god when I say this- A man pull up into a handicapped parking spot with placard, right next to my walking self,he gets out just fine and healthy- and walks into the bar! Hell,maybe no parking for the handicapped near bars should be a law? Their handicapped..what do they need with liquor ? Cant help them drive.
Its good to know SF is cracking down..and that huge $800 fine is a tough one. Now,if they get out to Pleasanton and go after the big black SUV's with canoe and bike racks that wiz by at 90mph, or the endless Mercedes and BMW's ( It pays well to be handicapped?) ALL with placard or plates saying "I'm handicapped- really" then we can get the word out.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Stan's thoughts on the drought...a must read.

Have you noticed that as the drought gets more attention...the only action is to blame Californians for using WATER?  I haven't heard a single plan to divert more run off,or even better build desalination plants up and down the state. I'm sure like electric cars,those plants costs come down as more are built and built better.
But no.
All that is happening is talk of fines,being stool pigeons and neighbor vs neighbor..being told to not use... WATER!. We would rather make it a crime to flush the toilet then do something practical about our drought? Demonize people for using water ? What the hell is that??  Jerry Brown has not said a damn thing about plans for a 5 year,10 year,15 year drought.  Can you cut back to -10%?  I know what I would be doing as Governor right now.
Maybe the bay area is Global warmed into a semi desert...soucal a semitropical desert. There will never be enough rain or snows. Are we going to fine people to end the drought? Its like the old joke of the guy who said he was teaching his farm Horse not to eat. "He was learn'in real good until he died". Yeah,and we will conserve our remaining water until we croak,parched.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stan,right again about the A's..and will be right on the Warriors- Lacob the Dummy.

It might be early,and I sure dont like writing about the A's team in a negative way..but Cespedes loss is like losing one of the X-Men team. We lost Cespedrine!
All those stats we were fed the last two years are his presence created a winning attitude,facts like we won twice as many games with Yoenis in the lineup as without him. And the losses? I called it. I figure the A's struggle to go above .500 the rest of the season. Whatever they do over that still wont be enough. Beane how rubbed his rabbits foot bald when he signed the big Cuban..just gave him away for ..6 more wins?  Some say by mid winter,Boston will have Cespedes and Lester signed. Could happen. Should happen.
Lacob?,,His mistakes are breathtaking, Thinking he could build on SF Bay some hideous Oil tanker looking building, a waste of a mill or two no doubt. Hiring Keith Smart. Giving away Lin. Firing Mark Jackson.
Now,he did 86 Nelson and Ellis..good moves. But the balance is tipping to bad ownership. Not pulling the trigger on Kevin Love will set the team back for years, I predict- and write it down- The Warriors will NOT equal last year's win total. Too many fragile centers,too many shooters,and not one player gives a damn about Steve Kerr. Not one.
 Tradition.The Warriors have NEVER won with a white coach since Nelson's first tour of duty. A pattern that might be altered slightly..a winning record..but no advancing past or equaling last years.

I see only Harbaugh as having it down on how to win..big.  In  Jim we trust.

San Jose Mercury sports news..Kawakami's whores.

They have actually deleted my posts..all of them. It goes back to Tim "freaky" Kawakami infuriated at my posts of truths. I've seen enough of the guy on Yahoo to see he' a freaky guy and most likely has trouble getting his head through office doors- his ego is larger then his height. He also spends hours running down to the Computer crew with I.P. addresses he wants blocked and banned. Hours a day.
Never trust a blog or sports page that deletes posts that aren't obscene,profane,or threatening.. But instead are just good old American truths. I hit nerves? too bad. Then Purdy and Hickey shouldn't shill and accept free dinners from Beane or Wollf..or Lacob too....or if you have no normal personal life- or are as closed mouth about it as Kawakami..get out of the business. He fears talking about Palm Springs or whatever?..go back to LA.  He's been wrong on about every stand he a twin to Larry "Crabgrass" Kreuger. Paid to be wrong- about what you expect with a hick rag like the Mercury.

 It was a sad day when they took over the Tribune. The quality has gone down to fiefdoms level. The writers are like warlords not journalists.

Tim Kakwakami? HE is one big argument with a Raider exec from obscurity..nobody heard of him before that..and I wish it had stayed that way.
And Kawakami probably did lie.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bob Dylan and son.

Because of the commercial now running..I was thinking of how Bob Dylan has this huge book of songs to draw on going back decades in his concerts- if Dylan still does concerts.  And then,theirs his son Jacob. Who travels from town to town singing "One headlight" from 1996 over and over. Like the Hues Corporation singing "Rock the Boat" decade after decade.
I know he has a huge trust fund to draw on so's he's in no tears reading something like I wrote from the internet.
I wonder if he does any of his fathers songs?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

John Hickey,shill for the A' most San Jose Mercury sports writers.

You wonder why no posts on the A's blog about trading Cespedes? Hickey,who mooches free steak meals that Beane pays for..deletes all of those angry A's fans posts. Why the San Jose Mercury allows their writers to accept free gratuity from the local teams...then write as if they are not biased is unethical..blatantly unethical.  The local teams are multi biillion dollar corporations,and yet the local sports editors- including the Chron- allow writers to be on the pr payroll for all intents and purposes. I think the local papers should label their sports pages as advertising supplements,as paid for advertising,not pretend reporters they are who keep any dissenting voices off the social media.
The A's fans are angry Cespedes was given away for a guy who can never -ever-win a game for the team but every fourth game- at most. Cespedes was everyday. You wont read that on the Mercury. Or the Yellow journalism of the SF Chronicle. The local teams are like the gun shops in a way..the papers wont report on what gun they sold that killed another person. Why ruin a full page ad?..and why ruin a season of "Buy tickets" ads, just for something like ethics?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Can an insult singer make money?

I saw a commercial for Wynonna...and she seems likeable and all. But from years of the internet and all the zingers to snark nowadays..I wonder if a truly great songwriter could sell songs that are insulting?  Songs like "Your are garbage to sit there" could ever become classics? Just wondering...