Sunday, August 31, 2014

Billy Beane dedicated to also ran..

If he doesn't have a psychological block to winning a championship,then Lucille doesn't like to Ball.  Think about it..again. Beane had to fuck with Tommy Millone's head,and just give away his best slugger.  Instead of loser Hammels over and over- we had Millone already.
Shut out two games in a row, 26 innings in a row without scoring as I write. The Beane ego that Tim "freaky" Kawakami is in love with all his heart,has sank what was the best A's team Beane ever had. Only Beane has himself to blame.
Before I end..lets review: Beane trades away any slugger the team develops,Beane hires Geren to manage down the talent fro a few years..and this year he took a torpedo to the team. A saber fuckup decision. No WS for the A's this year. Oh- the A's left fielder just threw a weak throw to home. Gee,Cespedes used to mow them down huh?
And Beane blames the buildings plumbing.